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Reply @DineshDSouza - The FIRST to be PROSECUTED under NEW FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should be Adam Schitt head, Nadler, Pelosi, AOC & the squad & Maxine Waters!!!? Just to name a few left wing CRIMINALS!!?!…

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@darkelf19 @stemmler448 @RepJerryNadler Right to another’s body? You cannot seriously call a human baby a parasite!!!!!! The baby did not invade the womb. The baby was created by a choice the Mom made. Why is that life any less important? I see you are glad your Mom didn’t have an abortion

@ReynosoBrooklyn I’m in Hudson Yards & the HK Dems are all over it, thank you @RepJerryNadler 🙏#stopthechop

Jerry Nadler , mr chairman, life in a military prison

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@RepJerryNadler The Biden Strategy to force the American People off gas & oil is to make them unaffordable. 2 years ago we had a surplus and could export oil. Now with pipelines & fracking shutdowns people cannot afford to drive or heat their homes. Democrats will pay in 2022!

@winegar_leslie @RepJerryNadler It wasn’t a claim. It was a fact. He didn’t fire a single shot against anyone who wasn’t already attacking him. It’s the definition of self defense, and if you don’t like it, that’s tough shit.

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