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Join us this week at The Texas Business of Sports Summit to learn from a roster of industry superstars: RC Buford, @NateSilver538, Becky Hammon & our #SITX Advisory Board Members @kirkgoldsberry, @ethanburris, @bunch … #sportsbiz #utaustin #austintx

@JoeStreckert Suspend disbelief enough to imagine Nate Silver's predictions were as accurate as he thinks they are. In space.

Interested in online gaming? Want to know more about the rise of registered nonpartisan voters in Nevada? Or do you have burning questions for @PeteButtigieg or @NateSilver538? Submit your questions for any of our #IndyFest2021 panels below:…

Foundation is just Nate Silver in Space. Hari Seldon thinks he can predict the future with math, but then an evil, clownish demagogue no one expected blows everything up.

@Shane_maps @NateSilver538 In 2008 during Obama's landslide, he carried only 28 states. Again, Trump had a narrow victory with 30 states. The Senate map *heavily* favors Republicans.

@CathyCa80116006 @RachelBitecofer @NateSilver538 @fairfightaction Rs won virtually all close races, and many that were forecast D victories. Their finger-pointing at Dominion tells me they have ES&S in their pockets.

@staxringold @Tyler_The_Wise @Shane_maps @NateSilver538 NC Senate seat was very possible if the candidate hadn't pulled a John Edwards and cheated on his wife during the campaign.

@jbarro @NateSilver538 "But mom they won't let me see my friends!" Mom - "Boo hoo go do homework instead"

@jbarro @NateSilver538 I think it also aligns with a more timeless preference among many parents for rules following as character building for kids even if the rules are stupid

@Jessi_Ra3 @realHirsty Blacks are the majority of murder victims in this country and people of all races making below median income are half of the country. They both make up 1% of Dateline episodes. We don't exactly need Nate Silver on this one.

@qwerty12702 @BayonneJo @NateSilver538 Joe votes to the left of every Republican in Congress. He’s only “conservative” if you think Bill Clinton was conservative. The idea that every Democrat has to vote far left all the time or toe some party line 100% is absurd.

@bonfamlio @oak_shingle @JF_Jude @NateSilver538 i stated the state density because it shows that land does vote. in SD each senator represents 400k in california each senator represents roughly 18 million. ur right though pop density usually isn’t considered with senators.

@jaspar by people, do you mean Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias, and Nate Silver? (if I named them all I'd run out of characters lol)

@JosephTNeedmore @NateSilver538 The first one has like a 1% chance of happening, and the second has like a 90% chance lol

@literaryeric @NateSilver538 Nope, just thought if anyone had those numbers, and they were accurate, would be 538

@OKanoconnor @NateSilver538 Were you trying to link to something than approval ratings?

@OspreysAreDope @oak_shingle @JF_Jude @NateSilver538 Why should population density have anything to do with how many senators you have?

@mediapolitic @NateSilver538 @germanrlopez NYC People who are not vaccinated must wear one whenever they are outside their home and ... mask whenever they are in a public, indoor setting, ... NOT VACCINATED!!! OK We did our part. We closed. We masked. We vaxxed. NOW WE ARE BEING CRUSHED

@mediapolitic @NateSilver538 @germanrlopez BS There's been a drop of 80% off reopening revenue after 15 months being closed by mandate. They are arbitrary, geographically, inconsistent and have wiped out 100Ks of service industry jobs. What kind of fanatic supports masking the vaxxed. Its always elites with WFH jobs!

@ReviloBuzby @NateSilver538 @germanrlopez NYC is one place. Covid was likely crazy widespread there in March-May 2020. The immunity from natural infection + vaccination likely gives them a hell of a buffer that other places just don’t have.

@JDyanyanyan @eshea3 @NateSilver538 Again, I don't see an issue with this. It's not like she only worked for Trump or had no experience before him. We can't just excommunicate every person associated with Republicans, especially a news station who has to cover both sides

@ReviloBuzby @NateSilver538 @germanrlopez There is no service industry if people die. Also, mask mandates for unvaccinated hardly impacts the service industry.

@mediapolitic @NateSilver538 @germanrlopez NYC has no mask mandate for the vaccinated and its doing fine. MASKS are tyrannical and dystopian under any circumstances but for the vaccinated. WAY OUT LINE

Nate silver hasn’t been correct since 2012 so we can rest assured this won’t happen…

@mediapolitic @NateSilver538 @germanrlopez “Tyrannical risk averse unelected officials” = County Health administrators (hired by elected officials) w/ actual medical degrees, tasked w/ protecting the public & explicitly have that authority WHO ALL HAVE JOBS AND DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SERVICE INDUSTRY

@jbarro @NateSilver538 I think it’s risk abatement. The fear is that the kid with the litigious parent is the one who gets really sick.

@CNN Lol ok Cillizza. His takes are worse than the hack Nate Silver’s takes.

@jbarro @NateSilver538 And they aren't even using the "my unvaccinated kids!!!" refrain to justify these restrictions.

@NateSilver538 oh yes, my concern is this aligns with customer preferences, not that it conflicts with them

@jbarro Probably true but it seems like they may also be correctly reading the politics of their environment, i.e. reflecting the preferences of parents (and to a lesser extent faculty). Parents of students at elite colleges aren't exactly known for their lack of neuroticism.

@lookoutandlearn @NateSilver538 @mattyglesias That's ridiculous. This isn't some obscure rule nobody knows from 1850. The point is she's the leader of her city. She needs to lead by example and not justify her actions with some lame, "I was feeling the vibes" excuse.

Nate Silver gave a good update on the NJ and VA races last week here. I don't know how many polls we are supposed to get in the next few weeks before the election but his point is that all the major polls were taken before Biden's popularity nosedived.…

@oak_shingle @JF_Jude @NateSilver538 north dokota has about 11 people living in each sq. mile, versus vermont with 217 so theres that and then 1.6m is the population of north and south dakota combined

@brianneDMR @sgrubermiller @NateSilver538 are we starting to see a divergence of state and national approval polling numbers. These state results appear to be even worse than the national numbers would indicate.

@ForecasterEnten Can you have an episode with you, @NateSilver538 , @ClareMalone and @jodyavirgan recording on a rooftop somewhere????

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