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@JakeAndHoops i trash talk like pat bev, i just say stuff out my ass and it pisses people off

@darwinchvz320 If you mean currently, then I guess the only others would involve Russ vs Pat Bev, Dame, Embiid but maybe not as serious as Harden vs Giannis

@patbev_burner @oldnbatweetz @DrGuru_ have you ever edited a video? How could it be an accident?

@Joeldelaluz20 Lmaooo Pat bev said I deserve an award for my defense I’m the one who gets you like that stoppp it 🤣

There was seriously a Caruso vs PatBev debate on the timeline yesterday.. We are losing recipes.

@scarygaryjr Zara pachulia Pat Bev Gianniss And Cp0 If you injure people or are overrated I dislike you

@Bladein99 Pat bev may be annoying, but if they beat the suns all credit goes to his great defense

@CoreyB08 I think we keep Dunn around as a lead guard icer the way bench Pat Bev was used. There’s certain matchups that Payton is borderline useless in when the lead guard has some sauce, and Dunn might be used more heavily in those

@SoiramSedistor @ZaeMcGuire @HeatNationCom Went great with knunn. And he fits the mold of what we've needed the most at that spot. He looks just like pat bev with rondo or cp3 type playmaking, and a bit better shooting. He's a dog lol trust. Wanna see more of him in summer league tho.

@ThePettiestLA That slippers game last season before the shutdown, Bradley was the defender and 3pt shooter that Pat Bev wishes he could be.

@patbev_burner @213Clipset I think he’ll mostly play 3 but yeah I’d love him back will only get better

@Dame_Time1023 You're gonna need someone who's fiesty and physical someone like a pat Bev or smart type of player

@RealSkipBayless someone is envy coz ur clippers team is stuck with pat bev..hhaha

I had been touting the talk and PatBev was early

@LucasJHann He makes 16m this season yet his name is NEVER in the discussion. All I'm saying is that if our FO desperately wanted someone a deal of Marcus Morris, PatBev + Luke Kennard is 42(!!)m And wouldn't that also make keeping Reggie and Batum easier since we trade 42 instead of 35?

@james45515349 @Stonksgonewyld @SactwnBreakdwn @JillAdge If Davion isn’t that star I wouldn’t do the trade no matter what. Davion ends up being another smart/ pat bev with some offense I would not trade anybody. Only if Davion is just too good to keep on the bench lol

@BuildLinval @kubahhh @JrueBurnerAcct @TheNBACentral @JakeLFischer Only good defender is giannis well in the paint and jrue but hell over aggressive defense is no better than what pat bev does

the more I study that pat bev is a stellium cancer, the more I realize astrology makes fucking sense

@yossyol @GeneralATiks The question is; What is Pat Bev's role? Russ has always had his role on his teams and I'd better it's not to play defence so that person's comparison is unfair and that take is skewed to get Russ' haters excited and clicking away

@patbev_burner @27cohen30joey12 @kneegahkaf2 @oldnbatweetz @DrGuru_ They even hid every reply talking about how they disrespected Steph that’s not an accident

@scarygaryjr Pat Bev montrezz marcus morris and or LeBron

@jayshotta21 @BankzyNFFC @Eye_Of_RaRa @itsmeriship @Jody_McFly Remember when Lou Williams, Gallo and Pat Bev took KD dubs to 6? That KD team was the most talented dubs version but they had more mental lapses as a whole.

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