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@TeamPulte Phone bill 3 months past due, rent 2 months past due - I'm about to be homeless. I'm also hoping to get a new laptop for school because my old one broke down. No kids, family or parents, so my chances of getting help is slim, but being all alone in this world is not easy.

Adam Lanza, Brandon Scott Hole, Chris Harper Mercer, Alek Minassian, Elliot Rodger, Nikolas Cruz, need I say more?…

@Floridaliberty1 @CNN @RepThomasMassie Chill your broken brain, bro. I haven’t seen someone this triggered since Nikolas Cruz got made fun of for his maga hat.

Nikolas Cruz: el autor de la masacre de la escuela de Parkland en #EEUU se declara culpable 👇

@Travell51097360 @ABC That's all you people do is say what about. What about Dylan Klebold, what about Eric Harris, what about Nikolas Cruz, what about Adam Lanza. You always bring race into it when it fits your agenda, yet cry that others make everything about race. While tragic,race wasn't a factor.

if nikolas cruz doesn’t get the death penalty i will personally slip some walter white made ricin in his prison food

They didn’t kill your daughter. Nikolas Cruz did. When you blame someone else, the guilty isn’t held accountable for his actions.…

@JohnCena I ain't no psychiatrist, I ain't no doctor with degrees. It don't take too much high IQ's to see what youre doing to me. You better think,  think about what you're trying to do to me. Yeah, let your mind go, let yourself be free.

@JohnCena You better think, think about what you're trying to do to me. Yeah, think. let your mind go, let yourself be free. Let's go back, let's go back, let's go way on way back when I didnt even know you, You couldn't have been too much more than ten.

@rcproquebec @germanyrulez6 @vincentkangnow @nytimes Made white people suffer huh? He must have read “playbook of suffering” white folks wrote.😳 That as STUPID as what you said. Brooks is big an asshole as Rittenhouse, Dylan Roof, James Holmes, Nikolas Cruz, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but,black kills 5 whites 78. Bravo!

@Anonymo79151473 @jfaycook @RepThomasMassie @CapitolPolice @FBI @FBIWFO Nikolas Cruz: Perpetrator of Parkland School Massacre in USA Pleads Guilty to All Charges Drafting BBC News World October 20, 2021 Nikolas Cruz in his audience IMAGE SOURCE, REUTERS

nikolas cruz's sentencing is coming up in january

@SKMorefield @fred_guttenberg @RepThomasMassie I’m curious-can you please explain what freedoms Nikolas Cruz(17 victims), Adam Lanza (27 victims) and Patrick Crusius (23 victims) were defending? Are you saying a certain amount of innocent deaths is acceptable as long as… freedumbs?

Accused Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz reportedly registered to vote…

@stevek3384 @JohnDavisJDLLM @FemnsmIsBigotry @LisaBritton Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were living with both their parents. Nikolas Cruz was living with both his parents. What are you even talking about? Also, didn’t you claim to have a son that you have no contact with?

My fear is waking up and looking like one of these nikolas cruz looking pos…

@RayCruzHdez1 @Unyuca Sí suman, fijo el que manejaba el marcador se quedó tan confundido que no supo que hacer.

@mrreedshistory @Ret_Rem @ChristieNold @mrskellylove That’s not true & easily disproven. This boy’s parents were vocal Trump supporters. Like them, Nancy Lanza was a gun enthusiast & prepped, typically right-leaning traits The Oregon community college shooter was a self-described Republican. Nikolas Cruz wasn’t a democrat.

About five weeks before the Stoneman Douglas shooting, an FBI tip line received a call saying former student Nikolas Cruz had bought guns and planned to “slip into a school and start shooting the place up. #Atlanta #TheGrio

so, like if I killa targeted individual I'm sorta killing a Nikolas Cruz?

@JewishResister Watching & reading about murderer heroes such as Dylan Roof, Rittenhouse, Nikolas Cruz etc is trending though the children & being taught by unfit parents. Parents are & should be responsible for the actions of their children. Black, White whatever race it doesn’t matter equally

@mattd75 @NSNCFic @RMTPhDJD @TacoBellKeffals @Liv_Agar Mental illness… and access to guns. You think Nikolas Cruz would have killed 17 people without access to guns? It’s force multiplier.

@AetiusRF @rhonda_harbison Has she read any of the reports on school shooters like Adam Lanza, HS Cho, Klebold/Harris, Chris Harper-Mercer, or Nikolas Cruz? All of them had long histories of mental illness that the schools just swept under the rug.

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