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@wheelfreds @barstoolsports You didn’t prove shit. Cry more dipshit. Not the first blown call won’t be the last. Get the fuck over it. At least kapler has the right mindset on why they lost. 🤡

@SOUTHBAYxLA @shadopotato @UmpScorecards but to be fair, kapler is a tool so what he says doesn’t mean much.



how do u feel about Kapler not releasing lineups or using decoy pinch hitters every other inning…

Cómo no amar al béisbol cuando gente como Gabe Kapler #giants son capaces de tener este tipo de salida…

@SOUTHBAYxLA @shadopotato @UmpScorecards Well of course Kapler's going to lie why would he talk shit about the Dodgers? That's a bad look and would probably get him fired. Just accept the Giants fucked over and in the series as a whole the Giants were awarded 0.96 runs compared to the Dodgers 1.21.

@_therealdrose 0-17 hitters require a pinch hitter. This was an egregious mistake by Kapler/staff. Hoping for lightning in a bottle doesn’t apply to 0-17. Relative to the season of excellent managing it’s a nothing burger overall. But we will hear about this for years if SF flails in 22.❤️🌎

@antroastronomo Como sea Kapler ya dijo que esta decision no quita que fueron superados. Como sea, no sabemos si Max lo ponchaba en el siguiente lanzamiento. Como sea los umpires se equivocan a veces para bien, a veces para mal.

@mspoweruser nope. To proper visualize it, he should split the text, not hide the center part. This is so missleading

@Sachsville He did it for a month. Earlier this year he had a walk rate per 9 of seven at Sacramento. Hell of a thing to put the fate of such a team in his hands at that time. Kapler knows his team better than I, so its an organizational failing. Why lose faith in McGee?

@wubarusrx @jaymehoskins Talk to her what way? I was talking about Kapler. They was literally no part of that that was disrespectful to her why you white knighting this

@jemjabella Only the big edits - new versions of website, big new functionalities

@BRWalkoff I think kapler dodged a bullet honestly. Once the kid hit turner (a guy that hasn’t been on base but maybe 2x this postseason). He should of went to the pen. Umpires taking the grunt of all this blame is helping, today would be a different story if the umps didn’t blow that call.

@MarksReeseWIP @JonMarksMedia @Ike58Reese @JackFritzWIP if you’re going to get after @JoeGiglioSports and his Hurts take to finish up the show, don’t forget about his boy Kapler! Out in the first round! 🤣🤣

Y’all late lmao! This my mans Gabe KAPLER he has played for Red Sox and Rangers and managed for Phillies and now Giants he always been fine fine…

People drooling over Gabe KAPLER and I’m over here like he’s been sexy since he was on the Rangers, y’all late lol

Unreal turnaround for Kapler who got bashed in philly…

The only thing I am happy about is the fact that Gabe Kapler aint getting a ring. I just don't think philly can take that blow right now

Thompson: For Gabe Kapler and the Giants, a brutal ending doesn’t change the big picture via @TheAthletic…

The real tragedy is we lost out on watching Gabe Kapler in the World Series.

@JomboyMedia It was the most anticlimactic ending possible for both teams holding the best records this year. Tho, why didnt Kapler PH for an 0-18 hitter against Mad Max? He didn’t follow the analytics.

@vigocarpathian @johncanzanobft I dont have a dog in this fight…but that was edited…he didn’t go close to that far! I’m a Phillies fan…and I HATE Kapler. IJS…this is bogus in every way. Everyone that watched this knows he checked his swing and it was a BS call. Probably Ks anyway…this is still a fake photo

@heyysarajay @ThaMikeEv @JoshuaSumm88 @BrowtoBron @DodgersNation Not a huge part of the success. Does seem to be a players manager so moral maybe. I don’t “hate” him, he’s just not a good manager and there’s several other guys I’d rather have including Kapler.

#youtube Gabe Kapler REACTS to San Francisco Giants getting ELIMINATED by LA Dodgers in Game 5 of NLDS

@CBSSportsHQ Kapler is a class act. Several questionable calls. Tough way to end game 5

One of the worst parts about the Giants losing last night is that now Gabe Kapler won’t be gracing our tv screens for a while 😔

@GingerlyTweets As a Giants fan, I put the blame on Kapler. The umps stunk it up, but this game came down to managing pitchers. He should have yanked Doval after the second fast ball. He had one pitch, the curve. You can’t put the season on the shoulders of a one-pitch guy.

@SFGate If I were Kapler, Flores or Richardson coaching at 1B, I would have got in Morales' grill, followed him into locker room. Can't end game on bogus call. Brutal

any chance of a signed picture @Tyson_Fury ??? absolute legend!!!

@JohnJDevine Crew chief Ted Barrett is Los Altos High alum, circa '82...1B ump, Gabe Morales, was born in Santa Clara, but no trace of his high school. Awful judgment. I would have erupted on the field if I were Flores, Kapler, etc.

@sportslarryknbr Flores...0-17 (now 0-18) v. Scherzer...most important AB of the year and THAT'S the best Kapler could come up with?! excuse...that's why they lost...wasting Yaz and LaStella early was a panic move

@BRWalkoff I see Kapler managing the dodgers once Roberts is done. This guy has shown to be pure class and not a cry baby manager. It's what it is.

Okay but Gabe Kapler can eat my ass and I’d eat his too. There I said it

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