Top Tweets for Lukaku

@tchallarr Kumbe lukaku anakuanga na sister 😂😂

@CatenaccioEra How could you have possibly have thought lukaku would work.

Def a 9, remaining 1 is the pain Chelsea has caused me😪…

@MrGeorgeBenson They need to open the cheque book like they did for Lampard. He needs some players he hasn't signed anyone except Lukaku

Not a sarrisexual but always rated technical ability more than p&p. I used to assume as fans of hazard, all of us would like these players but people actually liked players like werner and lukaku...…

@SayNoMore33 Lingard its about playing time. Dembele and Pogba both want massive wages to stay while both have been injury plagued

@cfc_adam8 In attackers I got vardz lukaku and griezmann not gonna do defenders

@alwaysagi Mikha stop nanya deh jangan bikin lukaku makin lebar yaa makasihh qna ditutupp neneng mau bobok

「まじかる☆まーじゃん☆わーるど ver.玄」松実玄 (花澤香菜) from 咲 -Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A キャラクターソング Vol. 3 #NowPlaying

This is so true actually. The only time i was on yer da twitter’s side was with Lukaku, and look how that turned out…

@AlexGobbo81 @Avv_Bianco_Nero Conte sta lentamente implodendo distrutto dalla sua arroganza che è superiore al suo reale valore… come Lukaku: entrambi subiranno un ridimensionamento!

Bias aside it's probably Lukaku, just because he's already a proven PL striker who has played for a big club in the PL, Grealish can turn it around next season if not then he might be a flop, same for Sancho he's so young and so talented just hasn't found his feet yet…

Prem proven players like Drinkwater Barkley or Lukaku>>>>🍻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@iamnifemiii Oh my gawwwwddd, woah, the cartoon is wild😂

@roccozoccali @Avv_Bianco_Nero Infatti non gli è rimasto nulla dalla vendita di Lukaku 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@sexymancio Rimane il mistero di aver speso 30 milioni per Correa ad agosto, mentre per la punta che doveva sostituire Lukaku si é speso 0 (Dzeko). Capisci che non ha alcun tipo di senso?

@louisGwebster @AlexGoldberg_ @FabrizioRomano Sure bring more drama in the team as if Lukaku is not enough, bring in another big personality who has nothing except the 1 goal this season. Not to mention injuries of course.

If the 4th frame is the guy in neon Genesis, I definitely agree I like deku🥺…

@FabrizioRomano @chelsbrasil Please talk more about how Lukaku wants to return to Inter. I love Chelski fans tears

@HLaykan Same here , I’m not even suprised anymore , did you notice when Kai enter the game against Brighton , he press well than Lukaku 🤦🏻‍♂️

Tears they’re really trying to create the worst dressing room of all time. Lukaku is available too @PSG_English…

The most pathetic thing with Ghana stations is, why are they not giving updates and breaking news . They will come and say we should pay TV license 🙄.

@seexuna @FabrizioRomano Good luck. I wonder how his new teamates will deal with the fact that he will earn much more than Lukaku, Kante...

「Boys Will Be Boys」The Undertones from Hypnotised (30th Anniversary Edition) #NowPlaying

@snajaths @greenwatcher17 Lukaku: You mean the INTERnational Airport?

@argblues Bue entre esto y el saludo de Lukaku a De Bruyne. No se que es más rebuscado

@AdamNewson The return is diminishing cause of certain players. Last year our attack did the job in crucial games in cl. The Lukaku signing killed us, demoralized every player in the team.

@lukesellers98 Ask your workmates to pitch in for Lukaku's weekly salary. That will shut them up.

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