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dawg kelli be havin’ me yell laughing like fuck. 😭😭

this was made by someone in the military (see: uniform, ‘Article 15,’ and ‘MPs’) and with the constant training we are receiving that details consent, you’d think they’d have an ounce of common knowledge to know that this isn’t how it works, but it’s the military so yeah…

@burnedparadise @itsmedawn3 I hope so too!!! Regardless, the band sounds amazing and so does Amy

@OhNoSheTwitnt someone tell this dude there's about a jillion green lanterns.

@R_I_C_H_E_S Why are the cops not searching his house or bringing In dogs to search the property?

Nah cuz Kelli is me trynna smoke weed. #Insecure

@Kelli_S1 @itsmedawn3 I am hoping they become favorites after hearing them live, because I hate feeling so out of sync with the fandom.

@HeatherMahalik Heather, there is always a glass of good bourbon in Venice for you. 🥰

@KelliKupritz @Naryce @SkrikVirNics @Eskom_SA Hi Kelli, thanks for the update. Did they give any expectation for when power would be restored, by any chance?

@CissyHartley @deannaraybourn @kelli_staci I'm just waiting for the NextDoor comments. Waiting with happy anticipation, in case that's unclear.

@kelli_king66 I'll return this same tweet in May,I measure my life in seasons😉👍

i’m attracted to the idea and concept of the beatles but not the actual band members themselves

It’s like My head on str8, but everybody I love/fw scrambling....…

Check out the latest episode of #insecuriTEA podcast, where @crissles and @HeyFranHey talk about what goes down at the sleepover with Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany. Now streaming on HBO and all podcast platforms. #insecureHBO…

@mr_extRODinary friend you been acting up since your 26th! Eating donut burgers, smoking hookah, tweeting like a twitter nigga. You gotta stop!

@alwaysvigilent @Stop_Trump20 To be fair, that might not have been it at all. I had a HS boyfriend, I knew we were "right" for then, but not "right" for a whole lifetime. I broke it off when I knew he was no longer "right" for where I was. He was my first love, but only for a chapter not the final chapter.

@ChewMa4 I'm incredibly jealous of that fact🙃

@crs_xv Kelli was moving devious in just a few minutes so i was curious lmaoo

@kelli_king66 😊It's a hot summer here mate,last thing I want is to be cooped up indoors watching TV👍

@ChewMa4 Yes Brad got knocked out😓 but it could have been the other guy! It was quite the fight!

That’s first day of your period don’t be no hoe Mann.

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