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@kMUIELQLtAaTRfb @AlexSilvaUTD @MikeLUHG0 Martial is a better finisher better dribbler and more skilful, rashford is just quick and had been playing absolutely shite all season

@mufcjbread POV de Gea saved a pen and rashford scored his

@MUFC_redarmy99 Ofcourse. Especially with how crap Rashford and Greenwood have come. Greenwood’s time will come but Rashford is 100% finished and has been for over 2 years now.

Martial suits the Rangnick system better than Rashford, he's the 'pass and move' type of player, honestly him Donny Sancho in one team would be a treat to watch…

@SpidaWanBissaka @joleanMU @DeP00Fv2 @toby7_ Rashford beat the keeper just couldn't hit the target from the penalty spot 💀

Rashford runs like he’s tryna get away from his opps…

@Fplthreads7 @TedTalksFPL Yeah rashford appeals a lot currently playing OOP in a team with good fixtures

This “Rashford works hard” bs is such a myth he’s probably the most laziest in the team and his mentality reeks aswell, without his PR and the club being in a mess he would be working in KFC Jahannam is hot, very hot #PRashfoodtruckD34D…

I think rashford has a graceful running gait but he didn’t train his running mechanics. He loses so much speed and explosion because he runs with no technique. The few times he gets his technique righ, he really gets away from ppl with ease

@unitedcavs Fiquei indignado quando o substituído foi ele e não o Rashford.

@kMUIELQLtAaTRfb @OlawaleMorrett @JoshyUTD @AlexSilvaUTD @MikeLUHG0 He was sick. You’ll cry because he’ll be back stronger. 100 times better than your Rashford

@FourFourJordan Next thing you know Klutch Sports is knocking on the Carrington doors tryna sign Rashford and Lingard 😭😭

@FPLBhuna Rashford has to be the go to if you want one. Seems he is going to get the nod to play alongside Ronaldo. I wouldn't own both though .

@Alex_FPL Yeah rashford is an idea from GW18 like watkins bowen I think toney to king and roll is viable but need to be confident on gundo starting

I remember seeing tuna in a money bag when @MarcusRashford forced the government to do their job and feed the kids 🥴🥴 I am not even remotely surprised to see what the quarantine food is like. The government are just robbing us from the grave at this point…

@FplMode True. I was thinking of changing to Rashford but not convinced at all. Keeping Son ✅

@Dandave1989 Don't bring in Rashford yet, he's not been great. Dennis or King sound good 👍

@GNev2 @UKLabour @LibDems @theSNP Here we go again another shouty footballer why don't you Rashford and Lineker stand for Parliament. Lets see how you get on ! No I thought not.

@PShoboi @utdcynical @UtdRain Nah it isnt, ragnick likes one quick guy in their, rashford played the role werner did at leipzig, he wants one fast player in their

I'll tell you this because people seem to have forgotten. Marcus Rashford came back from injury and scored 3 goals in his first 4 games. His crash came with the change in mood under Ole. He has embodied the demise of Ole. It's in his head, all in his head. Rashford is fit enough.…

Marcus Rashford inspires new community project at Hemel Hempstead Town Football Club…

@DoubleBarella Rashford ronaldo Sancho Pogba Fred Haidara Shaw maguire varane dalot (Shit) We’re winning the champions league

@UtdSeppi Rashford and Ronaldo can’t even win FA cup for us. Rashford is shi.t man!

@TheUnitedLink When are people gonna wise up and realise Rashford is not the answer and never will be.he’s just not as good as we all hoped he would be.can’t keep blaming his injury.he’s had the operation and time off and he’s still playing shit

@MarcusRashford Release the ball...don't hold for too long

Not heard from bandwagon @MarcusRashford for a few days. Perhaps being behind his multimillion pound gates will keep him quiet for a bit.

@Shakmufc121 @JonnyFX1 In what planet would Martial get in over Rashford or Greenwood?! Pogba will have to prove his a) commitment to stay & b) consistent effort levels for a whole game first to get in. And leaving Bruno out is ridiculous.

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