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@EstNorthLDN Exactly the same thing can be said for Castle season 8. With Nathan Fillion being a dick, only wanting to work with Stana twice a week, they barely had any scenes together and the show suffered for it

"Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which are everything in this world." - Nathan Fillion, Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

@RosemaryMosco I know this is sort of off topic but I need to share that Nathan Fillion looks like a ferruginous hawk because I've never been able to unsee it and there are so few opportunities to share this observation

@georgiamariexo @PleaseHelpFind4 @donallogue @VancityReynolds @taylorswift13 @ChrisEvans @AnthonyMackie @NathanFillion please Tag your fellow artists, share and be Heroes to the Robinson family. They need support and are getting none! No one should have to go through missing a child and having no idea! #celebs

@sassybubble Castle? Nathan Fillion being...well...Nathan Fillion lol

@NathanFillion And yet your best role, detective writer. I started watching the Castle series from the very beginning. #castle 🏆

@SuddenBut “and Nathan Fillion, for whom I have similar feelings, just much more sexual.”

I was today years old when I realized @NathanFillion played Flash Gordon in 1980. He just. Doesn't. Age.

@therookie If y’all or @NathanFillion respond to this I’m buying this sweater with no regrets

Finished Castle today. Ended up a crying mess on my couch. Perks of being pregnant. But just gives me even more reason to love @NathanFillion even more. Now onto finishing @therookie. #richardcastle #castle

@NathanFillion Hello Nathan, I wish you a beautiful day/ peaceful night. Wherever you are, have a wonderful time with lots of laugh and fun, and enjoy every moment. All the best. #TakeCare #StayHealthy 😉😘💞

@MatKat83 @PedroPascal1 That one looks like Nathan Fillion in Mandolarian cosplay

I thought new streaming era is really missing out on Glen Cook's "Garrett P.I." series adaptation. ✅Pulp-noir fantasy setting ✅Diverse characters ✅Affordable set designs without too expensive CG ✅Cast Nathan Fillion as Garrett ✅Horses are evil ✅The Dead Man is internet gold

@NathanFillion hey hi waiting for the next episodes of rookie. You are amazing and the show is great waiting for the next episode.

Wishing @NathanFillion and Fillionettes everywhere a good day and a wonderful week😷 #StaySafe

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