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@MichaelCole Interviewing The Late Great @ChynaJoanLaurer At WWF Rebellion 1999 23 Years Ago Today

The liberal democratic model has demonstrated its ability to bounce back time and again, writes J. Michael Cole.

Michael Cole just name dropped the PWG promotion on live WWE TV, W. #SmackDown

Michael Cole mentioned DG USA and Evolve on Smackdown this week. Gabe is back baby!

Michael Cole teases John Cena’s return during WWE SmackDown…

@WhatsTheStatus Just noticed Michael Cole saying "all is right in the world"- Triple H fixing timelines.

Michael Cole teased John Cena’s return during WWE SmackDown…


Michael Cole teased John Cena’s return during WWE SmackDown…

It's been one week since Scott Putski turned his back on NWO Wolfpac on Shotgun Saturday Night, and that traitor better watchout, Michael Cole, because they they are out for revenge!

@ryansatin Only if this is his intro video and overall presentation. The Beast Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel "King of Cups" Cormier Joe Rogan guest commentator with Pat McAfee back for a PPV w/ Michael Cole obvious. Checks every box.

@WowThatWasDumb @_Theory1 @TripleH During his match Michael Cole said Theory needs an attitude adjustment. Pretty sure Cena vs Theory is happening.

Can I have your attention please? - Michael Cole

The team of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Steve Corino and Theodore Long defeats The team of Rick Martel and Michael Cole via Sitting on dat face in a Double Hell Deathmatch on Peacock for $4.99

Corey Graves: Who is hotter than Top Dolla Michael Cole: B-Fab Me: Michael Cole isn’t wrong: #SmackDown #SmackDownOnF…

After the “White Rabbit” QR code on Friday's #SmackDown, a sign was seen behind Corey Graves and Michael Cole on commentary. The sign reads “Revel In What You Are” – which is a quote Bray Wyatt posted on his Twitter in 2019. 🐇🐇🐇

Michael Cole quickly corrected by Pat McAfee, McAfee letting Cole know that Natalya is from the "Western part of the 'country'"...🤣 #SmackDown 8/19…

"Natalya of course from right here in Canada, Calgary on the Western part of the state"...🤔🤔🤔 @ @MichaelCole... #SmackDown 8/19

Every day I wake up its fuck Michael cole and Michelle Obama

@MichaelCole @WWE @WWEGraves this statement is wrong. We also have the 2 time defending @CFL Grey Cup Champion and current 13-2 @Wpg_BlueBombers @Bighill44 @ZCollaros7 @Stmn_Willie_Bmn shoutout to our other Pro teams @ValourFootball @Wpg_Goldeyes

HEY MICHAEL COLE, SHUT UP IDIOT! You can never trust the 2KF Parking Lot……

@daleexe @itsBayleyWWE Don't worry Bayley. You are not alone. The fan in me has been hating Michael Cole since 1998.

@tajegray1993 @Jason_Gilliam05 @MichaelCole @WWE But Bayley has demanded he shut his mouth, & Bayley gets what Bayley wants 😂

@kammy_wrestling @WWEGareth The sign behind Michael Cole takes three seconds to google it it goes directly to Bray’s Twitter page with the same quote. The city of woe is a direct link to a skit he did as cult leader Bray, I can name 100 more references. It’s him, the end, game over.

Michael Cole introduces a new belt. The crowd chants 'This belt's dashing' during the first title match

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