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Mctominay-when sascha tells him to stop being a coward and play forward passes…

Mctominay 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #MUFC

@RonaIdoProp Underrated >>Lindelof, Fred Overrated>>>Mctominay,Luke

@thechief_ai Yeah the boy is clumsy but he’s defo better than mctominay. That guys a liability

Next Pogba excuse will be that a Mctominay-Fred pivot isn’t creative enough so he has to drop deep

انقد بچه‌های مردم خوشگل شدن آدم دیگه روش نمیشه تو نگاه عموم قرار بگیره. تو رو خدا آروم‌تر برید ما هم بهتون برسیم.

Predicted XI against YB (4-2-2-2): Henderson, Dalot, Lindelof, Bailly, Telles, Mctominay, Fred, Sancho, VDB, Greenwood, Elanga.

He’s good for Norwich, sell him now the stock is high or end up having another Mctominay…

@UTDalext If Pogba replaces Mctominay, Fred would die in 2 games

@darkknightola @DaROYALemperor @sadt0m_ @_Adelakun_ Two of them were failures, but LVG gave game time to multiple academy players he promoted, mourinho did same for Mctominay, but I don't regard them as success so why should i regard another failure in Ole as a success?

Ralf is not making it out of the hood with Scott Mctominay man…

@AidanWalshMUFC People like Rashford, Mctominay and Wan Bissaka are who are really more deserving of hate than Fred.

@UTDalext McTominay stays back as a 3rd CB for protection when Fb's move forward. His only replacement is Matic. Donny, Pogba can't play that role even tho McT is not as aesthetically pleasing as people would like him to be. I think he'll either come in for Bruno

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@WcSauce2 @UtdGrizi Maybe because mctominay is a frustrating sideways merchant, Bruno, rashford ronaldo have had countless good games for united while mctominay has had max 5💀

@AidanWalshMUFC And McTominay went from being loved and referred to as McSauce. To being the new focal point of anger from the LUHG crowd, Oles gone so they needed someone else to attack to keep attention away from the Glazers.

McTominay is 6,4, blonde with blue eyes. everyone hating on him are prob ugly and jealous…

@alissonburgerr این‌که یکی در برخورد با جنس مخالف (و حتی همجنس گاهی) هی با شوخی همه‌چیو به سکس و اینجور چیزا ربط بده و توجهی به اینکه طرفش احساس راحتی با این چرت و پرتا نداره نداشته باشه.

@MrStephenHowson Mctominay better off the ball movement. Is this a joke 😂 VDB literally made a goal against Brighton with just his movement

@RyanLFC8 @thiag6oooo Our only midfielders are Fred Matic Mctominay and VDB there’s not that much competition bro

@Barteyy18 He saw Herrera and McTominay try and bang a 1-2 and wanted awt dkm

@mrtranss @hashtag2weet Mctominay? Which one? Y'all just hate Fred for nothing, without Fred, y'all are getting pass like a train

Who's the one player / players who would stay loyal no matter what ? Personally : Rashford , Mctominay, Greenwood. #MUFC

'I don't like those kinds of balls': Ralf Rangnick warns Fred and Scott McTominay against 'square passes'

If the opposition did switch the ball successfully, McTominay and Fred were able to cover the ground by advancing up the field and due to the pressure caused by Ronaldo they were able to force a mistake and win possession back in this phase.

In possession both Fred and McTominay both providing the security to central areas, throughout the game both Telles and Dalot joined in attacks while these two both created a box defence.

United setup with the expected 1-4-2-2-2 formation. Telles and Dalot at full back. Fred and McTominay both holding. Bruno and Sancho playing in-between. Rashford and Ronaldo the front two.

@Nigerianscamsss Scott McTominay gonna have have a big year as a 1000 yard tight end

Ralf Rangnick about McTominay "Looking at the way the boy [Scott] plays, I'd feel like he'd be a crucial part inside my team. The way he's been in training and the game [Arsenal] was absolutely magnificent" [@TheSun]

@UtdPlug Brudda is trolling awb, mctominay and maguire in daylight. I like this.

@calebknowsball Fred is not a very good technical football player but he has his uses in this system.Hed be my last worry. Bruno, Maguire, mctominay and AWB are my first worry

mctominay and awb failed that for 3 years straight…

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