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Now that the FBI is working on the Larry Nassar fuck up, they can put some energy into the Brett Kava-PUKE fuck up and get his ass removed from the Supreme Court.

@HouseGOP Keep this in mind, If those gymnasts would have gotten pregnant by Larry Nassar... ...Republican's Anti-WomensRights laws would have PROTECTED Nasser ...given him parental rights ...the right to sue if they tried to terminate ...& forced them to have their RAPIST's baby

The Larry Nassar case — how US gymnastics team doctor abused over 150 gymnasts for years – ThePrint…

1-Simone Biles & Other Olympians Testify on Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Investigation 2-Byron McCauley and Jennifer Mooney, "Hope, Interrupted - America Lost and Found Throug.. 3-Oral Histories: 9/11 Interview with Fmr. White House Chief Usher Gary Walters…

Giving away 80 $sunny tokens to whoever gives the best defense of one of the following people: Bill Cosby Harvey Weinstein Larry Nassar 20 token bonus for each of the following: Augusto Pinochet Pol Pot Jaleel White

@Simone_Biles is as big a hero off the gymnastics floor as on it. Also @AlyRaisman_, @McKaylaMaroney and @maggienichols “We Have Been Failed": Simone Biles And Other Gymnasts Testified On The FBI's Mishandling Of The Larry Nassar Case… via @ellievhall

@carefreebrii @ButImAMess They were sloppy when it came to Larry Nassar. I don’t trust the FBI

@CynDavi @YouTube Larry Nassar, merely the tip of a very large, very dirty iceberg that is the history of the contemporary FBI.

On Wednesday, Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney and Maggie Nichols testified at a Senate panel about the systemic failure to bring former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar to justice for sexually abusing dozens of women and children.…

Biden is silent... Is that any surprise to any of us???) B.) US Air Force is celebrating their 74th anniversary!!! C.) Sen. Grassley: Need AG probe into the FBI handling of the investigation into Larry Nassar...

The young ladies, and girls of the US gymnastics will be justified of being sexually offended, abused, and raped in the Larry Nassar scandal, yes the FBI has failed these misses had them wait 14 months and nothing.

@EricMMatheny Or investigating Larry Nassar. 🤬🤬🤬

@q_me_dehe Y la foto con Larry Nassar, pederasta que abusó de cientos de niñas gimnastas durante décadas, a qué viene??

Simone Biles Wants Answers About The FBI’s Larry Nassar Investigation… via @Yahoo

@RP_In_Action It was difficult to watch Larry Nassar's victims but it was important to watch.

1-Simone Biles & Other Olympians Testify on Larry Nassar Sexual Assault Investigation 2-What Are You Reading? with Sen. Mitch McConnell R-KY 3-Oral Histories: 9/11 Interview with Rear Adm. David Thomas…

I'm just going 2 go ahead & tell u that @Comey's @FBI didn't stop Larry Nassar because Nassar was filming his disgusting acts and selling them to other "elite" pedos and they didn't want their black mail material to be neutralized because it gave them alot of power....allegedly

La campeona olímpica McKayla Maroney explica cómo abusó de ella Larry Nassar cuando tenía 15 años: "Me dijo que me pusiera pantalones cortos sin ropa interior"

Gymnasts Blast The FBI's Mishandling Of Their Allegations About Larry Nassar…

@FBI failed to investigate Larry Nassar leading to women being sexually assaulted, @FBISanDiego failed to follow up on @SDSheriff enabling "gun trafficking" now this!…

The Larry Nassar case — how US gymnastics team doctor abused over 150 gymnasts for years… via @ThePrintIndia

Las atletas expusieron la violencia que vivieron a manos de Larry Nassar, médico del equipo nacional de gimnasia, quien actualmente cumple una condena de hasta 175 años años por abusos sexuales que se suman a los 60 por tenencia de pornografía infantil. 2/7

Serial abuser Larry Nassar got his due punishment. When will his FBI enablers get theirs?… via @azcentral

#ICYMI: @jesstaylorprice takes you through what was a profound week in gymnastics in the US. She recaps the Senate hearing on the FBI’s mismanagement of the Larry Nassar case. Also, don't miss links and a one-on-one interview with Florida senior @sav_fs.…

U.S. Gymnasts Testimony on Larry Nassar Investigation | Washington Week ... via @YouTube

@thomaskaine5 Ask Christopher Wray. I mean, he looked into Larry Nassar and Brett Kav—ohhhhhh…

The sexual abuse perpetrated against female U.S. Olympic gymnasts by former team doctor Larry Nassar was exacerbated by inaction of the FBI, the athletes told a Senate panel this week.

There should be severe consequences for the FBI agents who failed the hundreds of gymnasts abused by Dr. Larry Nassar, writes @KayleeDMcGhee. "The agency as a whole is ineffective, corrupt, and in desperate need of reform."

@donwinslow Will his press conference be a repeat of what he said about Nassar? FBI Director Wray: "I don’t have a good explanation for you” on what went wrong with the Larry Nassar case. @donwinslow

I can’t for the life of me figure out why the @FBI would sit on this. Serious question: was Larry Nassar filming the molestation and @FBI allowing child porn to spread so they could have black mail material like they did with Epstein ?…

"Nine bikers killed; no arrests. LaVoy Finicum killed; no arrests. Larry Nassar raped hundreds of teenage girls, the FBI took no action; however, they did apologize." Let's Take the FBI at Their Word…

@coondog0505 @sebenatar @DGlaucomflecken Okay. Thanks for being case in point. Larry Nassar is not a doctor.

@JimJordanJacket He protected an OSU physician who molested the athletes under his care. Another Larry Nassar, another coverup.

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