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@Dee_Ryall Hi Dee. I hear you. Sadly though, financial mismanagement has become the norm on both sides of the aisle at both state and fed levels. Health funding. Torn up and/or contracts. Jobkeeper. HQ. Asylum facilities. Eye watering sums I and my children will pay for.

@erica4ou @jfolmer57 @AnnCoulter So why did Asian countries India and China for most of world history have the largest economy and manufacturing power up untill the 19th century . 17th century India which was ruled by the Mughal Muslim Empire had 27 percent GDP we are returning to a historic norm

@_ActingMellow_ I think in memory of norm mcdonald you should watch his movie dirty work

(A Look at Norm Macdonald’s Fortune Upon His Passing at Age 61) - Silicon Beach News -…

@Andyh2471 @mhezito10 @AfamDeluxo Which "authorities" 😂😂😂😂 Pantami? You see you guys are now normalizing kidnapping. Your ignorance is now a norm.

The high in Joliet climbed all the way to 92° today, which is 17° above the norm. Unless something very unusual occurs, this was the last 90° day until 2022. Summer is certainly going out with a bang. #ilwx

How is Norm dead and cosby still walking the earth??? Classic Norm:…

@sfchronicle Idiocy and pseudoscience as a social norm? Have at it.

Still can't believe Norm Macdonald has actually passed away. That man brought me so much laughter after some tough days.

Part of the reason why civility is important is that when personal invective becomes the norm when you disagree with someone or don’t like their politics, then that moves the Overton window far enough that 30 or 40 fash can gather outside Leo Varadkar’s house like that.

@waterofspirit Yeah maybe you right I norm don’t care for female libras

@chrisfadedd When it comes to an infectious disease, no one can "choose" to infect other people. And vaccine mandates have been the absolute norm in this country for 250 years. Bet you are vaccinated against small pox. You are helping to keep the pandemic going.

Most popular movie this month: SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS Least popular movie this month: SHANG CHI AND THE LEGEND OF NORM MACDONALD'S CANCER Terrible name for a movie, imo. Reminds me of that tragedy

@gregerthanyouy1 Norm: “Thank you Sammy. If you ever need a liver I’ve got one about yay big.”

@DianaYoonTO Dainayoon im not voteing for kevin vuong im voteing for norm i know hes going to win

Years ago, I saw Norm MacDonald at Yuk Yuk's in Ottawa. He was raw, no eye contact, but you could see the greatness. "After a rough night, I woke up with my arm around a very unattractive lady. She asks, 'What are you thinking?' I'm thinking of giving up alcohol." RIP

Amazon prime now taking up to 1 week to deliver items. Is this new norm? #prime #AmazonPrimeDay

Successful Chase 228 in 39th over, great friendly followed by Hot and Spicy Restaurant trip. That’s the Norm for the club!!

@TSledge_ @TshOw23 Also had 4tds today and 3rd quarter just started lol. He just has seen it so long it is the norm.

@swagjockeyfern Hiya norm O̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶n̶o̶r̶t̶h̶

Everything Former ‘SNL’ Cast Members Are Saying About Norm MacDonald…

@YoussraSelim Breakaway from the norm for a few days. I know life is harder. ( I wish some people can establish support groups, it does help)

Norm MacDonald - The View - 11-16-2000 - Bill Clinton via @YouTube why Norm was one of the greatest 😂🤣😂

Ima neki dan umro je komičar Norm McDonald. Zateklo me to. Velika šteta.

@Sour_Cherry_Pie Many times I heard and felt that my art wasn't g4 enough to be appreciated, and this purity over having show style perfect ponies was weird for me as I always thought it's best to be unique. Just a different point of my view but definitely I don't want to force a norm at all

@TruthSe48399797 @JessicaB624 @NathanielJolly Ah yes, the good old “it’s 2021 bruh” argument. This is such a dumb justification for any belief. Can you imagine if Hitler had said “relax, it’s 1941, we can murder Jews now”. Modernity/social norm doesn’t decide truth. Softball argument. Give me something better.

@Laurenharrhy85 @drnish35 The ‘norm’ must embrace these genetic differences. Healthy gums are not always pink! Dental professionals need teaching too.

“Politicisation seemed to be the norm, and would continue to do so well into the 1980s. Even as musical styles changed, and many of the old punk battles were left behind, for those of my age the ideals of the late 1970s remained a driving force.” @tracey_thorn in her memoir

@ChainLeftist @rheaplex and etc beyond 'influencers', who are usually market participants themselves and often are talking about stuff they are buying/selling (i do this all the time, for instance). its pretty different than the norm, most like @LRB writers aren't buying the work they write about

@Englishomestead My other half is a Driver ( class 1) but driving tired is almost an industry norm - tramping and lack of facilities these days are shocking !

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