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@VinRBI @Christi77169351 Tbf they would be WC2 and have to play an away series at Rogers Center as opposed to having a bye. They would also have a DS vs the Astros instead of vs the Rays/Guardians.

At least my boy Sandy shoved this season! - 148.2 IP - 2.91 ERA - 138 ERA+ - 151 Ks - 3.4 WAR Can’t wait to see what he does next season!

@lsaacStan @mookieplscook @MLB Nah we actually have a lot of good players this season. The problem is that our 6-9 hitters are quite literally HISTORICALLY bad and our bullpen still sucks. We’ve actually had quite a few breakout seasons outside of that tho.

@TroutSlashLine One more hit / walk today and the season OPS is 1.000!

Of course Rengifo GIDPs beforehand so it’s not tied 🤦‍♂️

Nice to see the Angels score AFTER the bullpen blows it so Shohei gets stuck with the loss!

That’s a rough second earned run for Weiss

@SamBlum3 It's official: after spending the entire season remarkably close to it, the Angels will finish with the exact same amount of hitters as they had pitchers.…

@edwards21228 @Rude_Jenkins @Jackapp92122906 @amort9924 @MLB @JustinVerlander @astros Exactly, people are just completely ignoring the numbers here. Even as an admittedly biased Angels fan, I can admit that Altuve has the numbers to be on track for the HOF.

@sabaREFORMED saba cuéntamelo al md, no diré nada lo prometo

@JoShowAdell Guess Jo won't be playing unless we have 3 outfielders on the roster again

I know we can’t really hire anyone else rn with the sale of the team but it still hurts to see that loser back in the dugout next season

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@Rude_Jenkins @Jackapp92122906 @amort9924 @MLB @JustinVerlander @astros Also if you look up a bit you’ll see how much more dominant Kershaw has been in his career than Verlander. The dude I responded to couldn’t handle that so he turned it into a discussion about this season when that wasn’t the point at all.

@Rude_Jenkins @Jackapp92122906 @amort9924 @MLB @JustinVerlander @astros I never mentioned his injuries in terms of his quality, I mentioned them in response to the dude who said “120 innings lol”.

@Jackapp92122906 @amort9924 @MLB @JustinVerlander @astros What does that have to do with Kershaw being the better career pitcher? This season will be Verlander’s first to have an ERA lower than 2.10, the ERA Kershaw put up over HIS ENTIRE 7 SEASON PEAK. Also it isn’t like he is bad nowadays either, he has a 2.30 ERA in 2022.

Ain't no way people actually think Verlander clears Kershaw 💀…

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