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⭐️ Kyrie Irving, embajador de una marca de comida nada convencional...…

@NBAStatGuy_ @KenHeLive @6Hogg6 @LoveTheOrange1 You sure the Celtics did better without him? In 2018, the first year Kyrie joined the Celtics, they were 41-19 with him and 14-8 without him. If they have Kyrie, it's not unreasonable to say they beat the Cavs.

@hino_kyrie ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ 이사 끝낫어요!!!!! 아 ㅠㅠㅠ 버스타구 내려가면서 함 보겟습니다

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@MDTakes @KGsGOAT So is kyrie better than Steph because he outplayed him in game 7? @MDTakes

@PosteredByJC @Nate262146329 @DwitjustinGilas @BallsackSports Lol yes Kyrie made a great shot! He can dribble and shoot the ball well but can’t win without Lebron! Fact! Are you saying it’s a coincidence that Kobe couldn’t win without Phil either?

@WhyNotBr0die And? 😂 that’s the thing u found the most wrong here? Kyrie is for sure on the same tier or even a better defender than Russ

@NetsKingdomAJ It seems like it’s transferring to Ben Simmons for John wall debates with all the regular people. But the sports analysts keep pushing the Kyrie talk 🤦🏽‍♂️

@4fKhary Kyrie is better at every aspect of the game except passing and rebounding

@OkoDre The KD's, Kyrie's and Kobe's are all 🔥🔥🔥

@kyrie_nsfw 凄っ‼️可愛かったのからカッコイイに変身したっ✨️✨ペットボトルまで変身した✨️✨

One month until James Frauden, Kyrie "Take off your mask" Irving and Kevin "0-6 in OT" Durant are gonna get exposed on opening night 🙏…

@hino_kyrie 에덴시리즈는 먼가요? 아까 세실님께 영업하시던건가?!?!? ...암튼 시간나면 보겟습니다

@4fKhary kyrie is a better scorer at every level besides above the rim so him

@hino_kyrie ㅋㅋ 저 이게요름듀 조아해요.. 라하브레아랑 이게요름 붙여두고 빛전 사이에 낑구는거 맛잇엇는데....

@joel_s0 @blazer_beavis @orlandoupnext Beal and kyrie as well like dawg these narratives gonna ruin basketball one day

@jonnyl88 @ilovehoops53 @urkle9 @Juan_ruiz69 Lol Right, they out there acting like it was LeBron for himself. He had a Kyrie Irving putting up near 30 a game and a All Star Kevin Love who grabbed nearly 12 boards a game. was also a sniper from three that whole series too. They were just outplayed when it mattered

@ClippersNets When have you seen Kyrie be the guy and have success? Not saying he can’t I guess. But have you ever seen it? Not in just one game. Im saying as the FACE of the franchise.

@hino_kyrie 저 지금 위리앙제 에메트셀크 라하브레아 붙잡고잇어요

@tyson38045494 @_nolimit420 @MagicJohnson @KingJames Well they took the champions to 7 with both Harden & Kyrie both injured or out most the series, on top of shaking up there whole roster mid season and having little playing time together when playoffs started, there depth outside the big 3’s also way better this year

@NetsWorldOrg @NetsDaily @KDTrey5 @KyrieIrving @MikeKing00 Been saying for months stop being weird and just give us the mid 2000s jerseys

@OGBronBron 🤣 I’m playing it cool but I’ll probably never start over Kyrie so I’m out also

@hino_kyrie ㅋㅋㅋㅋ아 얼른 밀어보겟습니다.. 이게 제가 이사만 없엇어도3일만에 미는거엿는데 다음거는 시간 얼마나걸릴지...

I hate being a Seahawks fan. Them and close games are like lebron and kyrie

Smhhh This Kyrie Irving trade Narrative must be Stopped ✋🏾 Don’t believe everything you read.

Kyrie’s athleticism is criminally underrated

@ClippersNets Kyrie had his best year ever on 50/40/90 and didn’t come close. He has no narrative either, he has a super team and two others that could win a MVP

@Nightmare7379 @_nolimit420 @MagicJohnson @KingJames Best ability is Availability, who says they don’t get hurt again? Look at lebron basically 17-18 years without a injury, can ya say the same for Kyrie or KD? Harden hamstrings alway been fragile as well

@hoop2baller23 Not really n he was my 3 choice. I still think Kyrie n Boone are better but I haven't ran too many games wid Frazier yet

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