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@ladimitrova @Claudiashein @Dr_AVillarreal ATENTAMENTE el marica que NO se presentó a la entrega de gobierno PORQUE prófugo de la justicia Cabeza de CACA va a aplicar la de Ricky NAQUÍN Canallín

@IKranepool @revlfake @genymets Idk naquin, ruf and vogie are doing a great Mayberry impression

@Metsmerized Pitching stars stumbling is not as putrid as the so-called Mets hitters. Mets really only have 4 hitters. The other 5 do almost nothing. Naquin, Ruff, Alvarez, Vogelbach, Canha, McCann... let's be honest, the list doesn't end there. PS, This team has no real DH.

@Hustlediva1 @NewLife__2019 @SheaKitten @timbhealey Losing Marte has made a big difference.. without him this lineup is very flat .. you can’t be serious with Vog +Naquin lineup , the fact that they couldn’t fill the DH spot has cost them the division

@mctarfu19611 @AtlantaHabibi @James_Schiano This is what kills me. Rooting hard for dudes named Ruf/Voguelbach/Naquin, when their stats show, they’re 8&9 hitters. Which is fine, except they’re our 5th-7th hitters most times. Then, after months of requests to bring him up, they throw Alvarez into the fire as a Hail Mary.

@EvanRobertsWFAN I'm sorry, but shame on the Mets hitters. Biggest series of the year and you decide not to show up. 100 wins mean nothing if you can't show up in big moments. Canha, Vogelbach, Naquin, McNeil, Alonso shame!

@michaelgbaron Naquin/Vogelbach are non-contributors. The rookies are a over their heads, at least now. Canha looks like he's thinking/guessing, late on fastballs and long and underneath. Buck is moving too many lineup pieces, creating tension. Activate Dom. See what he can do.

@baseballmets86 Marte has been excellent. but getting close to zero from Naquin, Ruf, Baty, Vientos, McCann has killed them

@Baseballwrestl2 Naquin does not need to be in this lineup the rest of the way. McNeil should be in right until Marte gets back

@Fzino I like that a lot better than what Buck is rolling out night after night… Guillorme in the 8 hole stretches that lineup a lot better than Naquin in the 8 hole

@KFCBarstool Doesn't matter, if the Mets can't score runs. No big hits from Alonso, Lindor or Canha. Canha hasn't had a big hit in weeks. The rookies brought up in search of a spark have contributed little to nothing. Naquin is a hole in the lineup. Can't have him in there.

Doesn’t get a lot of attention nationally, but hard to overstate impact of Marte injury. Mets went from a star to a replacement player (Naquin), plus Marte’s a righty who can counter the Atlanta LHP’s. That said, Bassitt can deliver tonight & Mets would still be in good shape.

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