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@lonestarhog2017 No. the facts say they hired Mario Cristobal,and they are the University of Miami and Arkansas is a pimple on our ass.

@coach_cristobal please hire @TwentyER (Ed Reed) for the secondary coach. Hell, make him DC too. Man’s a genius and wants to coach.…

Mario Cristobal is going to fail so bad at Miami. There is no helping that program. I love it.

@coach_cristobal oc Sean lewis db torrian gray dc Doug belk lb Keith heyward

The Briles stuff would have been believable before they started with the “second push” or whatever. The idea that Mario Cristobal got rejected, and then inexplicably decided “let’s just ask him again” is so hilarious and frankly outlandish 😭😭

🤣🤣🤣🤣 NOBODY wants the miami O.C job.......@coach_cristobal GOD don't like ugly!!!!

Miami football: Michael Irvin tells @nickkosko59 he believes Hurricanes can take ACC under Mario Cristobal:…

@Cane303 @TheGreatoneJon @coach_cristobal Air Raid offense…I’m on board especially with TVD running the show

Saban and Kirby not letting no Mario Cristobal take what they want from Sofla. & even if Napier isn’t pulling the #1 overall class, he’s in a different recruiting stratosphere than Dan. I can’t say the same thing about Mario vs Manny. Recruiting might get worse under for them tbh

Mario Cristobal can recruit everything but a coaching staff.

@TweetPetrie "How could Mario let this happen?" - person who's only been a Mario Cristobal fan since *checks coaching career* March 2013.

Hey @coach_cristobal heard you need an OC… I am available for an interview

Arkansas offensive coordinator will Kendal Briles will stay in Fayetteville after receiving an offer from Mario Cristobal at Miami, ESPN reports.…

“Expectations for the 2022 Ducks team not only failed to drop off after Mario Cristobal’s departure, but they may have risen with the promise shown by Lanning and his new staff.”…

Kendal Briles will stay in his offensive coordinator role at Arkansas after heavy pursuit from Miami and head coach Mario Cristobal, sources confirm to 247Sports' Chris Hummer. #wps #arkansas #razorbacks (FREE):…

@lonestarhog2017 What dope are you smoking? "Nobody"? They got Mario Cristobal. You guys partied in the streets for this fucking guy:

I will be at the University Of Miami on the 22nd!.@coach_cristobal @CanesFootball

I will be at the University of Miami on the 22nd Hope to see @coach_cristobal 🙌🏻

@LeBatardShow @coach_cristobal The players are some of the most violent athletes on the planet. Stop victimizing the players. My football coach picked me up and through me because I got an unnecessary roughness penalty. I respected him for it. It’s a violent sport. Slaps on the helmet are barely noticed.

@CedricBaxterJr1 @SWiltfong247 @Andrew_Ivins @ErikRichardsUSA @coach_cristobal @adamgorney @EdgewaterFBall That’s a joke, they hired a coach that can not even hire a staff. Plus, did anyone from Oregon come with him??? If he is so wonderful, why all the issues and questions. He is not worth it and UM just knocked self back couple years.

@rkbarefield @D_VanDyke8 @coach_cristobal @CanesFootball @LakeGibsonFB @coachNmoody @CoachHeldreth Yeah sure. Because recruiting a recruit for "next" year is more important then hiring a STAFF for "this" year. Blah blah blah

We thank @coach_cristobal and staff stopping by the GIB! @CanesFootball is making a huge splash in the state of Florida, something we haven’t seen in a while. #RECRUITtheGIB @LakeGibsonFB…

Kendal Briles and Jason Candle turn down the OC gig. Travaris Robinson leaves for Alabama. Not a great start for Mario Cristobal's tenure at Miami.…

If the way Mario Cristobal has handled assembling his staff is any indication...that program is in more trouble than I thought. Talk about no plan or semblance of structure.

@coach_cristobal starting to look like a sucker right about now. Better have a good OC/DC lined up.

Kendal Briles when Mario Cristobal pull up like a Jehovah’s Witness

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