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New job next month. Birthday next morning. We in there 🥳

Way to celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month @Target, loving the display! Can't wait to put out my new puzzle in the PATS Library!

New York #Yankees has two players in their lineup that has an OPS over .800 — Stanton & Judge. LOL! Gallo has an .832 OPS for the year, but not with the #Yankees so I didn’t include him since he’s played about a month & a half here. MLB OPS avg for 2021 is .727.

@eritaestas I have never seen him look at a girl in his life but we get new Staring At Men’s Ass content like once a month

Both hair appointments set for this month and next. I’m trying a new color next month tho 💗

New Jersey officer catches 1-month-old baby thrown from 2nd-floor balcony - NBC News…

@Hiddensensu @nickbruhman I think undercutting happen cause brand new people got into the sneaker game trying to make a quick buck. Sure some hype shoes you make some quick bread, but for the most part they are a 4-6 month hold. Kind of threw everything out of whack.

It’s a shame @BestBuy been waiting for a month for my new tv and sound system. Get a confirmation for delivery and install. Result…..We are sorry we messed up, you must wait another 3 weeks……

🔮What Does The Rest Of 2021 Have In Store For You?🔮Pick A Card Reading🔮 ... via @YouTube New Video out now, after being gone for nearly a month! 😅😊✌💖

Vegan mayo? Tofu soy chorizo scramble? Here's everything new at Trader Joe's this month.… #Trader Joe's #vegan guide

New Jersey officer catches 1-month-old baby thrown from 2nd floor balcony - NBC News Thank God for this police officer! Great job!…

Counterpoint : The rent gotta get paid. Every month. Andddddd a bitch gotta eat… at least once a day lol But to your point: I would appreciate it if they CONSIDERED becoming certified in their new grift…

@Roxy19866866 @mudiwa1234 Chete Bible munoita reku pfuura nepariri.. The first month of the year was Abib-Nisan and it was between March-April not one or the other. Jesus grew up to this calendar yet you’re here celebrating January as new year then Saturday as the 7th day where is that in the Bible ?

New Jersey officer catches 1-month-old baby thrown from 2nd floor balcony

In celebration of the Rule of Law month, the ALSP brings you this timely discussion on What's New on Jurisdiction and Land Titles. Catch us live here on our Facebook page on September 20, 2021 at 1:00PM (GMT+8). #ForwardALSP #RuleOfLaw

#teachpos A1: New building New grade level Grade level actually changed from 6th to 2nd - then a month after that 4th - and finally a week before school began 5th - so a LOT of wasted time and energy studying what I didn't need and am feel very behind the eight ball…

New Jersey officer catches 1-month-old baby thrown from 2nd floor balcony…

I was gannna make a new fursona like a month ago but abandoned him lol He a beaver

@ArcanaLegacy That's a fail on your part. They just released ghost of Tsushima with new dlc. Last month. Why would they announce a new game so early

i’d be so tired but i did the math i’d be left with just over 4,000 a month after taxes and all my fixed bills (rent, car insurance, gas, food, electric, phone) which means by november i could quit amazon and have a new car lmfao

Last month, Takatso, which intends to provide about R3bn in funding for the new SAA over three years, said it is not yet involved in the management or funding of SAA, nor its relaunch plans.

@thatladyj Tinashe just released a new album last month! I was planning to check it out soon.

@dintya15 Sir (saran,bihar) ka csc new id kitne din me activated hota hai 8 month ho gaye abhi tak application under review me rakha gaya hai mera esi leye yaha mujhe ye bolna par raha hai.. teccetificat to bahut jald de deye lekin csc I'd dene me Etna der kyu..

@ConsultingLexi Thanks, I realized that after I hit send. I knew you would understand.

@ColArchon Yes! My 4 year old son is constantly trying to figure out new ways to hurt himself and destroy my house. I can’t complain about the 4 month old yet 🤣

- @Zoom steals $313.40 from me each month. My account was hacked in June. Hacker added new services. Zoom has been notified several times. Account closed. My credit card company blocked Zoom. But Zoom just changes its name to get the charges through. ZoomZoom. Zoom1, etc. - 1/

AND TEHY NEVER JUST PULL THEM OUT like every time I tell them that I hate teeth and I won't wiggle them, they'll still be there the next time they see me and they never believe me they're like no come on that tooth is barely hanging on that'll be gone in a month tops

@claudiatenney You don’t want a new Montgomery of illegals every month?????

Since I saw synecdoche NY a month or so ago I’ve been tempted to rewatch it every night; have to force myself to keep putting on something new so I can get to #cinephile status

well just put in my order for all of my needed furniture for the new place anything I get now will be as needed I should have all my stuff early next month with the first of items showing up sometime at the end of this week start of next week

@ThePIX_tez @Anderlaxe The supply counts you have for common through Evil is 1966. The total eggs swapped is 1300. Am I miscounting or are there 666 PIXs still unaccounted for in the current set of eggs swapped? Excited to see the new features next month!

Good morning! I noticed that 英会話楽習 finishes next month.😢 Today’s new words tutor 個人教師 be relieved ほっとする Statistics 統計学 #NHKラジオ

@lewiscsmith29 @VodafoneUK Ohh c’mon, don’t tell me please you do not choose every single year new car insurance?? All those “loyalties” - joke. Find new one & take a cashback or move to exp voxi & after one month go back to Voda & take F cashback 🤷‍♂️

You can support my blogging efforts as an ongoing patron on my Patreon page, starting at $1/month. Patrons get early access to new blog posts (usually the day/evening before they go live on the blog). #Patreon #blogging #media #technology #diversity

@exjon She fixed last month's problem. This is a new one.

It's because Thai artists see it as opening new market opportunities to earn more money in a growing (really???) country. where most people earn 450usd(or below) per month. ps.sorry for my bad eng O<-< but I also understand why some people banned nfts

My New Tesla S Plaid was delivered nearly a month ago but is sitting waiting in the Tesla lot in Merrit Island waiting for a console part- that hasn’t been in stock since it arrived & no plans to become available. Purchasing, parts and the factory don’t know. RN115135742

I just both a new car, like 3 month ago! And had to register it, i drove in it and i didn't like it. Wanted to breng it back, but i thot /i gave it to an brother.. after 3 days he drove the car into a tree. totally mast-up. lol goodbey money, Oeps.

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