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@theeMINDOFARIEL I just glad everybody can see Kiely for who she is

And the winner is 🥁🥁 🥇 Pat Tiernan Motors - Des O’Hanlon, John Gleeson & Paul Lynch! Score 5️⃣6️⃣.2️⃣ 🥈 Sean Carey, Ann Carey & Nigel Carey! Score 5️⃣6️⃣.4️⃣ 🥉 John Kiely, Ronan Ryan & Robbie Hammond! Score 5️⃣8️⃣.3️⃣ Huge thank you to everyone who played and supported our Classic!

@GeorgeRussell63 Awesome George. Enjoyed every minute of the race today. Great to see Williams back in the points.

@IaiD52 @LewisHamilton Senna = Legend. JB was always my favourite. Yes.. DH… emotional. Respect to the others, but no-one come close to Senna. Looking forward to seeing what Lando and George can do in the future.

What exactly is Kiely creative directing??? This girl is such an actress. #BETPresentsTheEncore

Mum used all leftover materials (except for a nice new toilet handle) and did up the downstairs toilet in just a week! She did all the woodwork herself too 💪

Going to be streaming today at 8pm for a few hours <3 We will be heading into the Embrace in Horizon Zero Dawn! #twitchstreaming #smallstreamer #HorizonZeroDawnCompleteEdition #IntoTheThickofIt

@IaiD52 @LewisHamilton Probably been following F1 for the same amount of time… 😊 It doesn’t take much today to influence others, especially with social media. That’s why I’m so disappointed in CH, he’s not silly, he knew what he was doing IMO. Yes, my favourites are British!

@IaiD52 @LewisHamilton Ok… I still think it’s disgusting, more so if those are the reasons. CH has every right to be pissed off, so does Max, but don’t ‘imply’ that a driver did something on purpose, because you’re so pissed off. In my opinion, that fed into everything that followed.

@IaiD52 @LewisHamilton Couldn’t think of the word… thank you 😊

@shaunmwing @ClarkeMicah I’m afraid that many people decide what they think once they have found out who said it. “I don’t like this person so I won’t like this opinion.” It makes life easier for them.

Perri is cute :^) Perri Kiely that is not PerryPop #KylaIsHereBot

Kiely thought she was going to be queen😂😂😂😂😂😂 #BETPresentsTheEncore

Idk what poses some to watch the encore. Kiely chile….😭😭😭

@wtf1official Hmmm wonder how many memes are we gonna get of this for weeks to come 😂😂

Good to see away fans at a game 👌

@LightsOutF1Blog @WilliamsRacing Well done Williams, after all the bad luck they were having over the 2 years they finally get the points they deserve at last especially @GeorgeRussell63 well done George.

@LightsOutF1Blog Can we also add to his long haul of records the first driver to be the only driver on the grid at the restart. 😂

Kiely ⛳️ Invitational in Williamsburg VA (54 holes) this weekend Current standings after 18: @willkiely90 leading w/ a 90 @jkiles65 with a 91 I’m in last with a 92 Who wins after Monday ? (Odds in parenthesis)

This was so powerful! We are all apart of the solution and have a part to play. 🧡love truth and justice. Learn w/ @SpiritBear and committ to one call to action. Demand justice from the Canadian Justice Dept. #NoJusticeNoPeace…

Absolutely disgusted by the boos in Budapest! Thanks to #RedBull and #ChristianHorner who inferred that @LewisHamilton caused the accident at the #BritishGP Unbelievable. They deserved their non-podium finish today. So disappointed in CH, completely changed my opinion of him.

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