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“For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’” Thinking through our Adoption this Sunday at @Harvest4Medina. Worship onsite at 9:30 AM & online at 10:30 AM. See Link.

@NagleMary @scanman614 @RacingRachelM MOST people, i believe likely even BB, found it pretty fucking “wild” that Medina Spirit won the Derby. There certainly was no pre race mention of that feeling going in to the race

@ShamIAmNot This works only if and when Bob Baffert joins Navarro in prison, and if his horses could talk, the rich owners who shamelessly covers Bob's Tuchas would be overruled by the horses he destroyed, and ending so far with Bob killing Medina Spirit.

@AnimalHRV @1danross It will be informative to know if Medina Spirit’s fatal workout was performed under the influence of furosemide, NSAIDs, local anesthetics, and corticosteroids.

Mending a crushed spirit: Keep your hope constant. Keep your heart tender. Keep your wits about. Love.

@RobertLusetich @jjkilleentcu Maybe taking me there for a round & to see this green can be a payback for that Medina Spirit tip I gave you for the Kentucky Derby, Robert!!! Sounds fair to me 😂😂😂

Not a day goes by where I don’t miss you, sis. Happy Birthday you beautiful soul. I miss you terribly and hate God called you home sooner than we all expected. Todays your day, Queen. I’ll never miss a chance to keep your spirit alive!! 🕊 🙏🏽🤍🥺💔

@deelucks @scanman614 @RacingRachelM How could Medina Spirit have gotten tired when no one challenged him for the lead?

@scanman614 @RacingRachelM No reasonable person can seriously believe the rash ointment had any effect on his performance. No one challenged Medina Spirit for the lead, so it's perfectly understandable how he won. There was no "rebreak" and no need to spin up wild explanations out of your own imagination.

Any news on Ky Derby official results yet? Any news on Medina Spirit cause of death yet? @thepressboxlts

Lawyer: Medina Spirit steroid was from ointment Trusted Crypto Casino & SportsBook: →…

@PinkEyedGenie @KAnntleemeaux Except there is a body, Medina Spirit. And many more before him 😢

@KAnntleemeaux When I read that Medina Spirit had died, I immediately thought just one more innocent victim of a win at all costs monster.

@andersonalain @agentes305 Fuimos dos, jajaja.. Medina Spirit, como lo ligué hermano.. Gracias por compartir estas anécdotas y que sigan los éxitos!

@KAnntleemeaux I would have done it last year. They had him to rights with Medina Spirit. How many positive drug tests do they need? I know it seems like the states' racing commissions are afraid of him, but they have to eventually see that he's toxic for the industry.


@jlvgjockey Sr. Verenzuela, en mi opinión la juez que lo separó del cargo está en lo cierto, no puede ser parte de los profesionales que investigan el caso Medina Spirit.

Kentucky Derby 2021 @ALMAROSO Esta es la Carrera tratando de mantenerme imparcial con la narracion para que no se escuchara que venia ligando A Medina Spirit...…

@ALMAROSO 2/2 ya como Pronosticador hace poco Kentucky Derby 2021 en una antesala que hice juntl a Carlos Morales de @agentes305 indique a Medina Spirit como primea Marca y luego narrandola en vivo en Mi IG la emocion y la Garganta dando todo y ligando por dentro es hasta ahora lo mejor

@killhorseracing @caCHRB @calexpo Holy hell. It's like they're making up for all that Sudden Safety they accidentally enjoyed right after poor Medina Spirit died (under not-suspicious-at-all circumstances.) Now they're killing off Standardbreds, too? @sacbee_news

@GOPLeader And not cheats and thieves Remember, God’s watching

@GOPLeader You, KM, are both the black kettle and the black pot 🌚

@AHughesTVG @bradcoxracing @DarleyAmerica It's infuriating to hear people say Medina Spirit deserves the Eclipse award when EQ has a far better resume. It's simply nonsensical. Shaking my head in disbelief at the stupidity of it all.

RIP Medina Spirit💔🙏 Following a failed drug test, died on Monday December 6th. The 3yr old lightning-fast colt collapsed during his workout at famed California track Santa Anita. The California Horse Racing Board describing it as a “sudden death”. What have they done to you?💔…

@jeffrey06487210 @RacingRachelM Winning Colors got me into racing back in 1988. Medina Spirit's KY Derby got me out of it. I'm finding more Cons than Pros in this sport. I understand the paid industry talent vehemently trying to protect their industry, but some of the stuff they say makes me shake my head.

Still thinking of this guy every day. Medina Spirit is a finalist for Three-Year-Old Male of the year for the #EclipseAwards 2021. We miss you Champ #MedinaSpirit @ZedanRacing

@spankytano @HorseyGort @gulfstream_gary Who are you calling nuts? I do not want the Derby taken away from Medina Spirit. This discussion has focused on the drug rules and lack thereof, as well as the non performance enhancement effects of Otomax.

Imran Khan is trying to bring spirit of Medina to Pakistan BUT it’s the people who are unwilling It’s not IK failing It’s people who are failing However they also need time A corrupt system cannot fix easily…

I’m not an asshole anymore I got the holy spirit now

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