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@LVJolieBeth @quinncy Paul Rudd only dates 25-year-olds so they look the same age.

@momma_problem Remember Entrapment? Now she's found Paul Rudd's fountain of youth?

Jason Sudeikis and Paul Rudd are the mind-boyfriends of a fair amount of women of a certain age.…

@NiceGoingDanzig Well now I have to see it dammit and I was trying to make it the one Halloween movie I haven’t seen.. I’ve seen em all including that last one and the one with Paul Rudd in it. Danny McBride is my unironic hall pass, I love him.

@QuidVacuo_ 48 años tiene 🔥. No está al nivel de Paul Rudd pero se le está acercando.

i thought she said “paul rudd” and i almost died😭 #Emmys2021

A Gillian Anderson que parece estar mais jovem agora, encontrou a fonte da juventude do Paul Rudd certeza

@Vaughn_ixi I would agree 💕 My least favorite is Curse of Michael Myers 😔 no disrespect to Paul Rudd

I thank the Marvel gods for making Paul Rudd an Avenger.

paul rudd in halloween 6 and clueless both released in 1995. what a good year

@merylsteerp Era um filme com a Michelle Pfeifer e o Paul Rudd a Olivia tinha um papel pequenino de cabeleireira. E ela me falou que ela era muito querida e que já se encontrou com ela mais tarde e ela continua super acessível e simpática. Ptt ta amando a atriz certa baby. ♥️

the episodes of friends with paul rudd are so😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

20 years later and he never aged a day. Then again, neither has Paul Rudd

Someone said Tony Romo looks like a knock off Paul Rudd and now I see it too 😂 LOL!

@barstoolsports Tony Romo looks like a knock off Paul Rudd.

lista com os meus favs: jogador fav: bruno fernandes jogadora fav: alex morgan jogador jovem fav: mason mount jogadora jovem fav: gio queiroz ator fav: paul rudd atriz fav: margot robbie ator jovem fav: tom holland atriz jovem fav: hailee steinfeld

I freaking love Paul Rudd 😂

@jemmaspatronus 2009 Gillian = 2021 Gillian. She doesn’t age, she's like the female Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd the cafeteria attendant is household accident but is thrown out the ring by Michael Jackson.

@slapclap Like the time I pointed out Paul Rudd and Ron Livingston are variations of the same person. It only got 2 likes. How are you gonna tell me there isn’t a shadow ban???

Estoy viendo Clueless y no puede ser que Paul Rudd esté exactamente igual que en 1995

Also if we’re being super real, Paul Rudd did a better lip sync to Don’t Stop Me Now 😅🙃 #DragRaceHolland

@_kakashi69 ok maybe but paul rudd is funny

Y no solo eso, ahora tmb me di cuenta q no envejece, como Paul Rudd…

STAR WARS RECAST: Rainn Wilson as Luke, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Leia, Tom Hiddleston as Han and Paul Rudd as Darth Vader

@whobannedyousef Thor dark world? Ant-man?? Ant-man and the wasp??? Paul Rudd???? Falcon and the Winter Solider??????

Doesn't Paul Rudd kind of look like Norm Macdonald?

There's an alternate universe where Jason Lee isn't a scientologist and replaces Paul Rudd as Ant-Man.

Roxanne Orange cums on Award Winning Actor Paul Rudd on top of a dumpster

What’s is the name of Thor’s hammer? Paul Rudd: Jonathan? Me:

@FeiKhal i am absolutely anti-ant, ants are extremely annoying pests!!!!! i like the Ant-Man movie and I love Paul Rudd tho

@gregorykoehler I wish I’d gotten the Paul Rudd treatment but I faltered and amanda got the stare down from this baby mama. Fun stuff

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