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@Mataos_342 @sterlebj @jordanbpeterson Just because you claim it isnt? Two different strategies achieve the same thing, each with their drawbacks and advanteges. Surely the burden of proof falls on you !

@RepNancyMace @jordanbpeterson The news was met with bafflement by doctors and laypeople alike. What was Peterson doing in a drug-induced coma in Russia? Based on interviews with medical professionals and a close reading of various statements that Mikhaila and Peterson himself have made on podcasts and social

@FullMetalSquib @JCeeall @FTW20202 @jordanbpeterson @RepDanCrenshaw I suppose you didn’t. It’s worse this year than last so I don’t see how it could be argued that they were anything but negative. I could listen to a proponent - not yourself - argue for “Heavy-handed” policy if those policies showed any sort of positive impact.

@RepNancyMace @jordanbpeterson claiming that she and her father had traveled to Russia in early January seeking an unorthodox treatment for his physical dependence on the drug clonazepam. Dependency goes against the core tenets of Peterson’s philosophical brand: stoicism, self-reliance, the power of the will

The death of Comedy, Humor and Fun is upon us. And it's not because all the funny comedians keep dying. It's because of the totalitarianism of #CancelCulture Thank you @jordanbpeterson for speaking up about this. I don't agree with you about everything but that's ok n should be…

@RepNancyMace @jordanbpeterson So it was something of a surprise to learn, in early February, that Peterson had spent eight days in a medically induced coma at an unnamed clinic in Russia. Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila, a 28-year-old food blogger, posted a brief but dramatic video...

@OgTheTerrible @gaeme92 @jordanbpeterson Look I know talking to people isn't easy but sometimes it gives you a better idea of what is going on in the world than doom-scrolling on Twitter.

@jordanbpeterson Some of the language is extraordinarily juvenile, isn’t it? One of the main reasons some people are so hard to take seriously.

@uup116 @stephierae74 @MaraWein @PrisonPlanet Howard guests in Dec: Kate Beckinsale, Coldplay, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Martin with Martin Short, Paul McCartney, Metallica, Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Emily Ratajkowski, Ed Sheeran, Kristen Stewart Rogan: Jordan Peterson, Megyn Kelly, some kick boxer Lmao

@BobbySignal @ginaleo7 @MaximeBernier @jordanbpeterson 😂 to be centrist you must have some leftist views. His populist strategy capitalizes on right wing/nationist ideologues, which makes him a roght-wing populist. No grey area here.

@ChrisWillx @jordanbpeterson Another great example of why conservatives need to leave Twitter. Let's get out of here while we still can. This place is straight trash

Another seminal article from Jordan Peterson, the voice of sanity in Canada:…

@jordanbpeterson I can't wait until you talk to @joerogan. I am Canadian, placed on unpaid leave due to not disclosing my medical status. In Mexico afraid to return to my home country in fear of being trapped unable to board a plane again. Don't hold back JP call it what it is

@RepNancyMace @jordanbpeterson Throughout 2019 and 2020, Peterson's work was obstructed by health problems in the aftermath of severe benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.…

@siemens_clayton @rowdybijl @jordanbpeterson You have already been reported for spreading bogus COVID numbers. Keep it up and I'll be happy to report you some more.

Worst part about this whole thing… was advised by Dr to avoid gluten and dairy indefinitely. I was going to have Pica’s fricken (white) pizza for dinner. Looks like I’ll be eating raw onions and drinking bone broth like a loser (Jordan Peterson).

@jordanbpeterson Models are usually more established than mere hypotheses so they are more like "theories".

@clareblackwood My money is on Jordan Peterson being the father.

omfg have yall seen jordan peterson cry about how men can't do jobs anymore kekekeek

@siemens_clayton @rowdybijl @jordanbpeterson Reporting for misinformation as the covid death rate in Canada is FOUR TIMES greater than stated here.

@jordanbpeterson @jordanbpeterson "The higher the prevalence of infectious diseases, the higher the probability of totalitarian political attitude" More relevant now than ever

@siemens_clayton @rowdybijl @jordanbpeterson There is nothing to let sink in because your numbers are wrong. The actual deaths per million from COVID in Canada is currently about 8.4 per 100k (the numbers below are denominated per million so you have to divide by ten).

@neosonik @jordanbpeterson The point is that unless you're actively working to improve yourself, either with advice from others or not, you're not making the world a better place, you're just sharing platitudes. Advice not taken is worthless. Some may not need that pointed out, but some definitely do.

@OfficeHrsLive @jordanbpeterson What a panty waist ! Buck up and face your mortality.

@gladstein What's even more tragic is how their native son, genius of "Black Swan" fame (@nntaleb) got the solution set wrong & led millions more proud Lebanese into poverty & despair. #Fragile @saifedean @GeorgeSelgin @pete_rizzo_ @PeterMcCormack @maxkeiser @jordanbpeterson @JeffBooth

I’ve been thinking about the shocking level of anger & vitriol directed at those who clearly uphold scientific truth in regard to gender issues (e.g., Jordan Peterson & Matt Walsh). A similar & only slightly more restrained response of rage is seen in Christian circles…

@jordanbpeterson Would you cancel a tyrannical government? Would that be a form of cancel culture? Is it possible sometimes that it has it's place as much as anything?

Jordan Peterson Resigns from U. of Toronto, Cites the "Appalling Ideology" of Wokeism as His Reason Why…

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