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@FOXNRL A bit harsh on Blake, he wasn’t the sole reason they lost. Panthers was just too good up front.

Which one you want…it don’t matter I can do both😏🫡💙🖤#Panthers #KeepPounding

From Italy, in support to the project “Try and Stop us for children" Here is the video - message from Francesca GALLINA, Federal Councilor F.I.R., ex-player of “Red Panthers Benetton Treviso”

I had this hat, I don’t know where it is, I need it back.

@JohnG_Doyle LOL. 🙄 fine. I know what I’ll be using my super powers on next. 😌 carry on, lover.

Grace Ives - Angel Of Business - Janky Star - True Panther Recor

De banter level in de Koolcast Sport groupchat ligt hoog, I love it😂😂

@GalenMicheal I'd like to be able to direct where my tax dollars go. One of the options being politicians. That way they'd have to actually do something I agree with to get paid. Because I wouldn't be paying them to do nothing.

Need the coaches to be rocking the throwbacks threads today.

@iamamidev @I_am_SonalB nahi hamne uske liye nahi kiya tag hum sub ko pata hai usko monday bhaut pasand hai 😂

Bon Lando maintenant c'est à toi de faire le boulot maintenant

The game we had a chance to spark something on offense fucking MT and Kamara wanna bitch out


@talkSPORT How many hair dryers do I need to turn this around?

@TraoreMetongbou C’est pas compliqué il demande le retrait de lanqfrance laissez vivre et c’decidez de leur avenir stop votre imperialisme et vos tentatives de destabilisations occupez de votre pays vous avez deja tué sankara mais cette foos la diaspora est debout #MacronLaHonte #MacronMenteur

Panther Power x ✌️ Welcome to Penrith’s Jungle - the @PenrithPanthers go back to back with an exclamation point tonight. #NRLGF #NRL #pantherpride

The Panthers are hosting their "Keep Pounding Game" today and it's looking a lot like 1995!…

@trussliz @Telegraph We do need to do things differently, we need a government who work for the uk not their paymasters like you lot, we need a @UKLabour govt and now before you do any more damage you 🤡

Panther were sharing a pie--' [later editions continued as follows.

Voilà restez assis c'est mieux!

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