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@DerekLuvsFootie @Spideythefifth @LYNESTAR_ @kkluuidcb @NoContextBrits "the colonization of Africa was justified because I'm the product of an interracial marriage"

the logic would be a) a person's suffering is justified because they subscribed to the wrong kind of politics. b) the right amount of suffering will correct the person's politics and worldview. i've had both thoughts. i get it.

@Austin_ash18 @OnyekwereUgoch1 @ogujohnugo My point remain justified. He should go n find his form or whatever somewhere else. The tournament isn't a practice ground. If he continues like ds he will cost us hugely

Iranian journalists in western countries participate in execution of Ahwazis. INTERPOL release Habib from arrest in Poland and approved his innocence. Murder of political activists is justified by separatist accusations. @BBCArabic @alisongow #SaveHabib…

@PurpleRain713 he justified everything that DEMs are feeling/saying about the intent of these "voting integrity" measures in states

@draco_nyan @notreallyjcm Except the Indian removal act can not in anyway be justified. Why should I care what justification they used in the 1830s, it was as wrong then as it is now. Why do we have to look at wrong with the caveat, "well this is why they thought it was ok"

@foster_type The double standard isnt exclusive to Election Integrity though. A similar playbook was run with Riots and vaccine hesitancy where when they do it, it is justified by the cause or the threat so real

@javamom66 @TerryBr83767123 @edyong209 That is a resourcing problem; do you see how your justified anguish at this situation is being deflected toward individuals, not toward whatever health care policy has caused your hospitals to be under-resourced?

@_jonesmark @Oti09280470 Why are you talking like MS is new? They've been around 20 years now. Series like Gears of War, Halo and Forza are all amazing. With the exception of demon souls (which is a remake) nothing has justified being a pS5 yet either (both consoles are lacking on current gen only)

@ShR_leader He himself never read religion. The language he used cannot be justified in Islam

@mariescyborgs @Chrono_swap Would love to hear how the 400 cro entry point is justified. My loadedlion and psycho kitty cost less at mint. I take it this project is bigger then both of them?

@NoToDonCarryOn @whatgives1313 Look, the bottom line here is this: transparency in elections is owed to the American people whether it’s 2020 or any other election and demanding it doesn’t need to be justified. Demanding justification for transparent elections is a tool of a totalitarian. Is that what you are?

@ZolaniMagobz @ESPNFC I thought he was earning around 150k and Barca wanted to slash it into half.😅the anger from Barca fans is justified. You guys must take page from our book. Look at how Sevillas director conducts business.

@AvneeshOjha its hindutv hatred!! like hatred for taliban.. purely justified

I feel like me getting wings today is very much so justified, but I can’t fathom paying $15 for a 10 piece today. So no

@BigSargeSportz @NDKalu @SportsTalk790 He was traded to SF for a 6th rd pick they didn’t want him that bad. Also that was before he was being messy has his production justified him talking like that ? He isn’t AB or a guy with that type of production . The guy was a backup on a 4 win team ? 🤷🏻

@tamalewolf @UBERSOY1 Vaush pushed that way because NC's reasoning for why the Nazis were wrong was because they were working with false information, not genocide=bad. If that information turns out to be true, even by a narrow margin, then NC's implicit position is that the Nazis were justified.

Sit Joe & Jordan for the next week & give their minutes to Eric & House. If it works then our whining about Quin not playing those guys, Eric specifically, will b justified. If it doesn’t that’s just further proof that a trade needs to be made cuz the personal is wrong regardless

#delayGATE22 This is not possible in such a pandemic that no aspirant has covid19 symptoms. How can our entry be denied .. is this justified? @IITKgp @EduMinOfIndia @dpradhanbjp @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA

you know, maybe in a perfect world where we can effectively teach “this is how they justified this bad thing, we need to learn to be better than this” it could work, but we have never done that effectively so why even pretend that’s what this is…

@TheDerrickHolt it’s good!! wish justified was on it tho

@WiseWyzard I personally find it all but impossible to believe that some people can actually keep their composure in situations in which Losing It would be my first option. The idea that Going Nuclear is never justified seems to be stretching too thin, especially now. Cut yourself some slack

@MoeTheGod I shouldnt say isnt justified.. but sometimes isnt justified

@bitchystichy Well and truly justified, myself and Vonnie have fierce craic together, every day too 🤣🙌

@hotlanastanxx he only draws women and focuses most of this shading on their tits i think my reaction was justified

@FlyBehaviour Agreed!!! And such a pain to do. I can't really think of anything (justified) that's in a cover letter that isn't in the abstract ...

For a long time many very smart people justified Manchin and Sinema by saying many other Democrats felt the same way, but only Manchin/Sinema got the heat. We now know that was a lie. Only Manchin and Sinema failed to evolve.…

Still mad about how poorly aligned the text is tbh. Maybe they worried that of they justified the text then they'd have to justify the policies...whatever they are.…

I’m a man of my word & justified it for both of them so they can’t take away their 1:1s hehe…

@mosharrafzaidi Your point is well taken but this lady journalist had the opportunity to apologise but she did not. PM wife is also a lady who deserved respect.Same point was raised by Apex court Judge. She lost all credibility when she justified doing Haj on govt expenses.…

@DavidSpeedie10 @LFC Remember thinking we were signing someone we shouldn't be, being about 32 at the time in an ageing team? In fairness you totally proved me wrong; scored important goals and justified your signature, especially a double against Ev & OT goal. Never seen you in a worst signing list.

@ComicGirlAshley Best wolverine stories are the ones that hurt, so the bad guys becoming sashimi is justified.

@rexzane1 Agreed. It's time we realize that Republicans aren't interested in governance and start calling them out for their bullshit.

@palaeokatie You are totally justified to ignore such a person, to stubbornly shun & absolutely deny them whatever they were after a 'real' geologist for once they discover you were it after all. People who behave in such a disgusting way deserve to be shamed, shunned, & denied. Publicly.

#CJIRamana aur #Moonchud jaise nammoonon ko International Court of Justice bhej dena chahiye. Ye dono #Bharat ke liye bahut bada khatra hain. @pib_law @barandbench @LiveLawIndia They have justified #reservations by telling #indians that it does not affect #merit ! Wow!…

How to be a market guru on Twitter: Make many different predictions about the market. Voice your opinions about things - ideally justified with reasoning. With enough posts, you're bound to be right about some things. Wait for the market to prove you right or wrong 👇

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