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@KingJames Enes Kanter is showing the courage you lack! Somewhere out there Morey is smiling too!…

@nawabmalikncp Nawab bhai aap aage badho pura desh {(bjp chodke) apke sath hai..👍💐

@nytimes Same thing happened with Morey but NBA and players like Lebron do not want to piss off China who does not care about free speech.

@Amandaa_Guerraa No worries 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m not 💯

coworking really interferes with my typical workflow (write ~25 words, make a cup of tea, stare into the distance for ten minutes, read a couple of paragraphs, take a nap, repeat)


Here comes LeBron, Silver, and every other big name NBA personality shouting down Kanter because he spoke out against the league’s number one money maker… Daryl Morey should be proud of Kanter.…

@DCComics Stop this crap that you’re showing about Kashmir and India. I’ve always been a DC fan and assumed that you guys will stick to facts rather than promoting false propaganda!! #AntiIndiaSuperman

cómo dijo rels b: Dios bendiga esta soledad.

Go big with United Apartments! What’s not to love with free amenities such as free wifi, a gym membership to Morey Courts, and a shuttle? Call 989.772.2222 or visit to sign your lease today! *Sponsored by United Apartments* #apartment #mtpleasantmi


@hexsenketel I am so sorry, nothing throws off literally everything for a while *quite* like a car accident. hopefully everything can get taken care of quickly, rental/repair-wise

Go big with United Apartments! What’s not to love with free amenities such as free wifi, a gym membership to Morey Courts, and a shuttle? Call 989.772.2222 or visit to sign your lease today! #apartment #mtpleasantmi

@undisputed @RealSkipBayless 76ers r tryn 2trade. They will wait 2 mk sure a star doesnt become avail b4 doin it. Ppl need to calm down. Team n locker is fine with wait. Only 1shot. Mk it count. Morey will wait til he sees ALL offers for this yr. Ben can go cry. He not n charge. Not declining his request.

@carronJphillips @Deadspin So just to clarify Carron, do you think the right move for Morey is trade Simmons for next to nothing and piss off his MVP candidate? Also want to explain how standing up for Hong Kong and revolutionizing the way offense is run are marks against Morey?

@annniewriter1 @Deborahdragnfly @MissEdmonds10 @OlwynHope @Tanja26961685 @Sami_Alabami @SandraS26727763 @CClynn31390 @Daydreams1812 @i_maltos November 17th jury trial! Thank you Barbara I appreciate that! Hope your day is wonderful! Let's throw the problems away! I needed positive energy! Cheers too all I hope our family knows this where I find comfortable belong! Be positive be hopeful! Iove you all hugs all around

@Enayat79607310 @bennyjohnson No he has not done a lot of good.. HE IS DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM WORKING WITH THE BAD PEOPLE.

If Daryl Morey wants to offload Ben Simmons to Toronto, Masai Ujiri needs to laugh at him and hang up the phone!…

@Tom_Fowdy It's surprising that the @NBA teams have not learned from the Morey saga. They should be writing into their employment contracts that prohibit political activism. Nobody wants to hear players' views on geopolitics.

@UltrasOM13000 @wesh_morey @ArobaseBero @ActuFoot_ @RMCsport aujourd'hui il kiffe paris hein depuis 2 ans il lache des gros message d'amour au psg, + on l'appelle le roi car il et arriver au psg au moment où on s'y attendais le moins et il était intenable magique à regarder jouer les 3 première année

@Majur Meus parabéns maravilhosa!!! Muito axé, saúde e muita felicidadee 🥰🥳 obrigado por nunca desistir dos seus sonhos e ser representatividade pra todos LGBTQIA+ desse nosso Brasil 💖🏳️‍🌈🎶🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤👑

Lmao not sure the NBA are gonna be able to get Kanter to retract that in the same way Morey deleted his tweets on Hong Kong and apologised for not knowing enough about it or whatever bullshit statement he made…

@_chrisperalta @dmorey @coolcatsnft Dangit! I missed Morey in the discord? But I need to tell him my Ben Simmons trade ideas! 😭

Brogdon put up 28 and 11 last night but that fraud Morey didn’t want to trade Simmons for him

@nytimes @KingJames on the Morey HK incident: “So many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually. So just be careful what we tweet..." Translation: China 💹💹💹> US $$$. Manage your social media to optimize finance.

@graninhoUTD the comparison feature is one of the funniest they added this year😭😭😭

Good for Kanter but I can’t imagine the NBA is happy about this. We saw what happened with Morey…

@jeffreywuhl Morey can easily get that done. After these first few games I’m hoping it shows that all they need is that legit PG to run the offense. 2nd unit is going to feast, huge upgrades over last year

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