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Today I learned that Michael Jackson's song "Rock With You" was offered to Karen Carpenter first. Can't imagine her singing that song.

Richard Carpenter turns 75 years old today. 🎉🎈🎂🎁🍰 Karen's Theme (composed by Richard, first heard in 1989 #CBS TV 📺 movie 🎥 "The Karen Carpenter Story).

@Rozkez67 Anything sung by Karen Carpenter is about the only thing that tops her. Best female singer songwriter is currently Adele. Historically I’d go for Carole King. At 73 years old I have rather a lot of favourites.

@StevePerryMusic Such beautiful Christmas songs. I think it would have been interesting if you could have sung Jim Croce's "But It doesn't have to be this way" and Karen Carpenter's "Merry Christmas Darling" because you have such a beautiful, sexy and raspy voice. Makes my toes curl. ♥️🤗

@hana___anah What annoys me the most, and it’s definitely related to what you’re saying, is that everything on twitter has to be a binary choice. Karen Carpenter vs Madonna is a perfect example. I’m not going to make one great artist a “loser” in some idiot’s fake contest. This shit must stop

@BamaStephen @jkempcpa She was a good dog, but she had a mischievous streak. She once opened all her Christmas presents early. And only hers, nothing else. The girl knew what was hers. And yes, Karen Carpenter's voice was legend. Wish she had realized that.

@JenniferEValent @jkempcpa That’s so sweet! Shelties are such good dogs. I was glad to see #KarenCarpenter getting so much love this week on Twitter. That warm, honeyed, golden voice of hers is like no other. She is very much missed. Richard is an arranging and producing genius.…

@dionnewarwick #AskDionne Hello Miss Warwick! I was just reading up on Karen Carpenter( fan or her and you) and I read that you were close friends. What was she like?

@nytimesarts He did an amazing film about Karen Carpenter a few years back. I’m sure her brother hates it…

Karen Carpenter on channel 4 is seems

@RexChapman Fun fact about Rock With You. The song was originally given to Karen Carpenter for her solo album and she turned it down.

@notayosigns The one on the (2) right is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous the one on the left is ill. Needs help. Either hyper thyroid or eating disorder. Hope it's not another karen Carpenter story. #LOVECUDDLE

At any given moment, the voice of Karen Carpenter is being heard by thousands of people.

Listen to Karen Carpenter sing "California Dreamin'" when she was 17…

Most #Madonna fans have been asking for the last 24 hours- who is Karen Carpenter? She sang some songs in the 70s a Google search reveals. Now, why is the compared to the #QueenOfPop? No idea. I guess people in their 60s and 70s we’re looking for some relevance for 24 hours.…

@Joshua95366493 @sarcasmNbooks I’m Madonna’s biggest fan .. Karen carpenter had a slicky smooth amazing voice and The Carpenters have had loads of hits, she died of a eating disorder and to me is an amazing artist, nothing like M or as successful, but amazing in her way !

@Carolinas_94 @robinlaverne No Karen Carpenter slander shall EVER be tolerated… My Gawt she could get it DONE.

@MAD0NNAARMY1 This is the kind of inane Twitter bullshit that doesn't even warrant getting involved in. It's like comparing Britney Spears to Metallica. That said, if you don't know who Karen Carpenter is, you should get familiar with her and The Carpenters. She's lovely.

@BadBradRSR Karen Carpenter - she had talent - Madonna doesn’t!

I wish there was a universe where Karen Carpenter overcame her Anorexia Nervosa and is still alive singing and living her life well.

@Joshua95366493 I know it's so stupid. Karen Carpenter is a legend and so is Madonna. Two totally different artists, and also from different eras. Karen died in 83 when M was starting out. Also why compare an artist to another that's dead? Its silly and makes no sense.

who's even Karen Carpenter 😭 i have an aunt that sings better than 50% of pop industry and? that not means anything, stop thinking that just vocals are everything…

@jessicakeogh Fecking Halloween Karen carpenter over here

@shanty__shanty it's sad how madge has to be the evil foil for the whole industry. cause you know that guy wasn't getting a hit tweet just appreciating karen carpenter in her own right.

who tf is karen carpenter

@Joshua95366493 @dubstarr73 Joshua, I wasn't bashing Madonna in any way. I like her very much. She's a legend, top of the heap. If domeone thinks Karen Carpenter had a better voice, that doesn't mean Madge is not the Queen.

@bodenpa Completely agree. Love her voice. But no one can beat Karen carpenter. Hands down the best female vocalist ever

@BadBradRSR Karen Carpenter … the original Billie Emiliano.

@Joshua95366493 @XltBoing Karen Carpenter is certainly not a visionary MTV artist like Madonna. 👑

@mitrebarnet You were let down by a right Karen, Karen Carpenter, pun.

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