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@Sagan4 @JollyRogerMMA Polygraphs aren't fool proof. They're pseudoscience

Best selling products: Elva Hair Yaki Straight Lace Front Remy Brazilian With Baby Hair Pre Plucked Hairline Human Hair Wig , see at…

como eu amooooooooo viver com gente velha fudida que acha q eh 1990

@chrisrock @kelleysgators I hope you were vaccinated Chris Rock. That should make your struggle more bearable

@airi_0302 何回みても可愛い😍 とってもよいロケーション✨🌹

gostoso demais viver numa casa que parece chernobyl e não ter nenhum outro lugar p ir, nem sair, nem ver amigo nenhum

Back home from my vacation to Las Vegas, I'm glad to be home. 😌

"Looking Back On Vanity" by Remy Shand - The Way I Feel!… RADIO for Smartphones: keep listening.


Apollo 1 Subie 0 Do ya research before ya line up 😂

🇫🇷🇨🇭 FLASH - L’Élysée dément avoir annulé la rencontre "et encore moins pour les raisons évoquées". (France Info) #Suisse…

اخيراً اقتنعت اغير افتاري بعد ما عطبت فيه

@Unconce44969908 I’ve been following you for sometime. I also appreciate your follow and am always interested in your tweets. I like your pov’s and you make good points. Have only good days but when something pisses you off……..Come to Twitter!!👍👍👍😁

@Femboy_Drugs "I'm not calling him," Mira hummed, shaking his head firmly but he looked up to find Remy leant over in sudden pain. "Shit! Call him, call him, fuck- I'm gonna regret this late b-but fucking call him," he nodded, gasping for air as he yelled. "Holy fuck! Okay,"

Ain’t going to lie that Rémy ducked up my stomach.

@ProjectLincoln calls foul! Political arm twisting pulled ad blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pulled before start of UT-Rice football game Anti-Trump group TV ad blasting Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pulled before start UT-Rice football game

@davehill77 We have a couple named Remy. Also a Poppy and throwing it back to the Depression we have a Lucy.

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