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@newsmax This poll was bought and paid for by Trump. Try again @newsmax. Can’t get the data Trump wants so he has it made up. Ethics mean nothing to you and Trump.…

@newsmax . the old hag never learns. Being a Patriot and pushing back democRAT idiocy means for them "hitler". Such a garbage politician! Clinton's cheap word-salad and insults means nothing to America. We The People will get rid of democRATS ... forever! . @DonaldJTrumpJr @RepMTG

@newsmax Sure, but there's also never been a president who treated the Presidency as an opportunity to grift to the extend that Trump did (and continues to try to do). No one is above the law, including the POTUS, and the consequences are coming due.

@newsmax Should we wonder why we know the answer

@newsmax We have had presidents who are real soldiers, not just obese bullies shouting orders at subordinates.

@newsmax And who brought that crap upon themselves?

@ThorEdson @newsmax @kimguilfoyle @SchmittNYC Why does anyone want to settle. To get the fucks off his back. Again a huge nothing burger. As the FBI turns into the private police force of the DNC.

@newsmax This guy tried to over through the US Gov!

@newsmax I guarantee you that she wouldn't she wants to get in line with the rest of her party

@AndreaNAlabama @antiwokecrusade @newsmax Newsflash republicans vote by mail. So yes I agree Republicans shouldn’t vote at all.

@newsmax Do not care for his music or his thinking opining on our America is ok for him to do. It is not. Go back across the pond and shut up❤️🇺🇸💙TRUMP2024💙🇺🇸❤️

@kjonoma @newsmax My uncle, and aunt, got into a fight that day, she, blocked him in, and he wanted to go to work early. He was 17 minutes late, because their tussle. First argument in a decade, 44 years married. He was 4 blocks away when McVeigh blew up building, he worked in. Divine intervention

@newsmax And we had to pay for this shot show of Biden. He is spending money like a drunk sailor

@newsmax Let’s hope so. Criminals are criminals.

@newsmax Why us this drunk , a cum dumpster so called vice president and a child raping old man running this great country????

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