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Unfortunately, the country most patriots are patriotic to, no longer exists. It has been systematically hollowed out by our education system. This started decades ago. As a retired member of academia (the brainwashing re-education industrial complex), I am able to confirm this.

Awareness isn’t working. Availability isn’t working. Education isn’t working. Facts aren’t working. Social ostracism isn’t working. There are people who still won’t get vaccinated… and they’re not the folks who are at home, doing their patriotic duty of bingeing Schitt’s Creek

CRY OF A CIVILIAN. All patriotic citizens of our Great nation who are still sleeping without thinking of the youths wasted in street of the NW/SW need to woke up. Children have been without education for five years and counting. #237forpeace

@Subytweets @Pawankhera @INCIndia @IndianExpress @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi It's phase where education means being jailed, where being a woman means prone to being raped, where being patriotic means lynching others, where asking to stop excessive construction in name of infrastructure to save trees n land for oxygen to breathe means anti-developmental

#MwelekeoNiAmani There can't be PEACE in the absence of EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE, let's be PATRIOTIC enough n have EQUAL distribution of resources, BASIC AMENITIES, INFRASTRUCTURES, EDUCATION, LAND, WATER and GOOD LEADERSHIP, Coz this main causes destruction of PEACE. ✌

@ClarendonBros Why isn't kids wearing masks in school part of 'patriotic education?' 🤔…

@CourtneyRae512 @drawingmelee @CharmingFreak14 Dude our Fore fathers and mothers fought to have the rights and education to bring these miracles into existence. What’s more patriotic and an act of American freedom??

This is why #CRT bans like this don't work in school. Or worse, mandated "patriotic education", decreed by state law, which is esp egregious b/c it is the tactic literally used by China.…

@VMBJP A step before selling Education system to Corporates?

@itsott @ItsAllAbsurd @Dee66926300 @markbloodgood @TexasTribune The 1836 Project, “patriotic education”, has been passed the same time as SB8. The 1836 Project will require the promotion of “TX Christian heritage”, and school displaying “In God We Trust” across school buildings if signage is donate to them.

<- describe Nelson Mandela as a Marxist agitator. Farley says such extremist curricula laid the groundwork for QAnon, COVID denialism, the Capitol riots, and even the 1776 Commission report, Trump’s attempt to enforce “patriotic education” in America’s schools. 3/3

as a professional in the education field, let me tell ya compulsory education doesn't teach the kids much outside of meritocracy, and pushing a patriotic agenda. they learn the bare minimum to be compliant workers and that is about it.

@IngrameThomas @Craig4P I agree Thomas! We need some savy normal people to step in and save Scotland. For someone who is apparently patriotic for her country, Sturgeon has dessimated the entire country from the Economy, education and health & social care. The critical workings of our country are in ruin

A truly patriotic education would lead to less white people doing idiotic racist things Newberg…

I am not the most patriotic Nigerian but the representation, we keep getting in these foreign movies is annoying me now. The writers of sex education could not find another country to pin this homophobic tag on?

...Our Kansas children deserve a fact-based, patriotic education that seeks to unify rather than divide - and Derek has been out on the forefront opposing backward, divisive, anti-American political ideologies like CRT in our classrooms...

Republicans are calling any slight discussion of racism ‘CRT’, & for doing ‘patriotic education’, in a direct effort to exert their power over schools. In response, centrists are out here directly questioning why the gov’t needs to fund public schools. Surely this will end well.

@Shilpa1308 So TN is in USA, rest of the states Healthcare system is not a problem, let's not beat around the bush, TN has accept and move ahead. Crooks should elevate the quality of education, state can't shun their responsibility

@Alan_Allport Just as a university education shouldn't be geared towards a 'patriotic' project, the university shouldn't facilitate military recruitment...

@chenae876 @RohnnieMoe Ok, "take care" in that sense. However they also (like us, only much more volume) need to balance the economic books. Infrastructure, construction, agriculture, education, many industries need good workers. Workers are the support beams of an economy. One Love Still.

@CottonTurtle9 A huge factor behind why society is so unhinged is that girls and boys are raised identically. A functioning society would see boys receive military and patriotic education, and girls be taught how to be ladies

@GlyndwrObi @middle_voter Johnson sells himself to the hard of thinking little englanders (Who are the result of decades of an education system not fit for purpose) as an amusing and patriotic celebrity who's not keen on foreigners. They lap it up.

A true honor to speak this week @CofOHardWorkU ‘s National Symposium on Patriotic Education. This school is leading the way in training their students to fear the Lord, but that it’s also ok to fight for this country. Thankful for Dr Jerry Davis. #christianeducation #college

@MarshaBlackburn @SenatorHagerty ⚠️WARNING ⚠️ The Republican #InsurrectionParty is still working to destroy America’s democracy. GOP #FailedCoup now a #SlowMotionCoup using same authoritarian tactics as China. #PatrioticEducation = #indoctrination #RepublicanTaliban 😳👇🏼…

Education in China 🇨🇳 A story book from "patriotic education series" published to celebrate PRC's 70th anniversary. It teaches children to commit arson to kill a bad guy. #CCPChina…

Honestly surprised China didn't go for a "promote games with GLORIOUS PATRIOTIC EDUCATION" strategy instead of a "log off, nerds" policy. They can send guys to space, they can make a COD knockoff where you shoot Americans near the Yalu or whatever. Hell, they probably have.

@grantstern Illustration for the Battle of Bunker Hill Airport, Intro To US History, Patriotic Education Edition.

@J_Ry_Wolfe1999 Are you suggesting “Patriotic education” like Republicans are always claiming they find in China? Only government approved lesson plans? Don’t want the masses to know about Tiananmen Square, just outlaw it being taught?

@spikedonline WHY wasn't this quality, in-touch, gifted minister given a CABINET post, @BorisJohnson? You should have given HER the Education Secretary brief, and put Zahawi in at Health @KemiBadenoch is such an amazing role model for every young, black woman in the UK. Patriotic and clever.

@jilevin The military is a Welfare State. The U.S. military has prided itself on its patriotic volunteers who heed the call. But behind the slogans is something more tangible: a social safety net: medical and dental care, education, child care, housing assistance, and other privileges.

2c. Confucianism vs Leninism? Another important feature which is untouched is the question of patriotic education. How does PE affect young members joining the PLA as opposed to their filial piety commitments?

@WoodrowForCO Lol. They do don’t they. Propaganda and education (lack thereof) is such a god damn travesty. Education is clearly a national security issue (and I don’t mean “patriotic education)

Clearly these students from University of Wyoming have been on @Mike_Pence’s Patriotic Education course. Is this really how you want to present yourself to the world @UWyonews @uwyoalumni @wyoathletics? cc @patriottakes…

Apowerful statue & a powerful statement. My generation grew up on Cowboys & Indians and patriotic war films. We see around us where that has gotten us. Honesty in education is essential for a healthy world. The GOP resists; fearing loss of control over the minds of the voters!…

@foseeorara @AHayatu My view about Nigeria is a patriotic one and yours is .....well I don't know I can't really blame you because you don't live here so you don't care if the country burn.....and education don't guarantee 💯 wisdom

@keenanfalconer Indeed! We DEMAND a nation of laws and justice. Every citizen has a right to a basic fairness of opportunities for education and appropriate employment when available. There's no such thing as luck. Only preparation meeting opportunity. One Love Still.

@StoneMavenArt Something patriotic. Flags. Stars & stripes. Etc. I get tired of the right co-opting patriotism. Also consider school or schoolhouse or education related. I recently was looking for something for a school board race.

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