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@RealCandaceO @FloydMayweather @KyrieIrving Do u have kids??? Did they get their measles or MMR vaccines which have always been mandated. Did u have those shots to get into college as I had to. When u can logically explain the difference between those and COVID then u might have something informative to say!!

Favorite player of all time: Wardell Stephen Curry II Player I dislike: Richard Jefferson Player that grew on me: Tim Duncan Most underrated player: Ray Allen Most overrated player: Kyrie Irving G.O.A.T: Michael Jeffrey Jordan…

@T_Leigh_G @Avs888x @WinTang7 @FloydMayweather Now you're throwing more buzzwords out there. Alt right? Being against forced mandates isn't being an antivaxxer. Just like being against rape isn't anti sex. Also, BLM has been protesting in huge numbers against the mandates. Including for Kyrie Irving.

@RealCandaceO @FloydMayweather @KyrieIrving He’s just selfish. He lets down his team he lets down the fans he lets down the game. His personal decision includes so many more and he doesn’t care. Not a team player!!!!!

El legendario boxeador Floyd Mayweather ha subido este vídeo a sus redes sociales defendiendo a Kyrie Irving y su elección de no vacunarse: "America nos dio la posibilidad de vacunarnos o no vacunarnos, pero a medida que pasa el tiempo nos están quitando esa libertad de elección

@CheryleJ0806 @FloydMayweather @KyrieIrving @CheryleJ0806 @KyrieIrving even if you are vaccinated you can still spread it. Make it make sense! He is standing up also for the right to choose

"America is the Land of the Free" - Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Backs Kyrie Irving's Stance Against COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

I’d have more patience with Kyrie Irving’s vaccine nonsense if he wasn’t also a flat earther. But since he is, I honestly hope his career is over.

Favorite player of all time: Dirk Nowitzki Player I dislike: Paul Pierce Player that grew on me: Kawhi Leonard Most overrated player: Kyrie Irving Most underrated player: Tim Duncan The G.O.A.T.: Michael Jeffrey Jordan…

Hey @KyrieIrving come join the army! Wen $SHIB ? #shibarmy #shibaarmy #shiba #shibainu #shibainucoin

Kyrie Irving Trolled With Video Game 'Unvaccinated Mode'…

@CypressTalbert @Nerdygirl1977 @docgray81 @Deadspin Who is Kyrie irving thinking for? Flat earthers This article is racist says because they're black they only serve as pawns

@NBAtopshot @NBA I might get a lot of flack for this but idc @KyrieIrving is one of my favorite current players so he's definitely one looking to add to portfolio.

Floyd Mayweather backs Nets’ Kyrie Irving amid vax fallout via @YouTube

@FoxNews the REPUBLICAN JIHADIST COVID 19 social media government is at work with Kyrie Irving. Florida and Texas are Kyries mentor's

Hey, the Catch & Shoot 2.0 podcast from @purehoopsmedia is back! @Aaron_Berlin & @OttoStrong2 give their season predictions + thoughts on @Lakers sluggish start, do the @nets miss @KyrieIrving & the @sixers / @BenSimmons25 drama. Check it out!…

@NzNets @KyrieIrving i don’t think a jersey is gonna sway him one way or another lol but he will be back don’t worry

"America is the Land of the Free" - Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather Backs Kyrie Irving's Stance Against COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)… via @gatewaypundit

Kyrie Irving and Dave Chappelle are being used as Black 'pawns' on a white chessboard…

WATCH: Floyd Mayweather Delivers Powerful Message Supporting Kyrie Irving's Stand Against Mandate…

Floyd Mayweather reads statement to Kyrie Irving: "One action can change... via @YouTube

Kyrie Irving decides what to do with his body and nobody else period💯 #nba #KyrieIrving

@CapitalistGhost @KyrieIrving Shame on you my jewish brethren you have the work ethic of a goyim

@RealCandaceO @FloydMayweather @KyrieIrving So, when should we expect💩 back to normal? You know what screw it those who want to get Covid let them I call it cutting down the herd another form of herd immunity. It is going to be 2 years since COVID and same BS is being spread about vaccines from both parties.

Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the aftermath of Kyrie Irving holding on to his decision not to get vaccinated so he can rejoin the team as Floyd Mayweather and many boisterous fans show support to Irving in their own ways.

@RealCandaceO @FloydMayweather @KyrieIrving Funny thing is, Candace "Hitler" Owens and Kyrie have made their decisions not to get vaccinated as is their right, but now they keep saying the boogie man is after them to try and force them to vaccinated. There is no boogie man hunting them down. They are free to STFU now.

Floyd Mayweather Voices Support of Kyrie Irving Resisting Vaccine Mandate - @FoxSportsRadio

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