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In which @ScientistSwanda breaks his silence on Omicron! A Mother Jones exclusive right here only!!!!! 🤪…

@Neoavatara @MotherJones Now include Indian and Korean Americans and show their numbers broken out

Foreclosures Are Fueling America’s Racial Wealth Gap – Mother Jones…

New piece today in @MotherJones today: Lots of forces contribute to the racial wealth gap, historical and otherwise, but one simple way to address it is to help financially distressed families keep their homes amid a job loss, sickness, death, etc.

Mother Jones: Trump Inauguration Corruption Case Involving Ivanka and Don Jr. Moves Ahead – Mother Jones.… via @googlenews

Biden administration plans massive auction of oil and gas leases… via @MotherJones

"I think the most sane route to get this done right now would be to bring this up before the US Senate to codify Roe v. Wade into law."

Omicron: It’s still so new. Scientists worldwide are looking at amplifying new data every day to get us the knowledge we need to make good decisions about the new variant. What we do know right now is HOW they’re doing that. @ScientistSwanda explains:

@MotherJones more poor whites than poor blacks in the USA, way more.

The wealth gap is dire. The median wealth for white families nearing retirement was $315,000, nearly triple that of Hispanic families and six times that of Black families. Racial disparities in AVERAGE wealth are even greater:…

@RayBeckerman @MotherJones So sad. We don't want to go down this pro-gun road with our kids:…

Climate activists have been hopeful that a Biden administration would mean big steps towards a cleaner future. One such step is banning new leases for oil and gas production. But a new report from the Department of Interior says not quite.…

Foreclosures are fueling America's racial wealth gap

Foreclosures Are Fueling America’s Racial Wealth Gap – Mother Jones…

Foreclosures Are Fueling America’s Racial Wealth Gap – Mother Jones…

@MotherJones More propaganda collusion stories. People are not stupid. Illegal immigration, Inflation, supply chain, Fall of Afghanistan, defund police, illegal mandates and Build Back Broke will all contribute to a red wave it’s poor politics and policies that will do it.

This Texas county shows exactly how Republicans are rolling back the clock on voting rights… via @MotherJones @AriBerman

New report leaves activists doubting administration's fossil fuel pledges

@MotherJones Donald #Trump admitted to obstruction of justice last night on #FoxNews. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. Fox will keep it quiet.

With the Supreme Court Ready to Gut Roe, Amy Klobuchar Says Congress Needs to Act—and Fast – Mother Jones…

Days after the Michigan school shooting, a GOP lawmaker posted a gun-filled family photo… via @MotherJones

They take after their mother 😉 The sons of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management (and alumna) Jennifer Jones are ready for their wings!

New evidence suggests Trump DOJ official conspired with White House to overturn 2020 election… via @MotherJones

The Supreme Court looks ready to gut Roe v. Wade. Amy Klobuchar says Congress needs to make it law—and fast.… via @MotherJones

New Report Leaves Activists Doubting Administration's Fossil Fuel Pledges: Mother Jones… MORE w/ EcoSearch:

@MotherJones and, this is a responsible person elected by those who value his opinions? if he had a kid, it's not likely that kid goes to a public school, not that shootings can or should happen in any place/school. is this like parents sending a COVID infected kid to school?

We’ve seen the ‘march’ in Washington, but this racism runs deeper and on the move. He Was a Board Member of the Oath Keepers. Now He’s Holding State-Approved Trainings for Law Enforcement in Texas. – Mother Jones…

The Supreme Court looks ready to gut Roe v. Wade. Amy Klobuchar says Congress needs to make it law—and fast. - Mother Jones @smaddoxsr says: Abortion Rights people should have done that decades ago!… via @googlenews

In Syria’s Endless War Health Workers Are Not Only Collateral Damage—They’re Targets. By @lenrubenstein | Mother Jones…

@Public_Justice @tomphilpott @MotherJones “The outbreaks spilled out into surrounding communities as meatpacking plants emerged as prime vectors for spreading the virus into rural America.”

@billybinion Just because you are a tool doesn’t mean people are calling for you to lose your job. It’s just that most people believe maybe you should be doing your job at @MotherJones or @CNN

@Public_Justice @tomphilpott @MotherJones “‘The full extent of coronavirus infections & deaths at these meatpacking companies was likely much worse than these figures suggest’ because of incomplete data, the report added.”

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