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Prince William tells Steve Irwin's son Robert, 17, his crocodile hunter father would 'be very proud'

Prince William HATES billionaires. LOL

Actor William Shatner replies to Prince William’s cramped view of private spaceflight and human ambition.…

William Shatner Responds To Prince William’s Criticism Of Space Tourism…

@MargaretLatrei1 While I think there are royals who deserve to have scorn heaped upon them, I don't think it's Prince William. He's actually had normal jobs where he donated his salary to charity. By the end of his reign, even the British Royals will need day jobs.

William Shatner shoots back at Prince William for dissing the space race…

@rjmyers @MailOnline Shatner “fired” in the same way Prince William “slammed”

@TIME We, the silver haired ones, must commit to sacrificing our old ways in order for the “Welcome Generation” to have healthy & clean resources to live in right here on Earth. As Prince William implied flying off into outer space isn’t a viable solution.

A message from #StarWars to #USUNSC #UNSC #DardurliusEarth #AnakinSkywalker #DarthVader #ChauHoang You will not be getting our clean energy technology because it cost so much money 💵 💴 💰 to develop we are not giving it away to anyone No one will listen to you #PrinceWilliam UK

@Pedra999 @LennaLeprena @ScottMorrisonMP Scott Morrison PM is the 5th great grandson of First Fleet convicts William Roberts and Kezia Brown. Queen Elizabeth II & her grandson Prince William criticised & outed him as an unacceptable & intolerable outcast & a CC denier! They still begrudge & disown him! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

William Shatner Responds To Prince William’s Criticism Of Space Tourism…

Agree! Right on Prince William. And these billionaires need to pay their fair share of taxes too.…

@Sapphireblues3 What a great #dumbass! #princeWilliam thanks 4 ur advice! Tell ur wife & #Queen 2 give money 2 the Poor & then u can tell #America not 2 go 2 #Outterspace U #RoyalCreep @elonmuzk

@Alain32__ @Discovery @EarthshotPrize @RobertIrwin @KensingtonRoyal Would you like to add the helicopters that Prince William flew for his job with Search and Rescue and the Air Ambulance to save peoples lives to that list too?

Looks like @JeffBezos knows a hood thing when he sees it and respects the *opinions* of #PrinceWilliam like a mature adult should, without being petty.…

Before travelling to space, save the planet — Prince William | Loop Haiti…

Dick of the year has to be hypocrite Prince William telling millionaires instead of going to space to spend their money on saving the planet,this coming from a guy whose multimillionaire family won’t even pay for their own weddings. Maybe if dole sponging family spent theirs 1st!

Shatner: Prince William has “got the wrong idea” about space tourism…

“Missing the point” seems to sum up the heir to the throne #PrinceWilliam…

@Debbie72955944 @nypost It’s likely. Those thoughts will go through his head as he sits in his giant tax payer funded palace that likely still uses coal to heat. Then take off in his private jet while his uncle rapes young trafficked girls. Prince William needs to sweep his own porch first.

William Shatner says Prince William is ‘missing the point’ of space tourism…

@joshmeyerrx Especially 2011 long weekend when prince William was getting married and also May 2013 Banksters met Obama that night I was on a flight to uk when I got there silver went below 30 don’t think it’s been back since

@Sapphireblues3 #PrinceAndrew & #princewilliam self indulgent! #Queen How much does this old gal spend a year on her ugly clothes & hats? #feed the Poor old girl!

I was happy for the nostalgia/irony/pr move of sending @WilliamShatner into space. But I disagree w/his statement to Prince William: "He's got the wrong idea here, it's not to go, ‘Oh look at me, I’m in space.'" - That's literally all it was about.

@TerryMcAuliffe I moved from the State, Prince William County despite being registered I was removed from the voter rolls what now?

Ok,Prince William said one thing. We can keep it moving.

The actor William Shatner who has just been in space responds to Prince William annoyed by space tourism…

Shatner responds to Prince William: "I hope the prince gets the message, this is a baby step into the idea of getting industry up there, so that all those polluting industries, especially, for example, the industries that make electricity … off of Earth."…

I totally agree with #princeWilliam. Not all of us are going to be able to escape to mars when earth is no longer habitable. Save earth! #jeffbezo #richardbranson #ElonMusk #SpaceX #VirginGalactic #BlueOrigin #billionairesinspace #tmz #entertainmentnews

William Shatner says Prince William got the wrong idea about space tourism: CBS News…

@sean3kids @thehill What do you mean...his dad 'or brother' will be king? His dad will be king, then Prince William will be King. William's brother Harry is behind Louis in the line of succession, so something catastrophic would have to happen for him to be king...although I've read sugars threats

Prince William talking about how we need to improve the planet as if his family didn't colonize half of it... 🤔…

@BritishVogue There was never a "before" Prince William was famous. Kid was born famous

William Shatner Responds To Prince William's Criticism Of Space Tourism

@MartinDaubney Hello you Prince William supporters know he is a hypocrite for flying jets and helicopters. He hunts endangered animals. Let him sort himself out before he can lecture others.

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