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@takecarehours This may be the worst music related take I've ever heard. This is just flat out untrue and quite frankly, stupid.

Booked a Wednesday afternoon off work so I can travel to Nottingham and watch Panthers v Flyers

@theStevenRuiz @danorlovsky7 Panthers passed up on Cam 2.0 to draft shortstack Joe Burrow, hate to see it.

@preterniadotcom Might need to pick up Crystar to go with on my he-man/80's shelf. That black panther also absolutely rips.

@CinCity808 Oh you said trade Higgins to the panthers or colts for Brian Burns or Jonathan Taylor and picks

NFL insider: Panthers GM Scott Fitterer is on the phone “every single day” in search of a “top-tier WR” for Bryce Young.…

There is no ‘I” in Allied. We are always working together as a team!

@ColbyDGuy The Panthers are playing the Sharks on the 24th.

@YLWastronaut Black Panther? I think Storm neither Would be cool tbh if you haven't Shameless Plug sorry

@PanthersCulture Its wild how a interim coach - who won more in last 6 years. Also who won more in 1st 12 games than any coach in Panthers history is getting more flak than FReich

Damn this ross got all kinds of jerseys hidden on these racks. Found a Raiders Carr, George Kittle, Justin Jefferson, Sea Russell Wilson and a couple more panthers.

@jonathan_licon @KingHurl_ @Nick_Herrera34 @RichardLO27 Why is dude defending a comment that he made if it was a joke and he never stated such? I saw his response to a few comments and not one time did he mention that it was a joke. Does that make sense? I been done with the conversation.

Carolina Panthers Are Looking for Help for Bryce Young | Panthers News T...… via @YouTube

@panthed4L Let me tell we Cats fans here! David Tepper should have never ever ever became the manager of the Panthers he should have never ever ever taken the job! He has had more failures then successes. Just look at his incomplete practice facility near Rock Hill, SC that never happened.

Chef Boyardee is the obvious answer and he isn't even an option.…

@Braves this is the best “fan” you could get for game 2?! NOT A FAN OF THE NAME. Jesus #Braves

Come on out to our first home football game to cheer on our Panthers as they take on the Drew Rams! It’s halftime, but there’s still plenty of awesome football to see! Our Panthers are dominating! Nice work, team! *Just leave the bags in the car! 😉 #gmspanthers #gmspantherstrong

New #Bills CB Herb Miller has had NFL stops with the Chiefs, Browns, Panthers, & Buccaneers. Has appeared in 17 NFL games, no reported injuries. Did not miss a game in college or have any publicly reported injuries.

@cincyhatedalton Yea after watching the panthers play i promise its not bryce young lol

Pitié les Panthers aller récupérer Christian McAffray parce que Chubbard et Miles Sanders 💀💀💀...

@guerogarguero Tú no eres profesora y eres consultor del Minedu en temas educativos. Y te arañas por los padres de familia.

@BigBro_21 Right Higgins isn't going to get traded to the Panthers. He's going to get traded to the Packers.

Previa vs Panthers week 5. A maldu ⁦@rugidos_detroit⁩ y a mi nos acompaña el gran ⁦@Serpicolleidata⁩ para hablar de la previa contra Carolina Panthers, equipo que no ha empezado nada bien la temporada con su 0-4 #onepride

Seems like a fun night of mayhem. This would be Oct. 21 — the night the Panthers play the Sharks.…

@bagsfan75_Tony Pink Panther - I’d settle for that!

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