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Looking forward to joining The @MarkDavis Show on @660KSKY tomorrow morning. I’ll be sharing my vision to restore integrity and credibility to the AG’s office while defending our freedoms. Tune in at 8:35 a.m.…

@MarkDavis Good message. Don’t really follow his politics but it would be hard to be worse than Abbot or his lord Trump.

@VicTafur I’m scared he’s going to stick with our current HC. He is in over his head, but so is Mark Davis.

@markwil147 He is one of the sponsors of mark Davis and Joe Perry, don't you wanna join them? 🤣

@ar15kevin And they was clowning my boy Mark Davis!!! No mames!!!!!

@dnk_cafe I need to get in on this Mark Davis train!

@Raiders_Simp @ICT_Dvorak Whether you want to accept it or not... Mark Davis is a good owner Jon Gruden is a good coach Mike Mayock is a good GM Derek Carr is a good QB The Raiders are a good team The Raiders are making the playoffs

Four Full Hours of @salaams_from_68, @ScottHastings & @JoshuaDover! HR1: #Nuggets: MPJ out "indefinitely" HR2: @mipritchard joins us here HR3: #Raiders want Mark Davis out? HR4: @DanTanner091's Daily Dose 👇LISTEN👇…

It's this evening at 6 in Tracy! Happy Chanukah! 🕎 --Mark Davis #HappyChanukah #TracyChanukahCelebration

Yeah, I've said this, too. I think Mayock would get the benefit of the doubt if the #Raiders make the playoffs. He talked about the "elephant in the room" aka making the playoffs this past offseason. If the Raiders get there, I can see Mark Davis allowing Mayock to pick his HC.…

Remind me again why Mark Davis hasn’t started the search for a new coach??

@MarkDavis Based on what we’ve seen in his interviews post trial, where people could get a real sense of him, the MSM got him all wrong. He was slandered way more egregiously than Sandmann. I’m not a big lawsuit proponent, but in this case it’s warranted and needs to happen.

@VinnyBonsignore My thought being, Jim Harbaugh being a @UMichFootball , wouldn’t leave, unless he accomplished the goals he set out to. They Beat Ohio State, If they Win The Big Ten, & National Championship, he’s done that, & would he pass on a Mark Davis “Gruden Type” offer?

@VinnyBonsignore Here’s a weird thought I just had,what if, after winning Vs Ohio State, @UMichFootball goes on to win the Championship? I recall rumors, back when JDR was hired, Mark Davis was enamored & tried to get Jim Harbaugh to coach the @Raiders Would an offer be made?

It's going to be a dry winter, we need to start conserving water right away! Fortunately the folks at Zone 7 Water Agency have some great tips to help you conserve water this winter… --Mark Davis 👍😎 #droughtalert #BeWaterWise compensated endorser

We're spending this week welcoming everyone running for the Attorney General Republican Nomination. 🗳️ On Tuesday's show, Former State Supreme Court Justice, @EvaGuzmanForAG joins us at 8:35am. 🎙️ Catch it on The @MarkDavis Show from 7-10am on 660AM The Answer! 📻 🇺🇸

Let's shoot this nonsense down. The only coaches Mark Davis could talk to right now, by NFL rule, are fired coaches. Let's say he interviews one of those fired coaches right now. Then their agent leaks it, and that distracts the team. I'm OK with the Raiders playing coy.…

The other thing is, just because Mark Davis hasn’t launched an “official head-coaching search” doesn’t mean he’s not having loose discussions. On November 29th, this is a non-story for me. Anyway, #Raiders have a big game this upcoming weekend, and they’ll be watching tonight👀

GMs usually pick their head coaches. #Raiders have a GM in place, but is he going to be there next year? Conversations with head coaches would only go but so far without knowing who the GM will be in 2022. I’m not panicking about Mark Davis’ (lack of) search effort yet.

Not surprised #Raiders owner Mark Davis hasn't begun a coaching search in earnest. Big decision on HC and GM ride on how the team's 2021 campaign ends: Playoffs or no playoffs. Vegas is still alive and until their playoff hopes are extinguished, patience is key. #RaiderNation

Good point. It’s tough when you have an acting GM in place, but that GM’s job isn’t secure. Because we all know the GM usually picks his head coach. I think the #Raiders not making a move on their search shows Mark Davis is unsure who will be the GM in 2022.…

@MoeMoton Imma say that Mayock was a mistake from the get go, and whether the Raiders reach the playoffs or not he should be fired. The team needs to start anew and have competent people running the team (although Mark Davis hardly qualifies as such).

@MarkDavis Thank goodness he is not running. People would have actually voted for him😳

@ProFootballTalk notes #Raiders owner Mark Davis hasn't initiated a coaching search and is focused on his team making the playoffs. Good move? Bad move? What say you, #RaiderNation ?

Las Vegas Raiders Should Mark Davis Be Looking For A New Head Coach Now? By Eric Pangilinan

Raiders Owner Mark Davis Focused on Making Post Season… via @HikaruKudo1

🔔NOTICIAS🔔Report: Mark Davis is not thinking about 2022 head coach ➡️… #NFL #NFLTwitter #NFLesp🇪🇸

@MarkDavis Exactly at what point do you say the cases aren't breakthroughs, but rather the shots don't work?

@Bill36621109 @MarkDavis @radiotalkermike And on what authority or personal experience are you basing that claim?

@RaidersBeat I don't give a f**k about rumors. All I know is Mark Davis better make a very good decision on who will be next HC of the RAIDERS. Because quite frankly their no longer a good respected franchise like they were in the past. It's been too long!!!

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