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@The410Mac @TrueDummyGod @NBAMemes They had more talent, they was younger n in their primes, they had a great coach and they had a easier run to finals than the Mavs Their 4 wasn’t as bad compared to Dirk (Bosh) , not like their 2 and 3 compared to LBJ n Wade so stop the cap

@LakersLead If the Mavs had kept it close and Kobe played the 4th he would’ve got more than 81 this night.

Much like Jerry only does in-season radio visits with the Cowboys flagship station, it’d be awesome if the Mavs owner did the same on their flagship. 🤞

For absolutely no reason, here’s 2+ minutes of Dallas Mavericks Game-Winners from the 2016-17 season. #MFFL

@KyrieSwerving6 @baby_face_goat No the Mavs weren’t healthy. The Celtics also beat 3 straight injured teams so both teams were fraudulent to be fair

@_Psycho_D @Mavs_FFL I actually kind of like the graffiti ones they were pretty cool I have a T-shirt version of it and then I had a KP jersey of it but I like I have a Luca one of the kind of throwback jersey

@The410Mac @TrueDummyGod @NBAMemes The heat had every advantage over the Mavs this is a fact They was even celebrating prematurely n got humbled…cz they even thought they had it in the bag

@nicotinelover99 Clippers will finish top 3, Leonard sat whole season, PG coming back for a full season. Not sold on Wolves over Mavs they got that wrong

@Mavs_FFL What is worse as those weird silver looking ones from the Dirk era

trae zion (if healthy) luka (when he leaves the mavs) ja (don't think he will win one) in that order…

@The410Mac @TrueDummyGod @NBAMemes That don’t change the fact they didn’t have the advantage I’m not sure what ur point is No one expected the Mavs to even make the conference finals let alone smash the Heat The Mavs wasn’t a prime team just cz they don’t make that an excuse

@NBA_NewYork It's not gonna happen but if the knicks did a "Real training camp" with nba tv like Philly and the Mavs that'd be so tough.

so true of him to murder everyone in that movie i love you king 🥰

@Barefootpapii @TrueDummyGod @NBAMemes Listen . We beat the lakers who just won the finals … Kd who went finals next year …. Everybody lost to Dirk and my Mavs that year

@Daniel_Rob27 @MFollowill @SportsSturm @jtyardley Rest In Peace to CBS losing a sports contract. Now they only have stars and Mavs games that overflow from FSSW

@MNUpNorthLakeG1 And no one- no one at all- ever visited that place? Either they are completely incompetent or involved themselves.

You know you're getting old when you're fighting off sleepiness at 8pm on a Saturday night

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NEW VIDEO TO WATCH: "Jason Kidd talks Josh Green's Progression for Dallas, Replacing Jalen Brunson & JaVale McGee Impact" Creator: Fanatics View Brand New NBA Fan Video Platform: #NBA #Maverics #Mavs…


What’s it like being a teacher? I get asked that a lot. It looks a lot like attending weddings of former students years later bc you’re THEIR teacher forever. When the Mavs grow up 🥹💜😭. @MRHSMavericks @MavTeachersRock #ilovemortonranch

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