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@Afchamza7 @mufcxjosh @utdcynical Bruno gives it his all week in week out. Pogba shows up 2 games in a row then takes 3 months off

@utdcynical Aw honestly get over pogba I don’t want him anywhere near that team

I don’t want pogba in this united team, doesn’t suit us

We are currently recruiting Social media and customer service executives.   Requirement: 1. Bachelor’s degree in related field. 2. Excellent communication and organizational skills. #tariq #Mrbayo #whitemoney #business #bolt #uber #power #twitter #pogba #skills #money #recruit

@Leighton13ii Sancho and Pogba either side with Ronaldo and someone else up top would be unreal. Think shaw would be needed at LB tho

@Skengnick so theyre the ones that stood out to you but not pogba?

A new style for @paulpogba FIRE MOICANO 🔥 INCRÍVEL TRANSFORMAÇÃO 🇧🇷 via @YouTube

A lot of players slept on pogba's assists. Damn🤦🏿‍♂️

@Vigilantehamsa @r1medi It’s not right. Nobody rates; rose, bergwign, sissoko and ndombele doesn’t even start for his club. Plus Pogba is hated by like 80% of football

🙈| When an international record appearance holder tweets you a matchworn @paulpogba shirt and you don't realise at first... Ground. Swallow. Me. Up. ^Tom…

YULETIDE: POLICE PROHIBITS THE SALES, USE OF FIREWORKS… #hotjist #Nigeria #Abuja #Yuletide #FireWorks #NigerianPolice Whitemoney Pogba Varane Mr bayo Enugu Lagos #Justiceforsylvester #EndSARS Shiloh Detty December

@dspinas27 Sooooooo like I said you took out KDB’s best seasons and took out Pogba’s worst seasons. Yeah you Pogbasexuals are the worst. These are the stats you should’ve shown and to even it out this is their average G/A per game. KDB- 0.64 Pogba- 0.43 Thanks 👍

@wazzaaa3004 Standards dropped when Bruno joined us,haven’t won a trophy with him in the squad unlike pogba who won 2 in his first season. You wanna talk about standards😹find me where pogba said tactics that lost 6-1 are“perfect” along with protecting the manager on the pitch after 4-1 loss

Comparing Pogba to Iniesta should be a crime.…

@GRMLIVE Rotate Pogba, Bruno and Sancho. We also need a new CDM desperately

I’ve never seen a fan base make more excuses for a player than Manchester United and Paul Pogba

So who would we rather start now when all fit Pogba or Fred? Don’t think you can play both in the new system… #ManUtd…

@lfcpriya11 Pogba will be remembered as big if player lmao

@HHIIEEI Try comparing pogba to kroos, carrick, mata instead of looking to less fortunate or failed player you will understand there are levels to this game and the meaning of world class instead of using the word 'if'.

@paulpogba In shaa Allah , you will remind everyone of your strengths as a international footballer and an incredible athlete

@paulpogba @CryptoDragons @RoboInuFinance dream to support the cause of #NASA as well as to build an open ecosystem for everyone regardless of your age or your races to gain your financial freedom #RBIF $RBIF will surprise the world #Roboinu #RoboWarrior #RoboSpacex #LunarCrush @ZachBoychuk @Crypto__emily

🚨#MUFC📝|#MUFC have major interest in #FCBarcelona midfielder Frankie De jong as a replacement for Paul pogba should the french man leave in the summer✅ #MCFC also have major interest and they are currently leading the line to sign the midfield man✅ 🔴📝✅#MUFC #MCFC

Es muy posible que tanto Pogba como Matic se vayan durante el próximo año, mientras que McTominay definitivamente puede mejorar, ¿qué tanto? No sabemos.

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