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Evil Kyler Murray be like: RED LIGHT

@MeekPhill_ Ouch, lol. Yeah I’m just bitter. I wore my first loss last week because Justin Herbert buried me. He just kept throwing TDs every 5 minutes while Kyler Murray was doing absolutely nothing.

➡️ Así queda la ofensiva de los Cardinals tras el traspaso por Zach Ertz: QB: Kyler Murray RB: James Conner RB: Chase Edmunds WR: DeAndre Hopkins WR: AJ Green WR: Christian Kirk WR: Rondale Moore 🆕 TE: Zach Ertz Nada mal, ¿no? #AZCardinals

@Dakplswin Fr Dakplswin school of sports produced Kyler Murray, Russell Westbrook, and Bryce Harper

Chase Edmonds questionable; Kyler Murray, DeAndre set to play vs. Browns…

@hale_samuelson @gill8814 @t_arnpreeest @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 And all those 3 teams are better than the seahawks & 49ers as of right now.... well maybe not the Giants.

@MikeBaird2853 @BusterB56305979 @FantasyPros @K1 @ZERTZ_86 I'll take my chances in week 7 against Houston in my own personal byepocalypse but after that you have a point to be considered

@GOATSZN__ @lyon86319661 @1stStringJack @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 They do but with gronk out not s’s much as cardinals. Especially when Kyler can run and having a good pass catching running backs and a end zone running back who will also take passes away

@49ersFocus Good DBs, are aware to Plaster and get eyes on, WR. When the play break down. @K1 is one, two. Read QB 3(is run) Contain plaster and make him retreat. See you again in November @AZCardinals @KeyJayandMax

@FromTexasYall @hale_samuelson @gill8814 @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 😂😂😂😂😂 Cards held the top RB in the league to nothing in week 1. Curbstomped the consensus #1 team in the league (and previously undefeated Superbowl favorite). The Cowboys every year are the most overrated team in the league. Nice try though. We're still undefeated

@t_arnpreeest @gill8814 @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 49ers got a rookie QB & Seahawks got a historic bad defense & are without Russ

@1290Tyler @Keeling_ @1stStringJack @thebradyeighth @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 Pats defense is actually solid, Miami and Houston are hot garbage I'll give you that. However y'all barley beat the Jaguars if you want to make excuses the Bills have just completely dominated every game besides Pittsburgh

@hale_samuelson @gill8814 @t_arnpreeest @NFLonFOX @AZCardinals @K1 @DeAndreHopkins @ckirk @ZERTZ_86 Y'all playing the 49ers with a rookie QB & Seahawks without Wilson a historic bad defense

@nnnoooaaahhh_ @YoDisMike @CFBONFOX @bakermayfield @K1 @OU_Football Good to see you browns fans realize that your mediocre QB can’t win without an elite ground game.

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