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@DrWrong68 @HoopsEmpire_ No order and this is just off last season Steph KD Giannis Kawhi top 4 and for the fifth it could be Jokic, Embiid, Luka

@AndrewDoxy Headline: “Lakers would be better if they could get Kawhi to play for them Laker central: It looks like Kawhi is ready to lead the Lakers to the promised land

@TweenHesiKhash 1. Giannis 2. KD 3. Curry 4. Dame 5. Kyrie 6. Young 7. Embiid 8. Luka 9. Harden 10. AD 11. Westbrook 12. Jokic 13. Booker 14. Klay 15. D. Mitchell 16. Ja 17. Cp3 18. Tatum 19. Kawhi 20. Pg13 21. Zion 22. Lavine 23. Beal 24. Siakim 25. Lebron

@lukamvp77 @ClipperGotNext The amount of crying a kawhi / Luka duo would cause😭

@KawhiPlsWin It’s close between him and Pippen, but I would give Kawhi the edge

@idrops2 @BiasedHouston kawhi USED to be the best perimeter defender. Giannis is currently the best defender and arguably better than prime kawhi. and you said i said kawhi choked vs the bucks which i never did. he put up 24-8-5 on 44-35-87 vs the nuggets which is not up to standards for him

@espresso_tree @ShreyasMaddi no not kawhi, im taking about the people that carry katanas

@G1LYARD back before kawhi was injured yes i did go pull it up

If you were talking about “Get Kawhi outta here!” over the past two years I don’t wanna see you acting hyped up when they announce he’s staying. Goofy behavior.

Did Kawhi pick up his player option?

What do you think they gotta give up for dame 3 first rj obi and quickley maybe then they go get kawhi tho 🤷🏾‍♂️…

@NworaVib3s @BiasedHouston You said Kawhi underperformed last year with the nuggets. Those are his numbers how did he “underperform”. Giannis is better RN but he isn’t better all time. Kawhi is still the best perimeter defender in the nba. Let’s see what happens next year when every single team is healthy

@ZW582 Getting Beal, Lowry, Derozan, Kawhi, or Ingram

@TheOakLeafs That’s huge. I’m an outsider & didn’t get to live that moment but it always seemed like the Kawhi shot, for example, would resonate more. The Bat Flip was round 1, and they lost after, so I kind of assumed it would fade in time as a “great moment”. I love hearing this stuff.

As free agency approaches, I feel like the Clippers will get DeRozan in a sign and trade. They’ll still want to compete with Kawhi missing next season.

Doesnt allow Kawhi to drive into the paint and forces him into a miss

@idrops2 @BiasedHouston 1. why you keep bringing up 3 years ago when we talking about rn. 2. Never said kawhi choked vs bucks. cmon you made that up 3. kawhi always had injuries. best ability is availability 4. i just dont understand what more giannis gotta do on top of droppin 50 in a game 6.

Giannis is a great player, but respectively, i’m not putting him over Lebron, KD, Steph, Harden, Kawhi. That’s not a knock on him by any means. But winning a chip (a team accomplishment) doesn’t change my individual perspective of somebody’s game in that little of sample size

Reacting To How The “Next Kawhi Leonard” Failed In The NBA via @YouTube

As mãos de Scottie Barnes são maiores que a de Kawhi, o peso de Scottie é o mesmo peso atual do Giannis..... Eu to muito iludido

@BurnerKhris I’m taking kawhi and Luka over Lebron last season

@5ReasonsSports So we giving up on kawhi? Ik it was always a pipe dream btw

@DqRoman1 @CuseKnicksFan @SDinwiddie_25 Abs also I think it’s really arrogant of him to just be like I’m worth 20-25m like 😂 he can’t even guarantee he’s gonna make it the whole year he has not one but TWO ACL injuries we good I rather them try and throw the money trucks at Kawhi

@NworaVib3s @BiasedHouston Kawhi still beat that super team 6ers with butler and them boys. Beat the bucks down 0-2. Kawhi avr 29 on 49% fg and 89% Ft and apparently he “choked”. Rn it is giannis but mainly due to kawhi injury. If you wanna talk about last year it was mainly pg and rivers fault not Kawhi

@30secondstospn Lucão segue sem demonstrar emoções, seria ele o kawhi Leonard do volei?

i wanna see a picture of kawhi holding a tennis ball

@Ic3yHurts Idk maybe but I don’t think kawhi is gonna leave

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