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@Laurie_Garrett "Planes have completely disappeared over #china" -- says a moronic recipient of pulitzer bs price.

Its meme coin Season =>MemeTherapy_ #NFTToken #NFTcoin #Memecoin #Klaytn #Koreancoin #…

@Laurie_Garrett lol U r recipient of Pulitzer prize? no wonder these days even Nobel prize is meaningless. more like a sham

Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: Lilly Pulitzer pink skirt small.… #shopmycloset @Poshmarkapp

THE TOXIC PRICE OF LEATHER This Pulitzer Center supported short film is just over 9 minutes long, and it packs a punch.…

@aqueminiature @LAxFLAME Section 80 is the worst tbh. And DAMN won a Pulitzer Prize for Music

@Laurie_Garrett You are demonstrating how you actually got Pulitzer and other awards.. 😂😂 Twitter is a nice tool to check credentials of people with decorative twitter bio.

Someone who received Pulitzer Prize thinks that Newsweek can be a trustworthy source 🤔

@mm_kaufman Well now you have learned the hard way… ‘how not to encourage your child’. Congratulations on your first book. It would be wonderful if you got a Pulitzer!!

My ( B. I. W. F. M/ Basic Instructions While Fkin Me) Is A Simple Real. That's Age Appropriate For All Ages 5-Till DEATH. In I Have Been Nominated For A Pulitzer Prize. BUT PEOPLE MAKE IT INDECIPHERABLE.

Less (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize): A Novel [6ZUPU80]…

Source: @Laurie_Garrett Rumor has it that this Pulitzer lady is in direct contact to top officials in the Élysée Palace and the Politburo.

“It’s disaster capitalism." Some U.S. cities are facing multiple, overlapping water crises even as residents pay higher and higher bills. This is impacting majority-Black communities the most, reports @columbiajourn Reporting Fellow @catharinemsmith.

@GELhc Reminds me of how a blue check mark account can tweet #peanutbutter and win the Pulitzer.

@Laurie_Garrett @Newsweek Damn you think a Pulitzer Prize winning blue check would maybe investigate even a little at first. But alas, you can’t rise through the ranks w that kind of thinking nowadays

A partir de este momento la dejarán sola, la tonta con tal de ganarse su Pulitzer acaba de hundirse en 💩. #Ayotzinapa

@CharitieHartsig Congratulations on your mind Pulitzer you earned it.

I've missed a few tweets but am still on this grind of reading every Pulitzer-winning novel since my birth. The 2002 winner Middlesex was beautiful, well-plotted, and interesting. My review here:…

@nytimes please cover the story that many of the most prominent Asian American writers in the country (incl 2 Pulitzer winners) support a boycott of @AsiaSociety for inviting misinformation tsar Bongbong Marcos who has pledged to carry on his murderous torturous father's legacy.…

Omg! I thought of the perfect non-fiction topic for a book I want to write. And it's brilliant! If I do say so myself 😂 - perhaps I should just skip the writing process and award myself (naturally, by thinking about it) the Pulitzer Prize.

@Laurie_Garrett Recipient of Pulitzer prize delivers fake news...

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Lauréat du prix Pulitzer en 2014 et du GRAMMY Award en 2015, le message du compositeur n'en est pas moins pertinent aujourd'hui. Alors que le niveau des mers augmente, nous, les humains, sommes confrontés à la conséquence que nous pourrions « Become Ocean » - redevenir l'Océan.

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Pulitzer award. No wonder I hate all the journalists now 😂…

@OAlexanderDK If it helps, I seem to remember that particular Pulitzer winner writing uninformed BS about China since the early days of Covid

So this Pulitzer Prize winner first tweeted a fake air traffic map without even bothering to visit the website to confirm, and is now being told that it's fake, but AGAIN without even just going to the website & taking a look directly. Lol, just lmfao, top journalism on display…

@zhao_dashuai She is a pulitzer awardee. Pulitzer prize was created to whitewash the sin that he had done with the yellow journalism. This just came full circle.

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