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This why Popeyes biscuits a no go😂😂😂😂😂😂

The fact that Popeyes out 22 has to have an employee direct the drive thru traffic🥴

how the hell is there popeyes in turkey but not mexico 😭

Fuck me side ways, I want some Popeyes chicken. Why isn't there one closer?

Church’s chicken biscuits are 1000x better than Popeyes biscuits

wake forest need a popeyes i want real ni66a chicken !

Megan having a deal with Popeyes makes a lot of sense lmao

Came to Popeyes just for that frozen strawberry lemonade

Why tf am I craving popeyes right now 🤣?!??

zuki food reviews! the KFC chicken sandwich is honestly not bad, I got it with the box meal for 12ish usd and it came with 3 sides. though I do think the popeyes one is just a bit better! they both taste great but popeyes is crisper! id 100% eat 8lbs of kfc fries and potatoes tho

Megan Thee Stallion & Popeyes Are Giving Us Celebrity Fast Food Fatigue via @highsnobiety

@morninggloria At that point, I was on a Popeyes/Ding dongs-only diet and DARED my oby to say A WORD.

I go to Popeyes for the biscuits 💯

@personasoty_ actually oct 19th is the day of our anniversary, meg knows i love popeyes so she did this 😁

“thank you for choosing Popeyes. We in his bag, and we yours too. Would you like to try the Hottie Sauce!? Ah 👅” 😭😭😭😭😭 nah you a ki @theestallion

Wife is out, so had me a Popeyes and now time for Grevsie

Mikes gonna be so pissed when he finds out I’m not hungry when we get to Popeyes bc I ate a chocolate sandwich before I left

@Popeyes I had a terrible experience at a store a week ago. Filled out your online survey. Requested to be contacted. Nothing. Nice customer service.

why would you ask me if I want some Popeyes after I just worked out? please go away.

Las papas de Popeyes están sobrevaloradas

My dumb ass ordered Popeyes on Uber eats . I should’ve went to get it

I’m hungry ima just wlk to Popeyes

“You got yo boots and yo coat, now yo ass Popeyes, Would you like to try our Hottie Sauce Meal? AH👅”

@MODELIONS why is no one saying popeyes as if it isnt the best...

Bruh. Tell me why we sat in the Popeyes line for like 15 mins for them to tell us they ain’t have chicken

@VolfenF ok real talk popeyes biscuits are good ur weak

missing those cake-batter tenders from popeyes tonight

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