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@ReparationsCol1 @C91771 @Marcus_S86 @__treyslay 2/ assimilation for native-born black folk. There seem elements of that among Asian,Latinx, & Indian & African immigrants. I now see @SandyDarity 's pt about "two complementary tracks," one #ADOS specific, the other universal/class oriented. Class analysis unavoidably must reckon

@dmm12345 @Nani_Manu99 @ErikLundegaard @ezraklein "McLennan county, home to Waco, Texas, closed 44% of its polling places from 2012 to 2018, despite the fact that its population grew by more than 15,000 people during the same time period, with more than two-thirds of that growth coming from Black and Latinx residents."

@bull_apis @SmoDaddy3 @DeanDome23 @Kryssyess @NBCNews I have literally experience this shit. I had a district teacher start ranting about how Trump was right about everything once. Another time I had a woke teacher insist that Latinx was an appropriate term (it isn’t) and subtly smear the US

2/4 Even students that are not Latinx could still use random words typical of an area of the country that they might be in. For example, in Atlanta, regardless of the race, all kids use Black southern slang. The culture of an area might actually supersede the racial area.

@Zac2040 It’s funny because I work with a lot of Mexican/Spanish people at my restaurant and I made a joke about LatinX to one of my best freinds and she was soo fucking confused😂not only did she not know what it was but had no interest in anyone ever using it

Call Latinx what it is. A racial slur. If anybody calls me Latinx they’re getting p*nched in the face.

@DungeonMatter Hi there, thxs for the space! I'm an indie latinx designer and earlier this month i released my first game in english. It's a rules light game with heavy 90s flavor and a lot of cool tables…

🚨LIVE🚨: Join @latinojustice @UCLAlatino @DrugPolicyOrg @NHCSL for our virtual gathering centering on a discussion on #CriminalJusticeReform through a 21st Century Latinx lens! ➡️Join here:…

'This song is more than just me looking like her, it tells my story' — Disney's 'Encanto' has made waves on TikTok for its representation of Latinx characters and portrayal of intergenerational trauma

Remember when some Latinx radicals thought saying, "Make America Mexico Again" was radical? Here's a text from a past project debunking this colonial line of thought. Link to PDF:…

@mikochan_dm2 Realmente "Latino" es la forma mas inclusivo para referirse a toda una cultura, INDEPENDIENTEMENTE de su genero, identidad o su auto-percepción Latinx o cualquier otra variante, es simplemente para esas personas que sinceramente, mas que representación buscan sentirse especiales

A un año en el cargo, el Presidente Biden y la Vicepresidenta Harris, han logrado encaminar a la nación aún en medio de una inesperada pandemia. Queda mucho camino por recorrer, sobre todo para seguir trabajando por nuestra comunidad LatinX y por todos los puertorriqueños 🙌🏻

@Seirrz @Honzou @Marinez_mac @ChrisRGun Damn it's almost as if latinx in the US was the same way a few years ago and now looks at where we're at.

I was happiest when I was freelancing so back to freelancing I go!!

@KEliasRowley @ohiostatepress @ProfessorLatinx @YahooNews Latinx does not judge. Latinx does not make you less Mexican, Salvadoran, or Californian. Latinx does not define you as Indio or Gringo. Latinx instead brings us together with a hug and pushes us forward with strength.

Also this means I get to draw and design a lot again so I'm really, truly relieved!!!

Which brings us to Peacock. From the little data they’ve shared Peacock is lagging behind the other streamers. Meanwhile the avg Latinx household pays for 4 streaming services. Telemundo (And nbcuniversal) are hoping Peacock is one of them…

. @nataliacorneli4, @VoteDyana of @PPGreaterTX & @HSFdn speaking now about the connection between Texas's abortion restrictions & #Latinx #CriminalJustice. "Since folks don't want to criminalize women & children, the Texas abortion law criminalizes everyone around the patient."

In my inbox like 👀 so when you free fam I got you! 😆 🤣

Nuestras Voces: A look at Idaho's Latinx students and leadership…

@RetroPopGeek84 @ainserwood Nope one just has to look at the whole Latinx thing to see they don't get the message. I'm a Latin person myself & I HATE it & I know MOST Latin & Hispanic people hate it too, but liberals want to still push it. It's BS.

Talking about sex with your parents as part of the #latinx community can be… awkward (an understatement) So you can only imagine what adding the #LGBTQ factor does to the conversation…

So it's only been a few days since I told some really amazing people in my industry about how crap the last 2 months were and how I resigned And had a bunch of people in my inbox offering me freelance work 😭 Love yall for real

Someone is back to recalling my latinx lit monographs to the library like there isn’t borrow direct available. There will be repercussions. I will be recalling the books they recalled from me months ago out of spite.

@vruz Workers are transphobic and should be oppressed

Making moves. #Grateful for this brotherhood, the creative opportunities coming our way and the artistic collaborations that continue to edify our company. DominiRican Productions 2022. 📸: @vfpvik #dominiricanproductions #latine #latinx #afrolatinx #afrolatine #LGBTQIA

Blue ivy cause who wouldn’t want to be @Beyonce daughter ☺️☺️

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