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@Yerdas_in Damn, either way I understand his reasoning but wonder what the clubs stance on it is with him and apparently Pulisic and Alonso not being vaccinated either.

@ChelseaFrance Il tiendra compagnie à pulisic à linfirmerie

@twrlddddd @vibemufc @jaraaxz You never even saw him play. You rep Pulisic and that bum Batshuayi 😭

@REP_Andres_ Honestly its really hard to picture easy answers when you have no pace at either fullback position. Might as well play a 3-4-3or 3-5-2 with cho and pulisic as the wingbacks and let them push up high

But he's a better option at lw than pulisic right? Ha pulisic was contributing to dortmund long before odi made it to the first team…

@brianmichaelf This is why Pulisic should just leave. He is a winger being misused, Chelsea supporters are the most toxic in the EPL, and Liverpool would take him in all likelihood in a system much better for him. May be a super sub for a bit but he'll get plenty of minutes and be used properly

@USSoccerChat1 @Chasingacup @kerrc17 @UnderdogSP #ussoccerchat A2 Strikers: Pepi, Dike, & Hoppe Wings: Pulisic, Weah, Aaronson, Reyna That 3rd striker could be several guys, but I like Hoppe's attitude & game & feel he could be an asset in a WC. On the wing, the 1st 3 are no-brainers. If you move Reyna, then Morris or Konrad.

Önümüzdeki sezon sol kanatta Dembele sağ kanatta Pulisic

@JMariotz Chukueni uyu winga pulisic winga dembele 😂😂😂 10 combined G/A just vibes😂😂😂

@RanchP1zza Just a reminder that Pulisic has a better team around him than Mahrez

Dembele on the left , Pulisic on the right 💥💥

@REP_Andres_ There is the possibility of playing say pulisic and lukaku as the front 2 and starting both of them in the wide channels, then play say mount and kai and the AM’s to roam. Its still a bit narrow. Still needs a fullback to create overloads. But thats how tuchel really played it

@Damn_Ant5 @PULISIC_CF @LDNFootbalI Does this include pulisic’s games at wing back? It sure does… dumb response by you fella!

I think i finally figured out why that "other side of the coin" guy drives me batty ... he comes off as a know-it-all who uses random jargon. Plus he is hateful to Pulisic at times

@ftblHj So is Pulisic but he waffles when on goal

@clinicalkai He will be unstoppable with pulisic in our clinic(injury)

@RanchP1zza Pulisic can't even win copa oro ☠️☠️☠️

@REP_Andres_ The biggest problem with the 4-4-2/4-2-2-2 look is it either heavily relies on the fullbacks to provide the attacking width (not possible with azpi/alonso) or you play more natural winger type players as the “attacking mids” for width. Thats mostly pulisic and cho.

@KodiCFC Player(s). Dembele, Hazard and Pulisic can be like Ed, Edd n Eddy in the hospital wing

@Damn_Ant5 @PULISIC_CF @LDNFootbalI Mount exclusively plays on the right or left wing. Do you watch the games? What a ridiculous take

Fam, I want nothing to do with Dembele. We gonna pay out the ass for him to be hurt, more so then Pulisic. (Would be 🔥on FIFA tho icl 😅😬)

@ZKLuthuli @fbwonderkids @singh_tremaine Vini got schooled bye Pulisic. Relax and yes vini is better then mount and CALLUM but Felix isnt bad

@Pozuelo07YT Muy facil - Jugador chetado del año:Kimpembe - Jugador infravalorado:Pulisic fuego - Mejor SBC del año: Benzema Flashback - Mejor objetivo del año:Sarr - Mejor formación del año:3-5-2 tacticas @PabloNezo

@IREE_ADE @Somadin01802763 @shyamtalks @siphillipssport Stop disrespecting pulisic oga our highest scoring winger, had injury problem played out of position 90% of the time this season

@Munaisa9 @tovers98 Signing Pulisic, Ziyech, and Havertz over the course of just a year never made sense to me, and ik it was before Tuchel took over.

@poosemart @debbie_chelsea We already got Ziyech and pulisic, we don’t want another player to keep stressing out Chelsea medical team

@343Gary @CFC_Felix_ Tuchel made lukaku miss his one on one vs city? Tuchel made lukaku pass to ziyech offside against city? Tuchel made pulisic miss the one on one vs Liverpool to put us 1 up? They’re both pony… get rid

@CFC_Muk my match highlights from my absoulte havertz pulisic esque clinic yesterday

I've always rated pepe, it's the club. We should do a direct swap with Pulisic.

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