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@CorruptGent "No no just that I'm not supoose to give you pleasure because I can't get any" I get comfortable as I lean back

@MsGothamScribe He’d lean back against the wall of the elevator, eyeing her wolfishly. A grin on his lips. He’d know she was conflicted; wanting to do the “right” thing all the while wanting him. He could see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice. “Maybe 🪙

@Hung_mikel As he slowly slid into her wet slit she let out a moan while letting her head lean back onto the wet floor. "Ohhh, God~" She wrapped her other arm around his neck and then wrapped her legs around his waist. "There we go~"

@nutmegindevdom They look towards the sound of footsteps approaching, greeting her with a smile. Pockets their D3 and turns to face her. “No worries! You’re right on time. I’ve been looking forward to this.” They lean back on one leg in a more relaxed posture. +

//everytime i infect some part of the TL with asoiaf talk i lean back in my chair and let out an evil laugh

the lean back with moving forward is sum crucial shit 🤩🤩🤩…

should I cancel peacock or just lean back into being an arsenal guy

In spite of my bun & near shoulder length hair, I know I’m not a long hair person b/c I have to get my hair wet in every shower. Non negotiable. Don’t care how long it takes to dry. I’m doing the classic lean back, hands through hair, shower on face move. Otherwise why shower?

cut back down to my knees, lean back now, lean back and breathe

you run your shower and lean back your head

@THEHATEDFATHER ⠀ How she wished he could feel what she felt, the way she felt it. Every kiss, every brush of his lips against her neck... ... God Almighty. Lorraine had to stop for a bit, lower her paint brush and lean back into his touch. "That feels really good, honey." ⠀

I will lean back in the loving arms Of a beautiful Father Breathe in, I know He is good It's a love like no other.

this mans I met today took me around town, bought me food, laid on the compliments t h i c k, and tried to kiss me when we were parting ways only for me to lean back lmao

removing her hat, setting it aside so she can lean back and rest her head on his shoulder.…

@KENNETHKILLL Yeah bro find a way to get the leg you use to support the body of the guitar a bit elevated so you can lean back more and slouch less so you don’t get that issue 💯

@BabyCakeBSC Get #BabyCake while the road is near, lean back to the management and win #Cake. #BabyCake

@BASKET0FEGGS O-oh, that's cool..! ( Kris will try not to lean back and look. Paying more attention to the pages.. ) Oh.. uh. No, I don't think so, at least.. ( They would've tried to do so already if they could. ) But, I can at least watch you learn some magic..

he really said lean back and take it 😂😭

@Bicckss @PlayVALORANT lmk if you ever wanna play I peaked g1 but stopped playing for like a month tryna lean back into it too

Fat Joe can’t do his own lean back dance and it’s sad. You had years to learn it Joe.

@AstralZeal - hell she doesn’t turn on her heel and go out the door. ————— September 17th, 2021 When I no longer feel like my heart is going to burst from my chest, I lean back enough to untangle her from my chest. Pulling the navy handkerchief square from my jacket pocket, I start +

I just watched the Fat Joe & Ja Rule versuz…….first off idk know why Fat Joe even agreed to go against Ja Rule 🤦🏽‍♂️ mane stop playing like he ain’t have 2000-2003 on lock. Only Fat Joe hit I can think of is “Lean Back” “All the Way Up” “Make it Rain” & “What’s Luv”

@utdreport Thing is now, with VAR to lean back on referees are bottling the big decisions in the game

@NPCZoey He was cast well, because the OG Creed Carl Weathers was gorgeous back in the day. It was not hard to lean back and say “Yeah, he made that.”

@SweetVickie83 mmm and all i suggested was lean back!!! wow

@BlackSeaAMS Instead of crunching the torso and tilting the head down, adding a subtle lean back to the whole thing captures more of that same vibe that a lot of Yas’ art had of looking up at it, rather than down

@miraphorism If I drink that grit I better not even LEAN BACK too far. And god forbid I need to bend over to tie a shoe or something. Instant death.

Fanyu impression challenge: 1. Take your best earphone or soundboxes 2. Lean back and watch this 2 min long video 3. Tell me what you were feeling Credit to @BrunuhVille for the music excerpt from 'Path to Queensgarden'.

@demonicbutch I think if Oikawa initiated first, I feel like he would be so nervous that he would do something funny like keeping his eyes open and iwa would see it and be like “you’re such a idiot” but with no bite and he would lean back in and make sure to leave Oikawa breathless and wash

@fatse_baseball jose (just a guess without seeing video) - lets try to level out and not be too far leaned back...a little lean is fine. then we want to utilize that back leg and get arms locked for nice little controlled pull power....too far lean back may cause fouls / accurcy

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Seat back leanback is way too far--unadjusting.

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