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@TSG83 @QueenCity44 @XannyPhantom0 @ESPNCFB @ATT Doaks, Sauce Gardner, James Wiggins were the starters I remember being out off the top of my head. I think Jake Renfroe was out as well.

🎞 Colonia V 🎬 Jeff Renfroe 📺 AMC 🗓 06/dic. ⏰ 13:35 📽 Terror ⭐️ 5.30

@Kyates22 @locksonlyhomie @Mariners_Source @SwitchWaveYT @CoreyBrockMLB @RyanDivish Maybe there's room for all 3 w/ Kelenic in LF & Julio planting his flag in RF, Mitch can DH the majority of the time & give rest occasionally to both corner OF. CENTERFIELD IS VERY IMPORTANT, so much so that the RedSox traded Renfroe for JBJ (WITH NO BAT) SO, who is our CF???????

A potential 2022 #Brewers Lineup with corresponding 2021 WAR: Wong 2B (3.3) Yelich LF (1.2) Adames SS (4.2) Renfroe RF (2.3) Narvaez C (1.5) Urias 3B (3.1) Tellez 1B (-0.5) Taylor DH (1.6) Cain CF (2.2)

Here I am about to get a Renfroe jersey too. I just wanted to go deer hunting with the guy 😞…

@BeyondtheMnstr I’m not mad about Renfroe anymore. Promise🥺

@renfroe_rodney This is just a scouting test for them to go out there n show the new coach what they can do don’t wanna play sorry wanna show out for the new coach cuz even though he is gonna be recruiting trail ik he will watch from a far

@GatorCrockettWR @ThomasGoldkamp I believe it's called being very humble! A quality missing in the lives of most people these days.

@elisabeth channel 9 coverage. Brenda Renfroe runs a clinic in Colorado springs for community.…

@Gator_sports You know what, I've heard Gators fans making comments about our lack of chances of winning this game. I say, bologna! Gators players have every reason to play hard and win. 1. Pride 2. Their new Coach, Billy Napier! Go Gators, Win Win Win, baby Win!!!

@YankeeSource They moved Renfroe for JBJ. Not like they moved an outfielder and didn’t replace him. Isn’t their outfield pretty much accounted for with Verdugo, JBJ, and Kike? They also have Duran waiting in the wings.

Well he’s a better corner OF than a CF. He’d also be a menace at Fenway. The Sox moved Renfroe so they should be making a play for him. I still think his versatility in the OF brings a lot to the table for all teams which is why the Yanks should make a play.…

My favorite part is @BadgerNoonan breaking down how Football Hunter Renfrow compares to Baseball Hunter Renfroe…

After last week’s trade of Hunter Renfroe, the Red Sox have a number of paths to take in the outfield, most of them exciting but with a few disappointing possibilities. We take a broad look at the different directions…

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The lockout may be on, and @JaymesL @BadgerNoonan @RDTopp got around to that eventually, but the #Brewers made a flurry of moves since last episode and the guys discussed Hunter Renfroe, the catcher additions and what remains to be done.

Please see attached information regarding Scott Taylor Renfroe Kicking Camp!

@4ALLTHESIN I remember the old Emarosa kit, 16” floor on legs as a rack ha

@RedSoxFan991 @KenLairdWEEI @_ChrisCurtis @jwiggs85 @GregHillWEEI Could be why they let Renfroe go (if they thought they have a good shot at him)

@CouchGuySports @kperdios15 Chaim isn’t done, the Renfroe trade coming right when the CBA expired isn’t ideal but he’ll get his replacement

Last week, Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom traded Hunter Renfroe before the CBA expired 🗣⁦@kperdios15⁩ rants over the trade that sent Sox Nation into a frenzy wondering why they brought back JBJ and what could they be doing next

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Red Sox Links: Kyle Schwarber, Hunter Renfroe, Rob Manfred…

Daily Red Sox Links: Kyle Schwarber, Hunter Renfroe, Rob Manfred…

#Twitter #Trends Mon Dec 06 2021 - United States 🇺🇸 1️⃣ HALSEY 303.5K Tweets 2️⃣ Rob Manfred 3️⃣ #AEWDynamite 59K Tweets 4️⃣ Renfroe 5️⃣ #mlblockout 6️⃣ joon 74.1K Tweets 7️⃣ #RHOC 8️⃣ #astrotabletalk 9️⃣ Giannis 2... #US #UnitedStates

@derekcarrqb connects with Renfroe for a 25 yard gain to put us in Dallas Territory!

Boston Red Sox trade Hunter Renfroe to Milwaukee Brewers for Jackie Bradley, Jr. and two prospects…

there's a Hunter Renfroe playing MLB and a Hunter Renfrow in the NFL this is precisely the hour that bugs the crap outta me

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