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One of the hidden blessings of the new normal is now I can pretend i don't know the friend I'm shopping with, bump into her, and yell "back off! You're in my 2 meter space!!" Loud enough for all to hear then walk away w/ grimace while friend disowns me. So fun!!

Just did a blessing over my new place and the moment God and I just had. God is so good 🥺😩🥰

Praying for new blessings all 2022 🥰

@benjamindcrosby Congratulations, Reverend Brother! This is so wonderful to see. Praying every blessing upon this new ministry

Good morning everyone. New day new blessing. Don't let yesterdays failures ruin the beauty of today, because each day has its own promise of love, joy & forgiveness! May Allah bless !

@FaZeRug I want new iPhone💙sending you good luck and blessings on to 30mil 💙

God offered me a new role, I'll adjust swiftly.🙏 September came with blessings and changes in my life.❤

new week , new blessings 😇

APPROACH EACH NEW DAY with a desire to find Me. Search4deep treasure & BLESSINGS that reveal My Presence >< sunshine/flowers/birds/friendships/answered prayer. This is the DAY the Lord hath made..You will find Me along the WAY!!! Isaiah 33:6 the fear of the Lord is key2treasure!

@FiatLuxGenesis @a_valc Even though I've never met you in person, the conversations we've had through DM and here have been a blessing to me.

@lesliedalehicks Amen & AMEN! Indeed & IN DEED! Bountiful blessings to you & yours my new Spirit-filled Friend & Christ-centered Sibling in the LORD, "dale l hicks / @lesliedalehicks"! Bountiful blessings to you & yours! Lar :-)

🦋:: its Monday, new day; new hopes, new blessings and new start with God ❤

Thank you God for this new blessing 🙏🥂

@RevDrBarber Blessings on the Reverend! I wonder if there are any phone banks to get people motivated to pressure him, as residents, to vote for the new VRA and the Build Back Better Reconciliation plan.

Yesterday brings your special day. Just look how pretty you are in that smile. Blessings and all your heart desires will be yours forever, God bless your new age @Mendedheart44…

@Imagine21Ducks @RockssMySockss It happens when you least expect it finding special friends is not easy and is a random blessing

@naresh_zaveri5 Thank you so much Naresh 🙏🏽 I hope you’ve enjoyed a relaxing Sunday sharing time with. Enjoy a beautiful evening and a happy and prosperous new week ahead, with blessings from a distance my friend 🙏🏽

Yall Tag @lilduval and tell Him In Celebration Of His New Song, I Got Him This Little Whip to match His Size… Love Ya bro lol .. Anotha Day Anotha Blessing 👀…

Appreciate tf outta y’all that still come and support me even though I’ve been so distant. Start my new job this Tuesday I’m looking forward to getting myself back up to where I need to be. Blessings coming I know it 🙏

Just found out im about to have a new niece or nephew. #18. #blessing #loveit

Blessings for the new week ahead! Let's get iiiiiit 💗

@iamurbanaira 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you no get mind🤣🤣🤣 Happy Sunday and Happy New week of God's Blessings

@naresh_zaveri5 You're very welcome dear friend 🌺 I'm grateful too 🙏 Happy night ✨ Beautiful dreams 😇 & A wonderful new week full of blessings 🙏

new blessings to come 🥰

Dear Universe, you have the full permission to blow this lovelies with blessings as they start a new week..

been knowing u was 12 since i was 7, u brand new to this hell i’m blessed without ur blessing, no question

It's Monday Morning, New day, New beginning. Thank you Lord for the new blessings. ❣️

Frank Ntilikina @FrankLikina’s NY farewell: “Playing for the Knicks has truly been a blessing and an amazing experience. You welcomed a kid who just left home in order to pursue his dreams and goals, and to continuously grow. I could not ask for more” Class act 🤴🏿 (watch til end)

Thank god for blessing me with a prosperous 23rd evolution!!! Career field change, ending a dead stale relationship, lessons and blessing, making valuable connections, new sense of body positivity! #grateful…

@JohnJNJ1 @ilene_fredd @RealTimers @billmaher @anneapplebaum Exactly, I think sometimes your new generations tend to overlook or not appreciate what they have, the fact that you CAN have platforms in your colleges and media that represent opposite and different opinions is a blessing that many of us from this part of the world don't have

But Eric has broken up with Jessica to be with her. Can she pursue this new relationship now that she knows who he really is? Jessica gives the new couple her blessing, but what will happen when Eric discovers Donna's desires? Dear Editor by Emily Sharpe

i hate to admit it but lil nas new project is a masterpiece, a blessing, the best thing i’ve ever heard & the christmas gift i never got 😢

Your full plate & scattered focus have also caused you to miss blessings that are right in front of you & to view positives as negatives. But once you narrow your focus & +

God has been blessing me left and right! New job, new car and a new place🔥✨

@I_am_Liandra good for you, always remember freedom is for the brave, the masses will find new ways for slavery.

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