Top Tweets for My 401k

Americans b like wow I need to eat the panera bread or my 401K won’t let me go to homecoming

My #401K is down 40% since Biden took office 🤦🏻‍♂️ He says the economy is doing great — if you’re the Elite. I’m getting from both sides, lower income and higher prices.

@MomsterMel @mikedarling177 @nickzbutcher @POTUS I was going to borrow from my 401K to buy a car versus letting it disappear, unfortunately, the amount of the car disappeared.

@Tcozze508 That's why on Monday I'm taking another big dip out of my 40 year old 401K!

gun to my head I could not tell you what a 401K is

@morethanmySLE My 401k was my money your stupid economy and decisions has taken it away!

@WalshFreedom I just checked my 401k. Absolutely no chance I vote democrat again. Inflation is through the roof, crime is rising and the border is wide open.

@DixonCox12 I do check my 401K, but I know better than to blame Biden because I'm not a drooling, GQP MAGA moron.

@IamButterflySue @RepAdamSchiff Up your meds, you are either a liar or you are hallucinating... student loan forgiveness, nice how they frame theft from those who 'work' for a living. My 401k losses are paying for the war in Ukraine & the education of deadbeats who vote for a living. Dems are taking my future

@Braveheart_USA @masonbo Exactly I am furious! I had my 401K gaining for 4 years under President Trump. Now, under Inflation, anti energy, tax them Biden, my 401K is crashing! #FJB

@mchooyah I'll celebrate 5 years of retirement in December with the first 4 living off the interest of my 401k! Since Biden has taken over I'm down 20% which is more than the 4 years of living income!! MAGA !!!

@mike34744 @DixonCox12 Well I called him a liar for two reasons and I stand by it. #1 Biden is not a disaster and #2 my 401k is fine. So he cannot speak for all of us saying check your 401ks and if you read the feed other people say they are fine as well.

@TaraBull808 @elonmusk @Stephen_Geiger Picked a tremendous time as a 39 year old to roll my entire 401k into an IRA. Amazing discounts

@POTUS The only things that’s been reduced is my 401k

@vodkabooty @IngrahamAngle Bc my 401k is down, and fucking right after I quit and was going to cash that bad boy out for my business 😂 of course!

@BillyPrempeh I don’t care about my 401k…..women having control over their own bodies is far more important. The economy and stock market will recover. Seriously? You are pushing people to vote based on something that’s cyclical anyway?

If the 'My 401k' trend is ANY indication, Democrats are in seriously DEEP crap come November (here are some of the ANGRIEST tweets)…

@TooBigForYou12 There are much more stable investments out of stocks like bonds & whatnot (I pay to have my investments & 401k managed, I don't know what's what). You don't need your 401k to keep making good money in the market when you're near retirement if you have enough in there.

@DixonCox12 My 401k is just fine, thank you. I have a wonderful portfolio manager who reads the tea leaves quarterly and adjusts my investments accordingly. That's how it's done. The stock market goes up and down like a seesaw. Didn't you know?

@IngrahamAngle This is such bull$hit My 401k fluctuated under trump as well.

@GordinSuzie My 401k and the money I've lost in it since he left.

@CalltoActivism PULSE CHECK: Roe v Wade is not what defines America or what keeps it running smoothly. Women, keep your legs closed. Men, wear condoms. Now, how is Biden doing....a big fat ZERO. I can no longer retire because my 401k is demolished. Arthritis and all, I'm gonna keep working

@DixonCox12 I love it. Lots of opportunities for buying low. My current 401k balance is temporary. I have lots of time until I retire. Recessions are good for investors with a long term plan.

@CalltoActivism If I could give Biden a negative 10 right now I would. My 401K is utterly gas and groceries are through the roof, crime is ridiculous and the BORDER...there are in all likelihood 5 MILLION people here illegally.

@ChuckCallesto Cool. That means my 401K deposit this week will buy me more shares. Good news.

@JoeBiden Hey thanks for tanking my 401K. Much appreciated

@caseymorgan666 @DrJamesOlsson My 401k is not OK, and unless your managed outside US, I doubt your is ok.

@EndWokeness Not sure about you but I have increased my 401K contributions to take advantage of this temporary downturn. Love a good sale.

@nicoleanneliz @SandyS121718 @JoeBiden Is that why my 401K is in the toilet and it costs nearly twice as much for gas and groceries?

@BillyPrempeh I don't need my 401K yet, but I need women's rights and democracy ASAP!!!

@IngrahamAngle When you locate your morals, ethics and your soul, I'll check my 401k.

@POTUS My 401k is nearly wiped out thanks to you😡😡😡

Pay off my consumer debt, invest in Roth IRA, 529 for my son, 401k, individual stock and crypto portfolio, and build other sources of income and I’ve got myself set for success. Add daily work out routine and I’m fucking set boys. We gettin our shit together

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