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@PS5restocks_etc Wow, did not expect success and I was able to get one thanks to your notification.

[MPD직캠] 엔하이픈 제이 직캠 4K 'Tamed-Dashed' (ENHYPEN JAY FanCam) | @EnhyPEN COM... via @YouTube 82,601 PARK JONGSEONG @PJSGDM @En_Jay_Update #JAYstreamdream #KQUEST_JAY #JAY #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈 #제이 #ENHYPEN_JAY #엔하이픈_제이 @Enhy @EnhyPEN_members

VFX Imagine and RavelinMusic on YouTube. Showcasing new productions and commissioned projects. Subscribe & turn on notifications for up and coming releases. #artist #Entertainment #shorts

Not me skewing our shared “recommended for you” notifications on Zillow by favoriting $5M houses ♥️ @XRay5647

i be forgetting all my notifications off so i b missing all my messages 😭.

When the UI dev rounds up and the Notification Alerts dev rounds down

Bro people keep saying “who wants free rubux? Make sure to follow with notifications on” bro we all know its fake you wont even give the rubux LOL “the limit is 40k” like bro stfu you wont give the damn rubux- We all know project supreme would give us Rubux

Heck, is Twitter now limiting the tweet notifications dashboard to around 20 tweets or so? I loved and used that feature specifically to not miss tweets from certain accounts, and now I'll be missing them anyway if I'm not checking it every hour...

@SupplyNinja Didn’t get one but still on the look out for more thanks for noti tho ima keep waiting for your notifications

The fuck is happening. I just unninstalled my Twitter in order to focus on my test, but then I received many Instagram notifications. Bangtan really want me to focus only on them, I guess. I am freaking done. This is the end of me.

Y'know Facebook, what's the point in having Messenger notifications show up on the Facebook App if you still have to switch over to a different META App in order to access them.

Keep your contact information up-to-date to help ensure you're getting billing reminders, insurance cards, and other notifications. Log in to your account to make sure your preferences and contact info are current or contact me to learn more. (Please do not tweet personal info.)

Main chahti hu k wo jab bhi kisi se dhokha khae, ek notification mujhe bhi jarur aae. #nishakakkar

@PS5NewsUpdates posts PS5 & Xbox drops first and I get sound notifications from them, I suggest you guys follow them…

On god sneakers app notifications never work

Follow me + whoever Retweets& , Turn on Notification 🔔 to gain massively💋! 🌟! 🦋🍣

We are excited to announce we will be having a FLASH SALE this Thursday and Friday! ⚡️ Turn on those notifications and stay tuned for more information.

@JJAS445_SEP Follow me @__Dollar_King ❤️ & turn on notification 🔔 for my main account @_Dollar_King let's gain massively together 🌹🇨🇲💚

@M9nine1 I hate that yevaaa my mum does everyday ka 5am and wants me to help her to reply to a bank notification too 😡 like woman wtf is it with you mara 😩 some bullshit this shit 😤😭

@kozumini they barely know what a liked your post notification is 😭

@Jayecane @Sporty01_ Rt +turn on notification + claim Btc add: 35cc3EyBzXJKQRypvZEF3BLDv2n2foXnE4

@pulte I have been following you and all the notifications are enabled. Hope ill be the luckies one because its gonna be a life changing for us 🥺

@GainmutualT Turn on my notifications 🍫🍿🍫🍿 I follow everyone back 🍟🍔🍜🥟 🍲🧆🧈@Olaimde1🍚


@pulte I’ll give $500 to someone that retweets this and follows me and @DemonadaBtw with notifications on. ❤️❤️

might just turn off notifications on all social media and ghost everybody for an undermined amount of time

@KalyGains @Natnice__1 @DhripGoddess @MsPrettyPusse33 @RealKalyGains @JackExWife @EmenikeO Turn on my notifications 🍫🍿🍫🍿 I follow everyone back 🍟🍔🍜🥟 🍲🧆🧈@Olaimde1🍚

Me : Have to get everything done for this weekend @BTS_twt holiday event. Also me: Notifications from Ig from all the members. … forgets about the event 👉👈🤫💜 Me: well I got the basic done so that’s good right #MAMAVOTE FOR #BTS

@onikabackup1 ®️TURN ON 🔛MY POST NOTIFICATION @Banky__moon AND GAIN 300+ DAILY WITH ME🧿🟥▫️▪️🔶🔹

@Chinyerrre My notifications have been a mess. I'm just seeing this right now. How are you?

when time sensitive notifications don’t even matter because screentime blocks them from showing until the next day

@Bhimgains Turn on my notifications 🍫🍿🍫🍿 I follow everyone back 🍟🍔🍜🥟 🍲🧆🧈@Olaimde1🍚

For those waiting for store open..i am engulfed in ffxiv msq sorry😂 u can still favorite my store for notifications when it reopens (and i will make a post here too)

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