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any matt ryan take from any of my uber riders ever. they all bad…

@PFF_AndrewR How in the fuck is that not a flag? Matt Ryan got brushed on the arm and it got called. Fuckin bullshit

@lukesawhook False Brady, Mahomes, Allen, Hurts, Dakota, Rodgers, Lamar, Kyler, Darnell, Hebert, Cousins, Daniel Jones, Matt Ryan and I'd also go Winston...he falls to 17th when Russell Wilson comes back maybe 18th with Tua...I have him at 18th ish

@jones_mattryan if you're in a "look out a window pensively and cry quietly" mood i can't recommend enough!

@jones_mattryan just listen to the new Adele like the rest of us!

@StevenConradJr I want to fire them because it looks like they can't even field a competitive football team. In 1999, Reid/McNabb went 5-11 but showed promise of a future. All this looks like is a team that was able to beat Matt Ryan and Sam Darnold. And at that BARELY beat Darnold.

NFC West 1. Tom Brady 2. Matt Ryan 3. Sam Darnold 4. Jameis Winston #Buccaneers #Falcons #Panthers #Saints

@t4yo_ @clarencecooper4 @EichnerNate @ZabbyYT @InHurtsWeTrust @Eagles You know how many great qbs struggle to throw 60 yards.. Matt Ryan still in the league.

@YZR_Fantasy I’m not positive either of them are better than the Derek carr. Matt Ryan. Good but not great. We’ll see!!!

@JoePisapia17 This week's bench for me: Russell Wilson Nick Chubb George Kittle Saquon Barkley Michael Thomas Matt Ryan Cordarrelle Patterson And now Mike Williams is looking iffy. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Congratulations to our Blood Drive of the Week! This week we’re celebrating the blood drive in honor of Matt Ryan, a @BPD_MN officer of 12 years and brave cancer fighter. Thank you to all who donated, and to Officer Ryan’s dedicated friends and family! #ThankYou #289Strong

@NFL_DovKleiman Brett Favres start streak really is incredible. I don’t see anyone touching it. Matt Ryan would have to start every game for the next 8-9 years.

@PFF_Washington @youngchase907 Missed a tackle on that stupid play against Matt Ryan! Had he made a tackle, never would have been a penalty.

@LetsGoJJsLetsGo @1010XL The only complaint you should have is not winning a super bowl. But the Jags would be absolutely blessed if Trevor becomes as good as Matt Ryan.

@1010XL If Jacksonville doesn't find away to win, Trevor will.leave after year 5. He won't stick around like Matt Ryan did

@thumpiez @hydrah Matt Ryan’s having another MVP season if he’s on that team 😤. Stay mad bozo

Only one QB is targeting his receivers less than Baker Mayfield and that's Matt Ryan, who has no WRs. The two leading receivers for the #Browns are TE David Njoku and RB Kareem Hunt. #siriusfantasyradio #movingthechains

@EricTeusink I try not to think about how Maga Matt Ryan probably is.

@cagefighter_ @hydrah Ah so you just admitted that having good decision making is a skill that not many QBs possess. Sorry he’s miles better than Matt Ryan and that’s hard for you to swallow😭

These young AFC QBs made Tom Brady run to the NFC to a division with Jameis Winston, Matt Ryan, and Sam Darnold 😂💪🏿💯🔥

Some 🔥🔥 from last nights breaks! Back to back cards were tj watt auto/50 & Matt Ryan auto /15 🤯

@Laycfb @DKCaipira Eu tava assistindo o jogo e torcendo pros Falcons (Porque o Matt Ryan me fez ganhar quase todas as ligas de fantasy que participei) Chegou no meio do terceiro quarto eu comecei a torcer pros Patriots, os Falcons entregaram demais a partida

@OmarKelly If only it was that simple to get a time machine and go back to 2005 and tel the dolphins don’t get a backup running back with the 2nd pick and take Rodgers, get Brees instead of culpepper or get Matt Ryan but sadly we can’t do that

@CompleteDisaRay Exactly. Those types of things not in the equation. Like Matt Ryan has all these passing yards but they come in the 4th q when the team down 17. Those shouldn’t be rated the same as Lamar Jackson’s 4th q GW drive yards but they are

Throwing bullets harder than Matt Ryan

@Brandonkahuna @yourhomiebrian Matt Ryan usually does exceptionally well in California for some weird reason. Im pretty sure if you look up his record here in Cali it’s probably above 80% win rate. Do you think he beats Niners again this season?

@RyanforSeven Shouldn’t be a surprise bro. People have underrated Matt Ryan for 14 years.

@ImagineMichael3 @iamrmjiv @EvanBirchfield I went down that rabbit hole and instantly regretted it. I forgot that logic wouldn't make sense to people blaming Matt Ryan because the DEFENSE gave up 25 points like Matt Ryan plays defense 🙄 I'm done with it though.

@1010XL No!!! Matt Ryan has not won a super bowl!!!!!

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