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@RonaldoHunter21 @UtdDistrict @hirstclass Rangnick said in a coaches seminar that he see different coaches using different players ie Klopp & him using heavy metal players & Pep using technical players. He's a technical player, he's not a heavy metal player, he's very good but he doesn't fit that bracket of this style.

@Vintage_Utd @JackyHenchman @ManUtd I doubt ragnick would choose ten hag due to having completely different philosophies on how to play in possession. Makes no sense to go from a ragnick/klopp/bielsa/gasperini style direct football to a pep/ten hag 50 short passes to get to the opponents half style.

@Julliana_jp12 @futebol_info Então né, eu pensei em uns caras... Guardiola, Nagelsmann, Klopp, Mourinho ou Hans Flick. @Flamengo oq vc acha? Tbm tem JJ caso as opções acima n possam ser concretizadas, é só espera o Benfica cair na champions...

Ralf Rangnick reminds me of Marcelo Bielsa. Neither has won a lot, but their football philosophy is world famous. Bielsa football was copied by Pep, Poch and more. Rangnick by Klopp, Nagelsmann and more. True inspirations is just facts. #ManchesterUnited #RalfRangnick #Rangnick

Klopp needs to talk about this & the Cresswell challenge in the press. Also bring up last year. Make the officials manage the game properly. Too often Everton are allowed to do what they want because “it’s a derby”.…

@maurocezar Igual aquele goleiro que o klopp pediu pro Liverpool e aí na final Champions ele falhou ali ele acabou coma carreira dele parece que foi na final Champions de 2016 @maurocezar

@messicrf Vcs tão querendo quem porra? O Klopp?

@Salim_cmoiwsh_ @Kpitaine212 @ActuFootAfrique Espérons ouais...entendre Klopp dire également ces bétises 🤦🏽‍♂️ sur notre CAN. Non mais nos institutions laisses trop faire vraiment

@3BARELLA Stop trying to act edgy and get interactions, he was out of form until late february and you know he was creating too, it's much more than that. Every Ballon dor contender in that top 5 had a period where they weren't as good

@ESPNFC Please, learn the language well, In the context of that, the word Little doesn't mean it like that. Imagine if Klopp says to the squad. We have to prepare to play without Mo because the Afcon tournament is at hand" Then he'll complain that the Afcon is the size of a hand

@JoseBauz Yo cada día comparto más la idea del Bolillo Gómez. Messi ni debiera competir por el #BalondeOr , de todos modos. Messi juega a otra cosa. O como bien dice Jurgen Klopp, si hay que darle el premio al mejor jugador del mundo 🌍, siempre hay que dárselo a Leo. Así de simple

@babuyagu Klopp said that they're talking to the afcon teams about when to release the players. Hopefully they come to an agreement where they leave as late as possible

@3BARELLA wtf are you waffling? he's carried our ass the whole year

The CAN is a big compétition like the others. Now do not minimize it. I refer to Klopp words'

@UtdOptimist @Aries_szn_ WB can’t suddenly learn such attacking skills and he doesn’t have the technical ability, even a klopp and pep can’t fix that.

@_zzcr 0 trophée ton poto et tu veux le placer 3 eme

@3Kashaveli Brook will bury him in the ring I think

Everton aren’t playing well, having won just 1 of their last 10 in all competitions. They know how to frustrate #LFC at Goodison Park, however, so it’s about time that Jürgen Klopp got another win under his belt there. Read more here:…

الكره الذهبيه فاقده للمصداقية

Klopp a traité la CAN de petit tournoi y’a pas si longtemps je dis ça je dis rien…

@dylxnzi Yeah it's actually kinda sad watching marvel movies and not seeing a Stan Lee cameo

@JDuck66 "FUCK WOODSTOCK!!!" Summer of Hate '69. 🎸🤘😉

@HenStockler Torcedor se passando por jornalista, ha 1 mês disse q FLAmidia ganhou jogando no estilo Klopp Guardiola

Liverpool's Czech keeper waiting on Klopp's wishes for next posting…

Klopp ou Guardiola? Estou nessa vibe agora!!!

@JOSERAMIREZTOR8 @marca Si sabes que los entrenadores, capitanes y todos los que saben de fútbol botan, no? O no lo sabes? Dile a Luis Enrique entonces o a Klopp o a tuchel o a Guardiola que no saben votar porque ellos botan y estoy seguro que en su top dos está Messi y top 1, Salah, de bruyne y kante

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