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@NestorStache @sportsportdtv @YankeesPR @Yankees @tvdowntime @MainMagicMike @dtv_Matt @Tony_Fooseball @G_KnowsSports @Cortes_1210 You don’t think part of that is because he’s frustrated they are giving guys like Asher Wojo and Nick Nelson starts over him ? And they gave JA Happ is start in the playoffs last year ? Guarantee he would pitch well if he got the call

• Tao: • Isaac: Charlie is Well, Nick obsessed with gives me fruity Nick Nelson, can vibes, I won't u believe it??. be surprised.

Podcast of today’s radio show will come out early next week. Big thanks to an incredible group of guests… @daveahoops of @hoopsbrewing, Nick Nelson of @twinsdaily, @Topher33 “the legend” and @PAOnTheMic made a great day!!

@PaulONeillYES @dcone36 @RealMichaelKay @JackCurryYES please dfa Wade now , u cannot be called out on strikes - does Wade even know how to play baseball!!!! #yankees even German went down swinging!!! Wade grouped with nick Nelson - should never be in the majors again

@Yankees Nick Nelson with that Chance Adams’s immunity

Neither Brooks Kriske nor Nick Nelson are on the 26-man roster, I do not know what other move you wanted them to make to make room for Andrew Heaney.

@Yankees That’s a weird way of saying Nick Nelson was designated for assignment

nick nelson should have a pair of these vans (he’d absolutely wear these socks too)

Ben Banogu “sacks” Morton, who then throws a deep INT to Nick Nelson. Second sack for Banogu today. #Colts

I got: Nick Nelson who’s older: me who’s taller: him XD who’s shyer: me who’s funnier: both who’s more sensitive: both who’s more annoying: me who’s more caring: both who’s flirtier: him reply & i'll give you a character

Nick Nelson on for the RailRiders, and he gets them out of the inning, painting a 3-2 fastball on the corner to get Khalil Lee looking. Still 6-0 Mets after 6.

Nick Nelson now in to pitch for Scranton. Syracuse leads 5-0 in the bottom of the sixth.

The way Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring own my heart

It is time to say goodbye to our long-term leader of 12 years, Jacob Ayon. "Jacob, you have impacted the lives of thousands of young people over the years. We are all going to miss you. Good luck in your new venture; You will surely be a big success!" -Nick Nelson, CEO.

@NickNelsonRBW_ @Yankees Nope that's not what I'm doing. Most others and I've been saying that Wade should've been gone long time back. Why don't you focus on Nick Nelson and see how he do? 🤷🏽‍♀️

@CoopsTooFly I still can't believe we have Nick Nelson in the Bullpen. That should really tell you theres a problem

@elicarman_ @mkfox52 @enosarris @lindseyadler This is Matt Blake’s doing? Does he then own Nick Nelson and Brooks kriske. ?

@thekingjames_2 @TalkinYanks We gave up nothing for a free pitcher who’s better than Nick Nelson

Heaney isn’t good, but we needed an innings eater. Especially since Cessa is gone. Heaney > Abreu/Nick Nelson.

@JeffPassan Jeff, when is Berrios for Nick Nelson being announced??? Also Bryant for Andujar?!

@TeamOhtani How about we give you Brookes Kriske, Tyler Wade, Nick Nelson. For Raisel

@BobbyMilone29 Cash is probably waiting for the last hour when teams don’t want to be left getting nothing. Nick Nelson looks a lot more valuable then

@Drewpy34 Luke Voit and Nick Nelson for Kimbrel. Easy Trade lmao

ainda não acredito que vou ver cenas do NICK NELSON com a NELLIE tipo não entra na minha cabeça isso…

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