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The new associate pastor, Michael Ludwig, says there's a lot of potential for the church to be connected and help within the community…

Verzuz Battle: Ludwig Van Beethoven versus The Stone Roses

@ludwig_ulrike Bitte ja! Mein Mann muss sich sonst die 4. Impfung - oder ein Genesenenzertifikat holen, da der grüne Pass Anfang März ausläuft.

@fredschmid Danny DeVito soll angeblich Michael Ludwig spielen. 😅

‘Faith, as it is not the effective cause of justification …. need not be present. The faith which infants lack is … replaced by the faith of the Church’." Ludwig Ott, Fundaments of Catholic Dogma, p. 359. Contradicts Rom. 5:1; Acts 15:8-9; Eph. 2:8-9; Col. 2:11-12; John 3:16

Die #Impfpflicht ist keine populäre Maßnahme. Politik kann nicht immer populär sein. PolitikerInnen werden dafür gewählt, um entschlossen auch in Krisen unpopuläre Entscheidungen zu treffen. BGM Ludwig & die wr. Stadtregierung haben gezeigt, dass darin Stärke liegen kann. #oenr

😎😎⚽️💕 #dreamteam #glanzparade #babyschimmerlos #kirroyal #ausliebezufootball #franzmünchinger #ranNFL Das (Baby) Schimmerlos-Shirt gibt’s natürlich wie immer bei uns im Onlineshop oder im MONACO Café bzw. aktuell im „PopUp“ Café/Shop in der Ludwig Beck im Tiefgeschoss. 🛍

El antiliberalismo nos está llevando hacia un colapso general de la civilización -Ludwig von Mises-

"Ludwig Zamenhof, el médico que inventó el esperanto…"

LudwiG(ルートヴィヒ)っす!高2の♂です! FEZ始めたばっかですがよろしく! Jエルで LudwiG って名前やで!氷魔法使い!

Just found out @LudwigAhgren climbs. This makes me happy. Be like Ludwig, Twitter

@ludwighornvore Take the time you need to care for yourself, Ludwig. You still got friends that'll be there for you when you need them! ♥️

#ltrlp - Waldzustandsbericht - "Wir müssen die Ökosystem-Leistung unseres Waldes stärker in Wert setzen", sagt unser Abgeordneter Michael Ludwig. 🌲🌳🌱🍃

Plz vote! Debating which toy to get from the HPE drop… I love Isonade’s design but usually go for thicker models tbh so I also am considering my first Ludwig or Sylph. Thoughts?

Current top 10 fave CCs: Tubbo Tommy Ludwig Dream Technoblade Karl Jacobs Corpse Tina Hasan Wilbur (Not ordered)

@PhillipaJC @RebeccaRideal @eventsBL Enjoyed your talk last night. Enjoying the book as well. I have a question about Philip ii I want to ask but have a ref to find first. Its interesting that he had a chair made with mechanical devices. In Liverpool we used to have a hearing chair belong to King Ludwig of Bavari

Posting this because it's so typical Ludwig von Cat. Also, like cheese, we don't believe in anti-aging. As we progress in life, remember how gouda it can be and let's celebrate it! #manandhiscat #catandhischeese #happycheeseloversday

@2damntrans @christapeterso while we were babbling a sudden sound from the hills a wistful trill it was Ludwig Hiller the gifted artist the dearly tormented who draw out that trill from his clarinet never ever spoke as far as I know deeper gloom from a woodwind instrument

the company Merck, Christian & Co. on 1 July 1870 by Adolf Karl Ludwig Christian and banker Heinrich Johann Merck. Other limited partners were the Darmstater Bank forerunner of the Danatbank and the entrepreneur Theodor von Cramer-Klett. By 1879, together with his brother August,

@LudwigAhgren you should like add ultimate in there 😔👉👈

@LeonorQuintana @LudwigVCR Gracias Ludwig por devolverme la fe en el momento de mi Noche oscura del alma

Musik adalah salah satu pintu masuk ke dunia pengetahuan yang memahami manusia tetapi manusia tidak bisa memahami. ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

Why are my dogs in the livingroom relaxing and watching Ludwig play supr auto pets!?

Dominique Braggs is a Partner at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Ms. Braggs focuses on three specific areas of law – Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Probate. Visit to discuss how Ms. Braggs can assist with your legal needs. #DBLLawyers #Attorney #EstatePlanning

Ludwig II が壱時を御知らせします。

@kekarusea I don’t even watch streams .. I watch clips from their streams made into yt videos … I like umm toast and jodi and ludwig yass

In the bureaucratic machine of socialism the way toward promotion is not achievement but the favor of the superiors. - Ludwig von Mises…

"📌 Estamos dormidos. Nuestra vida es un sueño. Pero a veces despertamos, solo lo suficiente para saber que estamos soñando (Ludwig Wittgestein)"

@_Dan_Ludwig Acho q não. A não ser q tenha bicho KK

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